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BSNL WiFi Hotspot Plans Prepaid Tariff

BSNL WiFi Hotspot Plans, latest prepaid tariff issued by PSU for their customers to provide 4G level high speed internet access at convenient public locations in the name of WiFi Hotspots with reliable BSNL WiFi Plans for show stopper data services in Digital India Project, provides high speed internet downloads by allowing Free WiFi duration in a month.

As expected BSNL is pinning its flag in a big way in Digital India Project. For this BSNL recently joins with QuadGen Wireless to manage BSNL WiFi Hotspots for mega internet push at reliable cost having wireless mobile internet connectivity as 4G level, where these prepaid BSNL WiFi Plan (Wireless Broadband) charges for these public hotspots will be very much inline.
BSNL Wi-Fi Hotspot Prepaid Tariff Plans with Unlimited Internet
BSNL 4G Level Wi Fi Hotspots allows Ultra Speed broadband internet connectivity with unlimited downloads, and has to be launched in various locations as categorized already with 2/ 4 / 10 Mbps bandwidth connectivity according to area.
  • Small WiFi Hotspot : Cafe, Lounge, Food court etc, = 2 Mbps(dedicated)
  • Mid Size Wi Fi Hotspot : Malls, IT Parks, Resorts, Hospitals etc = 4 Mbps(dedicated)
  • Large Size Wi Fi Hotspot = Campus, Very Large Mall, Uncovered Broadband Semi Urban/Rural Areas at 10 Mbps(dedicated)
Telecom gaint has launched 5 types of unlimited internet BSNL WiFi Hotspot Plans under prepaid category, i.e. BSNL WiFi Free, BSNL WiFi 30, BSNL WiFi 50, BSNL WiFi 90, BSNL WiFi 150. In this first plan, BSNL offers 15 minutes free internet once in a month, and the other four types of BSNL Wi Fi plans will be chargeable as per lowest prescribed rates for volume based data at 200MB, 400MB, 800MB and 1.5GB limit for a day with the following BSNL WiFi Tariff.

BSNL WiFi Hotspot Tariff

WiFi Plan Name STV Price in Rs BSNL WiFi Data Volume Download LimitValidity
BSNL WiFi Free NIL First 15 minutes in a day, once only in a month for the same mobile number (only at tourist places)*
BSNL WiFi 30 30 200 MBOne Day
BSNL WiFi 50 50400MB
BSNL WiFi 90 90 800 MB
BSNL WiFi 150 150 1.5 GB
* During Free BSNL WiFi usage, data speed of a mobile user shall be restricted to 256Kbps only, and the above updated wifi hotspot tariff will be available from 21.03.2016 across PAN India.

As on date and in coming future, wireless data consumption is being the major part of the telecom revenue generation, so our BSNL is going to offer many plans with reliable data services to customer end on top most priority with best quality data speed than expected as 4G Speeds with simple activation process for BSNL 4G Speed Internet WiFi Plans as follows.
As on date, mobile customer will gets high speed data with Limited BSNL Mobile Data Plans, On introduction of this new above mentioned BSNL WiFi Prepaid plans for obtaining BSNL WiFi services by any retail customer, will gets Unlimited Broadband downloads on any mobile with free WiFi duration having wireless internet connectivity, and these are available across India as a regular BSNL WiFi Hotspot Plans with lowest prepaid tariff for 4G Speed Internet.
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  1. A Hanumantharau30 May 2015 at 06:25

    I stay at Ongole, (A.P); where the VSNL has been introduced about an year ago.But we are unable to have the services for the reason that my house is situated more than 1 and a half k.m from the tower.and they after trials said it does not work for me unless there is OFC cable, which is not available before my house and it is running in the other line viz., the Mungamoor donka.When such is the case we can easily imagine as to the utility of such "improvements" you very often talk of. See to it that it is available to one and all atleast at one city. Your tall talk should not make the customer the scape goar.