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BSNL Mobile Plan, STV Enquiry, New SMS Codes for South Zone

BSNL is upgrading its infrastructure to meet the numbers which are driving BSNL high. BSNL is upgrading its Prepaid Mobile Intelligent Network to offer best services with new Prepaid Mobile Facilities/Subscription, USSD and SMS Codes on New Intelligent Network, with new support for future growth to maintain its brand “BSNL the best Telecom service Provider in India” with latest facilities like BSNL Online Recharge, and BSNL App etc and many more.

BSNL is going to reach 100 million tele subscribers across the country. This is really a huge breakthrough for BSNL as, being a PSU sustaining the market after globalization also. BSNL is the Best Telecom Service Provider in all aspects is the one word, and it is carrying even since after Globalization considering many aspects like BSNL Service in Landline, Broadband and GSM Mobile Services(GSM Plan, STV Enquiry USSD /SMS), Penetration into the remotest villages, working with social commitment.
BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plan, STV Facilities Enquiry, New USSD / SMS Codes
Coming to the details BSNL has installed and commissioned its new Intelligent Network at Trichy for handling BSNL GSM Mobile Customers. The new installed Intelligent Network switch can handle 82.5 million calls at a time. AP / Telangana Kerala, Tamilnadu has migrated to the New Intelligent Network Switch as on 01.01.2015.

This new installation is related for BSNL South Zone (Andhrapradesh includes Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu) mobile customers only and this new Trichy based Intelligent Network will enable BSNL Prepaid Mobile Customers to offer best world class telecom services to its subscribers of BSNL South Zone with many facilities like GSM Plans, STV details etc.. on enquiry with simple USSD  / SMS Codes .

With the new Intelligent Network Switch Migration at Trichy, all the Prepaid Mobile users of Andhrapradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu will have all the facilities at a time with single step. One more thing is that Key words of SMS s for BSNL Balance Enquiry which we used to send to 53733 is going to change to 123 and various USSD codes are changed to one single code *124#. The details are given below.

BSNL South - Prepaid Mobile Balance, STV, Recharge & Plan Change New Codes
Code Particulars Description
on Dialing *124#, you will get the details as below
1 - Balance
It shows as:- Main A/c Balance Rs.10.0000 Exp: Date: 31/12/2014 Plan: Pyari Jodi, Press 9 to go back to Main Menu or 0 to exit
2 - Recharge 1 - Voucher Recharge Pls enter your 18 digit secret code followed by #
2 - Third Party Recharge Dial the target mobile No and secret code in <10 digit number>*<18 digit secret code># format
9 - To go back to Main Menu or 0 to Exit
3 - STV 1 - STV Enquiry
2 - STV Subscribe Please Choose STV type
1 - GPRS / DATA (2G/3G)
2 - VOICE (Limited & Unlimited Voice)
3 - SMS(Volume Based SMS)
6 - ISD
Enter your choice
9 - To go Back to Main Menu or 0 to Exit
4 - FNF 1 - FNF View On your FNF list you have: 9443100123.
Press 9 to go back to main menu or 0 to exit
2 - FNF Add Enter the 10 digit number followed by #
3 - FNF Modify Enter the old and new number in <old number>*<new number>#
9 - To go back to Main Menu or 0 to Exit
5 - Plan Change Please Choose New Tariff Plan
Name:1. Per Sec, 2 Per Min.. 3....
Plan Name, Main Account Balance & Expiry date
 (or) Send SMS STVENQ to 123
Get Details of Subscribed Bundle STVs (Special Tariff Vouchers)

BSNL Prepaid Mobile Enquiry /Activation SMS Codes
Activity SMS Keyword to 123
For FNF Registration FFE <10 Digit Number>
For FNF Modification FFM <Old Number> <New Number>
Pyari Jodi Add FFL <LL Number 11 Digit>
Paramilitary/Jai Jawan PMF <10Digit Number>
Enquiry of Subscribed STV STVENQ
For STV Subscription STV <STV Keyword>
Balance Enquiry BAL
Top Up Voucher Recharge RC <18 Digit Secret Code>
Last Call Details LAST
Last 5 Calls LAST5
To list the Eligible Mobile Plans for Migration PLANLIST
With Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in place, Kerala is having highest subscribers who are migrating to BSNL Mobile Services from different service providers. Total of around 9.2 Lakh users had migrated to BSNL using MNP. In that 3.35 lakh users had come to BSNL after this switch migration, ie., with in one month 3.35 Lakh user migration to BSNL using MNP. Good news for BSNL.

With all the above SMS and USSD Mobile codes for various mobile service activation's and enquiries, BSNL Prepaid Mobile customers including Roaming customers of south zone can know the Data Balance, SMS Balance, Voice Balance and subscription details with validities by using a simple SMS/USSD codes as above to enjoy the World Class Telecom Mobile Services in a large extent.
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  1. If I dial *124#, all I get is 333333# on the mobile screen !

  2. What is that USSD code, its expansion? and what is that 18 digit secret code, where is it available or to obtain for recharge? Of course, the above circular / notification seems to be very nice to see the bsnl's progress and growth. But the basic facility to the subscriber is ENQUIRY OR ASSISTANCE - 1503 (in Chennai). This is not properly functioning or the customer relation officer/ assistant is not always available or many times they are not capable to render assistance. Sometimes they do not have sufficient updates about your own plan details... Request for REPLY & suitable action.. S.GUNABALAN- 9444927152.

    1. dial *123# for Plan details
      *124# for all details
      *124*2# for subscribed bundle plan details
      the above three codes will give all complete BSNL mobile details

  3. STVENQ in TAMILNADU is not working

  4. what is 18 digit secret code?

  5. How to stop browser messages to my MOTO G3. Fed up

    1. Logon to new bSNL portal, go to prepaid section and register the number and then deactivate sms alerts on the number.

  6. I tried twice to activate data 451 by sending sms to 123 STV DATA451. Received message as un successful. Tried to contact customer care without success