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BSNL Complaint Portal | Unsuccessful Online Recharge / Bill Pay

If you have purchased anything online, and faced a situation like money debited from the account and unable to receive the purchased item. Paying of the bill, but not reflected online, these are practical situations faced by many, when opting for online recharges and payment of bills. At the same time, you might felt that, you are lost till the update comes to you. Its only push mechanism, you can’t pull the details, but this is not going to happen with BSNL Online Recharge / Bill Pay.

There is a separate new BSNL Portal window launched to address all Bill Payment related issues for all not successful transactions, Even for BSNL Prepaid Mobile after recharging, if the amount is not credited to your mobile, or for Postpaid BSNL Online Bill Payment, if it is not credited to bill account, you can raise a complaint in this new BSNL Portal, which will be immediately attended. This is really the call of the day, as many of us are slowly moving to Online Bill Pay.

What every might be your connection type, you can raise your hand to know the details of your transaction. The one of the Best BSNL Portal against the requirements of the customer. In particular to the BSNL customers who are mostly elderly or in remote places or in rural places, who are slowly moving on to Online Payment, for them BSNL Online Bill Payment for all their BSNL Broadband and many services itself is becoming a big task, if anything happens with respect to online transaction, they will lose the confidence on Online transactions.

Being a State owned PSU, which is customer oriented rather than profit oriented, BSNL accepting complaints on Online Payment / Recharge Transactions and is going to be resolved at the six of “Chris Gayle” stroke. To lodge any complaint and to get to be resolved in a short time regarding BSNL Online Bill Payment / Prepaid Mobile Recharge transactions, just go to the Online BSNL Portal link (

For all the services BSNL Landline / Broadband, FTTH, DID, BSNL Mobile, WiMAX, BSNL CDMA, and BSNL Recharge for PrePaid Mobile , you have to lodge the complaints for which you have get success for Online Payment of Bills / Recharges. Select the option with respect to your service and you want to know about your payment transaction or you want to know the Bill itself, select accordingly in the drop down option.
BSNL Online Complaint Portal for Unsuccesful Recharge / Payments
Select the options “Amount debited from bank, but not updated to the system."Outstanding not displayed" and go ahead with your complaint with the details of your mail id, Mobile Number, Account No/ Unique No in said BSNL Portal window with out any login..

In general your amount will be refunded in the same mode of payment, within 48 Hours. Just wait for 48 hours after transaction and if yet not appearing in your statement, go to this above said BSNL Online Bill Pay / Recharge Complaint Portal for any kind of Missed / Unsuccessful Transactions and lodge your complaint, then your problem will be cleared  with in a short time than expected from our BSNL.
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  1. What does it mean by Account No/Unique Id? Can anyone explain?

    1. Account No means Billing account number of that particular BSNL Telephone Number
      Unique ID is an ID which is allotted to that telephone number.
      These two are having with every mobile and landline numbers, check this in your telephone bill.

  2. I want to register my landline number in DND registry online, as i can't send sms through landline handset. What to do for that?

  3. I have book a complaint and wait for the 3 days and not got money refunded. This is just a process that has not useful for a customer.. you will wait for 2- 3 days then you will forget.

  4. I am trying to pay my bills with the help of a card and it says transaction failed.It says error PY2006
    What do i do??

  5. I have paid my postpaid GSM mobile bill through Paytm. The transaction is showing as successful but benefits have not come to my postpaid mobile account. They have given a valid transaction ID and have asked me to contact BSNL. Whom do I contact in BSNL for information.

  6. I have recharged online and have not yet received the money is lost. Cash has been debited from my account and no recharge has been done

  7. I have recharged mobile for Rs 149 STV plan through net banking and have not yet recharged .Cash has been debited from my account and no recharge has been done

  8. my money has been taken by bank due to online recharge ...but recharge has not been done in my mobile

  9. my transaction success but my application will not generated what can do

  10. My bank account is debited while online payment but did not go through wuth a message "java not enabled".

  11. I have recharged mobile for Rs.135 stv plan through debit card. but recharge has not done in my mobile
    krishnakumar k 24th october .

  12. I have recharged mobile no 9427489991 Rs 550 stv thorough axis Bank online but recharge has not done in my has been debited in my accountRs please refund my money immediately.

  13. I have recharged stv 369 in my number 9447003077.Transaction status is seeing as pending.Amount has been debited from my account but not yet recharge.Transaction id is PGSM281216054119.