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BSNL Postpaid All in One Addon Packs for Mobile Customers

PAN India 3G Telecom Major Service Provider, BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) who won our hearts from the ages of introduction of telephony in India to till date, has launched New 5 types of All in One Combo Add-On Packs for its individual Post-paid customers i.e.Single Bill, F&F CUG, Free Voice Call, Pool & Share Add On Packs under BSNL GSM Mobile Services.

BSNL is a telecom service provider, having a bond with India and Indian culture respecting the relations with in families. In consideration with this, BSNL has launched this new Unique Add-on Packs for its GSM Post-paid Mobile Service Customers, i.e. Really a perfect plan for most of our families.
BSNL Mobile Postpaid Addon Pakages
This newly introduced BSNL Add-On Post-paid Mobile Plans will works like this to opt as per their convenience of the Mobile Customers.
  1. Single Bill for Maximum 5 Individual Mobile numbers
  2. Friends and Family CUG Add-on
  3. Free Voice Call Facility
  4. Pool & Share Facility
  5. Combo Add-on with All
BSNL Single Bill for Maximum 5 Mobile Numbers
  • Single Bill will be issued if a customer wants to get a single bill for maximum of 5 numbers. Ex:- Father wants a single bill for all his family members.
  • Customers will have to convey their consent for availing the single bill option in an application with signature of all the interested Group Members.
  • A Monthly Rent (or) FMC of Rs. 25 per Month will be charged for the facility and would be included in the bill. However, the facility will be free, if all the plans are of FMC of Rs. 525 and onwards.
BSNL Friends and Family CUG Add-on
  • Free Calls shall be allowed within 5 Own Network Mobile Numbers within same LSA (CUG).
  • Free calls by all (max. five numbers) to any one specified Own Network Landline number (within same LSA)/Circle.
  • A Monthly Rent (or) FMC Rs. 25 per Month per BSNL CUG Plan Member. Ex:- if person ‘A’ wants to add person ‘B’ as CUG member then both will have to give Rs. 25 and both will be added for each other.
BSNL Free Call Facility
  • Free Call Facility to any one Specified Own Network Mobile/Landline Number (outside LSA).
  • Free Call Facility is available only if any of CUG Facility as above is opted by the subscriber. Single/Same number shall be specified by all the CUG members.
  • A Monthly Rent (or) FMC of Rs. 50 per month per subscriber.
BSNL Pool and Share Facility
  • Maximum 5 numbers may subscribe for this facility whereby, they will be able to share their Free Usage (freebies) offered with the subscribed Mobile Plans.
  • A Monthly Rent (or) FMC Rs. 25 per month per connection will be charged for the facility. However Free for Plans with FMC of Rs. 525 onwards.
BSNL All in One Combo Add-on Pack for Postpaid Mobile Users
  • Single bill for maximum 5 Numbers (Own Network).
  • Free calls within above specified maximum 5 numbers.
  • Free calls to any one specified Own Network Land line number (within LSA).  Single/same number shall be specified by all the CUG members.
  • Free  call  facility  to  any  one  specified  Own Network  Mobile / Landline  Number  (Outside LSA). Single/Same Number shall be specified by all the CUG members.
  • Pool  and  Share facility of freebies among above 5 Own Network numbers whereby, members would be able to share their Freebies offered with the plans.
  • Free National Calling (On-Net/Off-Net) for one hour on 1st of every month, or  Free  National On-Net calling  for full  day  on 1st  of  every  month.  Any  one  option may be chosen by the subscriber.
  • FMC Rs. 25/month (free for plan with FMC of Rs. 525 and above) + Rs. 100 for each CUG number. All the customer will have to convey their consent for the above. Ex:- A customer having total 5 members would pay Rs.525/- [Rs. 25 + (Rs.100 x 5)].
In this new launch of Add On Postpaid packages, these packs are not applicable for Enterprise Business Customers & Government Connections.

Now day’s majority of us are having Mobile Phones only, Landlines we are keeping at our residence for only the sake of Land line + Broadband Service. Furthermore we might consider a Land line phone for our grandparents, who might not be flexible to use mobile phones.

Considering the same, and to offer Best Mobile Services. Telecom Major has launched these above mentioned All in One Combo Add-On Pack for BSNL Postpaid customers under GSM Mobile Services, which will be available for all New CYMN / Existing customers in all BSNL circles from 16th December 2014.
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