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BSNL Online Recharge Prepaid Mobile at Quick Recharge

BSNL Online Recharge, the best facility for every prepaid mobile customer to feel proud for managing recharges from own hands. This is possible through new website called as BSNL Quick Recharge Portal.

It is the best service to avail Full Talktime Top-Up, STV's or any kind of latest prepaid mobile plan recharges. This is like an instant service, but from anywhere on just login to BSNL Online Recharge Portal.

A Mobile phone for which credit is purchased in advance for using the mobile phone services which is to be accessed with their operator is Prepaid Recharge. Now a days, nobody is free, if yet all free, we want to spend time with our family members.

To made us more convenient. Being PSU with world class telecom services. Trying to be younger than its stature by implementing BSNL Online Recharge Portal and BSNL App. This gives more convenience to prepaid mobile customers with greater satisfaction.
BSNL Online Recharge
BSNL tries to make their mobile customers most secure for their valued money transactions. PSU allows BSNL Online Recharge with their own secured mechanism through BSNL Quick Recharge Portal.

With this, every prepaid mobile customer will gets their applicable Prepaid Plans, Voice STVs, 3G Net Packs including Full Talk-time Offers instantly from anywhere in the world to any mobile number.

So, Prepaid customers can instantly recharge mobile numbers online with login to Portal, or without registration through Quick Recharge. After recharge, payment receipts will be sent to registered mobile number and eMail ID instantly. Which provided at BSNL Quick Recharge Portal.

BSNL Online Recharge for Prepaid Mobile at BSNL Portal

It is very easy to understand the mentioned step by step guide for BSNL Online Recharge. If you are trying to go with Top Up / STV / Plan option.
  • Just logon to the Recharge Portal (
  • Enter the details of your 10 digit mobile number, which you want to Top Up / STV plan change
  • Select the circle / state
  • Enter Email ID and Contact number
  • please confirm that you are human by keying in code as displayed at that time, then you will be moved to next screen.
BSNL Mobile Recharge at Quick Recharge Portal

BSNL Talktime Recharge Online

Step 2 : Here, you will get the option for TopUp, STV and PLAN.
  • With in the Top Up option. You can go General Top Up, where you will find odd amounts at the right side like Rs 55/110/200. Which you want to select as per your requirement.
  • Flexi TopUp allows the customers for BSNL online recharge with any denomination from Rs.50 in multiples of Rs 10. User can recharge as per their requirement at that time for their mobile to avail Full / Extra Talk-time offers.
BSNL Recharge Online Full Talktime

BSNL STV Recharge Online

In this BSNL Online Recharge Portal. Prepaid mobile customers are allowed at any time to Activate 3G special net packs (Mobile Internet) / Voice / ISD / SMS / Other (like Blackberry Services). After that in this portal only, before recharge, you will be displayed the special offers available at that time.

Special Tariff Recharge Vouchers are those, which allows you to activate plans like unlimited calling with in network etc.. These are all Special Tariff Recharge packs available at bsnl online recharge portal also.

These vouchers are used for special type of requirements to reduce the voice call tariff. These are most suited for our day to day requirements to avail the best on activation through Quick Recharge Portal.
BSNL STV Recharge Online
BSNL Plan Recharge Online
Coming to the PLAN Option in BSNL Online Recharge. Every mobile customer can have a choice to opt for best range of prepaid mobile plans suitable as per requirement. This portal allows to activate the recharge online at any time for best Prepaid Mobile Plan (All India / circle mobile plans). You have a choice to select the cheapest tariff plan for Voice, SMS and 2G 3G Data categories.
  • Migration for convert any existing plan to required / cheapest tariff plan.
BSNL Online Recharge Prepaid Plans
With this BSNL Online Recharge Portal, customers can recharge their prepaid mobile plans with in 1 minute time. The customers of abroad also will be able to recharge online to their Friends / Parents /Relatives Prepaid Mobile numbers.

To avail cheapest mobile tariff plan vouchers. This portal allows easy payment options like Internet Banking with more than 50 banks. Along with Credit Card (American Express), Debit Card and Cash cards having secured payment gateway.
BSNL Recharge Online Payment
In some cases, mobile users requires instant activation of recharges to all their friends and family prepaid numbers. For that, user can just register in Portal on one time basis. Add all own prepaid numbers in your login account.

So that you can recharge instantly at any time with out entering the mobile numbers and additional communication details (email id, contact number) for BSNL Online Recharge.

If customer already registered for online bill payment portal, they will not be register again for recharge portal. The same portal account will be continued to Add / Recharge the mobile numbers. It is for Talktime Top Up, Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs), Plan Vouchers or for migration as follows.
  • Login to BSNL Online Recharge Portal (Registration Login Account)
  • Select Recharge
  • Click on GSM Prepaid ( You will be displayed all the numbers you registered, if not click on New to register the numbers)
  • Select the mobile number which you want to recharge and continue the process as above from step 2 to activate required BSNL Online Recharge.
After successful BSNL Online Recharge with required particular voucher. customer will gets a message that “Your transaction was successful, Please check the balance in your mobile (dial *123#). Then you can check the balance or subscribed STVs instantly at Quick Recharge Portal. This illustrated process of online recharge in detailed steps is very useful to know the pattern of BSNL Online Recharge.

