Last updated: 14 February 2015
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BSNL Bill Defaulters - Remove Name with Discounted Bill Payment

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited might be kind enough towards BSNL Bill Defaulters from long time. Now-a-days due to entire scenario change in the business sector, PSU also trying to fit in to those core concepts of business, rather than a Sarkari Company. Likewise BSNL is considering each and every aspect for revenue generation or we can say gap filling. In this regard of BSNL defaulters, PSU released a list of discount percentages for those BSNL Bill Defaulters with BSNL Broadband, BSNL Landline, BSNL Postpaid Mobile etc.. who got disconnected their BSNL connection till 31-12-2014.

Being defaulter is the name which we normally doesn’t want to be. Somehow some subscribers might be left as defaulters, to mobilize funds from them, BSNL has started offering discounts to them, considering their years being defaulters with Discounted Bill Payment. This gives some benefit to the defaulter to escape from the extra charges laid against the actual bill, this means BSNL Default Customer is going to pay less amount than his actual BSNL Bill Amount. By paying this Discounted Bill Payment amount, any of them can remove their name from 'BSNL Bill Defaulters List'.

Being a good customer again. Removal of name from defaulter’s list itself is a big thing from BSNL, further more they have to pay very less amount as compared to, as on date bill value. On top of this BSNL Top Management had also directed its employees to carry out big publicity for this percentage discounts as follows for defaulters for payment of BSNL Bill amount before March 2015, so that the revenue accumulated will fall under the financial year 2014-15.
BSNL Bill Defaulters - BSNL Online Bill Payment
There is nothing like that even BSNL teams may call these customers and may explain the scope of discount they are getting. This is really a good move from BSNL, and PSU may take the BSNL Bill Defaulters issue in a serious way and will certainly may not allow its subscribers to be long pending defaulters, if payment not realised, BSNL will move legally immediately against the defaulters.

Furthermore BSNL is also providing many ways to pay the BSNL Bills at Cash Counters, BSNL Retailers along with most trending easy mode for payment of bills with BSNL Online Bill Payment, where you can even see your history of payments and even can download cash receipts as and when you require. Along with this BSNL online bill payment facility, BSNL has also released an app 'My BSNL' for Android / Windows / iPhone users to pay your BSNL Bills even though are in move, where these Discounted Bill Payment offers will be available to all BSNL Bill Defaulters from 10.02.2015 in all service areas across India.
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