Last updated: 17 December 2014
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BSNL FTTH Broadband Data TopUps Add-On Plans Introduced

We are all very well acquainted with BSNL FTTH Unlimited Internet Plans Speed and their FUP (Fair Usage Policy), for that we will plan accordingly our BSNL BB Data Usage to our day to day requirements for not reducing the speeds with FUP. Even after planning, if one fine day you might be requiring additional data limit, due to excess data usage on your Fiber to Home Unlimited Internet Plans, for that you have to postpone your activity to the next billing cycle to enjoy High Download Speed
BSNL FTTH Broadband Data TOP UPs of Unlimited Internet Plans
Now the past scenario changed, After the grand success of BSNL DSL Broadband Add on Data TopUp packages with tremendous response from ADSL Broadband customers, BSNL now extended this facility to BSNL FTTH Unlimited Broadband Internet plan customers too, for adhoc requirements at a minimal price tag to get High Speed internet for the current billing cycle to enjoy High Bandwidth.

For all FTTH Broadband Internet requirement customers, BSNL introduced Speed Restoration Add On Facility to restore High Speed FTTH Internet to its existing unlimited plan speed to enjoy high speed internet browsing at original speed after FUP (Fair Usage Policy) download limit by paying just Rs.100 / 200 / 300 / 500 for data limit of 2GB / 5GB / 10GB / 20GB for the current bill month with these Data TopUp Plans.

BSNL FTTH Broadband Data TOP-UP Plans & Charges
Speed Restoration Add-on Plan (available on ADSL & FTTH ) Recovered Original Higher BB Speed for Data Usage upto Broadband TOP UP Charges with out S.Tax
Speed Restoration - 2GB Plan 2 GB Rs. 100
Speed Restoration - 5GB Plan 5 GB Rs. 200
Speed Restoration - 10GB Plan 10 GB Rs. 300
Speed Restoration - 20GB Plan 20 GB Rs. 500

If suddenly there is a floating of relatives to house and entire FUP of Unlimited BB Internet Data Limit got exhausted and nothing left for your kid to browse Rhymes on YouTube, then also you can enjoy the BSNL high speed internet with restoration of original speed after this new introduction of this FTTH Broadband Add on Data TopUps applicable for all BSNL FTTH Broadband Unlimited Internet Plans. So that you will be happy and also your kid will be too much happy.

This scheme was launched across India in all BSNL telecom circles. So, BSNL FTTH customers can select their above mentioned suitable cheapest Broadband Add On Data TOP-UP packages, on appearing with a POP Up link after the FUP limit crossed and enjoy the high speed internet services with all BSNL Unlimited Broadband Plans where the BB TOPUP Data Charges will be added in the next FTTH Unlimited Broadband Internet bill without any inconvenience caused.
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  1. I have broadband connection in Bangalore, Please let me know how to do the data topup.

    1. nothing really to do, when your FUPs over, you get a pop up asking if you wanna add high speed data topup usuage. select your choice of topup and that's it. Just like topup for your mobile, but you pay in the next bill , so that's cool.

    2. i have miss that notifiacation about the top up.but now i want to top up please tell me about the procedure

  2. Now I have a question for the experts. Suppose I top up 5 GB online tonight, 29.12.1014, which is ₹200/- and then say i utilize only 1.5 GB from my topup till 31st midnight. Then that means I have 500 mb left, isn't it? On Jan 1st, 2015, when the full FUP rolls back in, what happens to my unutilizead .5 GB? Does that get added to the FUP or is that just gone? I seriously would lke some clarity on this. I'm at the moment on the BB Combo 1425 - 4Mbps / 512 Kbps, one of the best deals, which means I get in my circle (TN) upto 30 GB at 4mbps. I cross that limit quite often so this is why the topup scheme sounds attractive to me, so please give me some answers guys on this. Regards.

    1. In any Broadband Unlimited Plan, Top Ups are valid for current month only, if you have unutilized data in your TOP UP , it will expire at this month month only, on 1st of coming month speed will automatically increased newly with FUP

  3. If I am configured through a wireless router then how do I get a top up as I might not get a notification.

  4. Anyone know the url/link for FTTH speed topup?