Last updated: 27 October 2014
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BSNL 3G Postpaid Yearly Data Plans for Mobile / Dongles

India Telecom gaint BSNL, announces the launch of three types of new cheapest Annual Rental Postpaid Data Plans(Annual Data Plan 1110, 2050, 2940) for 3G Mobile / Dongles users to get the high speed wireless internet under GSM Services in addition to the existing Add-On Postpaid Data Plans at Rs.98 per month with new Annual Postpaid Data Plan 2940 for subscription.

As of now, BSNL introduced many attractive offers and new plans for Prepaid mobile customers, now in view to offer 3G services at affordable rates to Postpaid Mobile / Dongle users, Telecom gaint launches new 3G DATA Plans with Annual subscription (Longer Period) of Rs.2940, 2050 and 1110 respectively having one year validity.
BSNL Launches 3G Postpaid Annual Rental DATA Plans for GSM Mobile Users
BSNL Annual Data Plan(ADP) 2940 allows free data usage of 2.5 GB per month for 12 months with a monthly subscription of just Rs.98 per GB, and ADP 2050 offers 1.5 GB per month for 12 months with almost Rs.171 per month and ADP-1110 offers 0.75 GB per month @ just Rs.92.5 per month.

BSNL 3G Postpaid Annual Rental DATA (Mobile Internet) Plans
Annual Data Plan 1110
Annual Data Plan 2050 Annual Data Plan 2940
Advance Rental Payment Charges (Excl. of S. Tax) Rs. 1,110 Rs. 2,050 Rs. 2,940
Free Data Usage
for 12 Months
0.75GB per Month 1.5GB per Month 2.5GB per Month
Base Voice Tariff & Other Terms/Conditions As per BSNL Postpaid Mobile Plan-225
BSNL confirms that Pre-closure for this above mentioned Postpaid Annual DATA Plans is not allowed and will not give any adjustment in case of Pre-Closure of the Postpaid connection. BSNL Customers of any Postpaid Plan who are using other DATA Plans shall also be allowed to migrate to this new Yearly Advance Rental DATA Plans by submitting a requisition for plan change to concerned BSNL CSC.

So, now its the time for Postpaid GSM customers of Mobile / Dongles to grab 3G Yearly Data Plan connection by avoiding the bill payment upto 12 months and enjoying the available 3G Free Data Usage along with base Voice tariff  as per Postpaid Plan 225 which is, as per second billing plan.

This newly launched 3G Postpaid Annual Rental Data Plans for BSNL Mobile Users shall be applicable for all new/existing BSNL Mobile / Dongle customers in all BSNL circles with effect from 1st November 2014.
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