Mobile operator has also allowed the customers to lodge any complaints on recharge at this online portal. If any recharge error occurs for any type of online recharge transactions made, but not completed (debited amount from bank account/ credit / debit card and not recharged) due to any reason, and to be solved only by our telecom brand.

Quick Recharge portal is really the best option for every mobile user to recharge their mobile phones. It is like Top Ups, STVs, Data Plans or any plan vouchers and full talk time offers.

So all prepaid customers, logon to BSNL Online Recharge Portal and make your transactions secure at any time. Feel happy to be a BSNL mobile customer.
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  1. My veenela pack validity had completed can any one please help me how to extend validity.And tell me how much amount i want to recharge it to get activation ?

  2. I installed the app. But it is meant only for post paid connection. No provision for pre paid connection.

    1. BSNL App is for all Prpaid and Postpaid services, take a look again, select option Recharge to get recharge, check this for process

  3. I have recharge Rs.155 & on 17/02/2015 and 11/Mar/2015 Rs.32 through online to my mobile No.9445707628 its not success but amount credited .. as on now still the fund not return to my account regards this so many time i made complaint to customer care no response & not perfect answer Pl do the needfull

  4. Hi Can any one help me

    I am having a odisha sim and I am using in pune,I recharged the 1 day data pack for Rs.17 .The H+ signal is showing on the bsnl signal and in settings I made the use data in roaming option yes.Still I am not able to use the service .Regarding this whenever I call customer care they are saying internet is down everytime. Don't know what to do now.I have recharged for 2 times ,both the times I faced same issue.Please help.....

    1. u have to just click on the configuration settings.....

  5. My no is 9430495377 (bihar), what amount of recharge to increase my validity, plz

  6. is new cauvery plan has been withdrawn..?
    If so let us know which plan to recharge and how.?

  7. i want to know what is GSM Number actually when i enter my mb no for quick recharge this note is shown "Please Enter a Valid BSNL PrePaid GSM Number"

  8. Bsnl sucks.. Can't even recharge hassle free.. Most of the time it says services halted try after 30 mins but when wait n try again.. It is saying plan and voucher don't match.. While I have done the same recharge before also.. Then I tried choosing some other data plan but still says the same thing! Very very annoying..

  9. My New Cauvery plan expires on 30.8.15. Pl tell me how to extend the validity on online. My mobile no. 9342981731.
    If I keep sufficient balance in my account, can you automatically renew it by deducting Rs. 72 from my balance

    1. BSNL Karnataka Prepaid Plan Cauvery has closed from 10.06.2015, so please migrate to another new Karnataka Plan AMOGHon just recharging with plan voucher amount

  10. Bsnl has lost 2 crore subscribers in last one year alone. No wonder a company which has not made a quality web interface even after 20 years of mobile era is set to be loose many more crores in coming years and land itself in pathetic condition.

  11. While recharging online at BSNL portal I always get error "Please check the Number". Kindly help me to recharge my prepaid mobile online.

  12. BSNL sucks.not able to recharge online no link is opening to do it from overseas.Wasted my time browsing in the said link of bsnl.pls fix it.

  13. While I am going to recharge my prepaid number through the BSNL portal by choosing my scheme it always shows a notification "Please check the number.".

  14. R/sir
    I want flexi sim for recharge the customer's sim. what is the process to get flexi sim.

  15. How can I get Rs.56 recharge for 259 MB data for 27 days validity on my cell No. 9416335344 [Haryana]? direct from BSNL?

  16. Plz help me
    I have old sim. I want to reduce my call rate.can i recharge 88.

  17. Is there any issue with bsnl portal. Getting error saying denomination is not valid for the plan

  18. I recharged Rs.444/- after couple of sec I got massage from BA-PORTAL Sorry, Your Recharge for 9493406091 is FAILED on BSNL Portal and the amount deducted will be refunded shortly. Inconvenience is regretted. Ref Id:PGSM220816326603
    Again I recharged Rs.444/- after couple of sec I got massage from Sorry, Your Recharge for 9493406091 is FAILED on BSNL Portal and the amount deducted will be refunded shortly. Inconvenience is regretted. Ref Id:PGSM220816327328
    Again I recharged Rs.444/- after couple of sec I got massage from Sorry, Your Recharge for 9493406091 is FAILED on BSNL Portal and the amount deducted will be refunded shortly. Inconvenience is regretted. Ref Id:PGSM220816326795
    After 30min I got message from BT-CTOPUP Your a/c is Recharge with Denomination Rs.444 on 22/08/2016 at 11:05:26 AM Ref No.PGSM220816326795
    Your a/c is Recharge with Denomination Rs.444 on 22/08/2016 at 11:04:53 AM Ref No.PGSM220816326603
    Your a/c is Recharge with Denomination Rs.444 on 22/08/2016 at 11:00:25 AM Ref No.PGSM220816327328
    Three times data recharge plan were activated simultaneously. I Got 3.2*3=9.6GB data, and three times deducted 444*3= Rs. 1332/- but validity is only 60 days.
    I got message from BA-PORTAL that is reason I recharged again. How will I get refund.