Last updated: 04 May 2015
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BSNL Unlimited WiMAX Plan for Odisha OMSM - New Launch

To support quality education services, BSNL introduced new wireless broadband unlimited internet plan (WiMAX BB plan) WI OMSM UL 600 in Odisha telecom circle applicable for Orissa Madhyamik Shiksha Mission (OMSM) which is under the Govt. of Odisha.

To provide BSNL Broadband connections to nearly 1500 high schools of Govt. of Odisha, where ADSL Broadband Plan ‘OMSM Combo UL 600’ is not feasible, BSNL introduced this new unlimited wireless broadband plan with 512 Kbps flat download speed for Orissa Madhyamik Shiksha Mission with a discounted monthly rent of Rs.600 only.

BSNL new Unlimited Internet WiMAX Broadband plan which provides fully mobile high speed broadband connectivity has also offering a special discount on payment of advance rental charges for 1year/2year/3year subscription with reduced monthly rental charges.

This new wireless broadband internet plan will have a minimum hire period of 1month along with security deposit of 1 month rental charges, and this existing charges for BSNL WiMAX Indoor / Outdoor / USB CPEs will be applicable as follows.

BSNL WiMAX Unlimited Internet Plan Tariff for Odisha OMSM
BSNL Odisha WiMAX Plan Tariff for OMSM
This new Unlimited WiMAX plan ‘WI OMSM UL 600’ is applicable for booking of minimum 500 connections in feasible areas within six months from the date of booking of the first connection. If the connection will be less than 500 within six months then the existing connections will be migrated to regular BSNL WiMAX Unlimited Plan ‘HOWIUL 750’ or any other equivalent plan available at that time without any special discount.

This new BSNL Unlimited Internet WiMAX tariff plan applicable for Orissa Madhyamik Shiksha Mission (OMSM) shall be available from 01.05.2015 as a regular plan only in Odisha.
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