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BSNL Gujarat Prepaid STV Plans for Mobile Internet, Voice & SMS

BSNL Gujarat Telecom Circle has issued variety of Prepaid Mobile Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs) to reduce the raising tariffs of Prepaid Voice Calls, SMS, ISD, and most used Mobile Intenet(Data) categories including Roaming Charges under Gujarat 2G/3G GSM Mobile Services
BSNL Gujarat Prepaid STV Plans for Mobile Internet, Voice & SMS Reduced Tariff
BSNL Gujarat Special Tariff Voucher's (STV's) for Voice can be categorized into Limited and Unlimited. Gujarat Prepaid Customers can use any STV to reduce the Tariff of Voice Calls, SMS, ISD, and Data(Mobile Internet) categories of  2G/3G BSNL Mobile Prepaid Plan Services according to the customer requirement.

BSNL Gujarat - 2G/3G Prepaid Special Tariff Vouchers / Rate Cutters as on 13.08.2015
MRP of STV(Rs)
Particulars / Features
Validity in Days SMS to 51505
BSNL Gujarat 2G/3G "Mobile Internet", Unified Data STVs / Rate Cutters
1790 MB2ACT DSTV17
43 200 MB 6 ACT DSTV43
56 250 MB 30 ACT DSTV56
68 1GB 5 ACT DSTV68
78 450 MB 12 ACT DSTV78
98650 MB16ACT DSTV98
1391 GB15ACT DSTV139
1551 GB22ACT DSTV155
1971.1 GB28ACT DSTV197
251 2.2 GB 28 ACT DSTV251
451 2GB+ Rs. 100  Talktime 60 ACT DSTV451
561 5 GB 30 ACT DSTV561
821 7 GB 60 ACT DSTV821
101110 GB30ACT DSTV1011
194920 GB60ACT DSTV1949
Gujarat 3G Data Plan Vouchers(DPVs)
1251 9 GB 12Months
2299 18 GB 12Months
3299 30 GB 12Months
Base Voice tariff is as per Prepaid per minute plan
Gujarat "Voice" Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs)/ Rate Cutters 
30 72 Minutes Local /STD Any-Net-1 day 1 ACT VSTV30
164 Unlimited Local /STD On-Net 5 ACT VSTV164
574 Unlimited Local On-net calls & 500 minutes local/STD  calls on ANy-net 27 ACT VSTV574
344 Unlimited Local On-Net 24 ACT VSTV344
894 Unlimited Local On-Net 81 ACT VSTV894
699 Unlimited Local/STD On-Net 28 ACT VSTV699
1494 Unlimited Local On-net calls & 1500 minutes local/STD calls on ANy-net 81 ACT VSTV1494
BSNL Gujarat Reduced Call Rate Packs
72 Free call Forwarding to any BSNL Landline/WLL number within LSA 90 ACT VSTV72
28 Local/STD Rs. 1.00/3 Minutes (On-net) & Rs.1.20/3Minutes (Off-net) 30 ACT VSTV28
44 Local call-any net @1.4p/ 2 sec 30 ACT VSTV44
47 Local on-Net @20p/Min 28 ACT VSTV47
122 Local call-any net @1.4p/ 2 sec 81 ACT VSTV122
65 Local On-Net@ Rs.0.12/Min 27 ACT VSTV65
89 Local & STD @ 20p/min.(On-net) and Local 30p/min. (Off-net) + 100 Local/National SMS Free. 30 ACT VSTV89
135 300 Min Local/STD Any-net call 28 ACT VSTV135
91 Free Calls - 120 Minutes + 40SMS in Roaming  30 ACT VSTV91
97 Freebies of 60 minutes any net voice call with 30 days validity and reduced call charges to five friends & family local number while in Home LSA, On -net @20p/Min and Offnet @40p/Min, SMS charge: local SMS @10p/SMS and STD SMS @50p/sms, - every time when this STV is recharged, the customer has to specify the five F&F numbers., - No change in F&F number is allowed within 90 days validity period of STV 30
395 1200 Min Local/STD Any-net call 90 ACT VSTV395
159 365 Min Local/STD Any-net call 30 ACT VSTV159
32 300 Minutes Local/STD On-net Night 30 ACT VSTV32
35 Local/STD On-net Night @ Rs.0.05/Min 30 ACT VSTV35
58 800 Minutes Local/STD On-net Night 30 ACT VSTV58
123 1800 Minutes Local/STD On-net Night 30 ACT VSTV123
Voice Combo Voucher
71 Local Any Network @ 30p/Min +UV Rs 20 30 ACT VSTV71
111 Rs.90+70 min.on-net 20 ACT VSTV111
222 Rs.190 UV and 110 min. On-net 40 ACT VSTV222
333 Rs.280 UV and 180 min. On-net 60 ACT VSTV333
177 200 Min + 100 SMS + 350MB Data(in Home LSA & Roaming both) with Free I/C in Roaming 30
Gujarat "ISD" Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) / Rate Cutters
41 Canada, USA, Singapore, China
Voice call @ 1.49/min,  Rs.3/SMS
30 Days ACT VSTV41 
27 Bangladesh, Malaysia, HongKong, Thailand. Voice call:2.99/min, Rs.3/SMS 30 Days ACT VSTV27
38  France, Germany, UK (The high cost destinations countries of UK levels 4470, 4474 to 4479, 4484 and 4487 are not to be included in the optional ISD pack)
Voice Call : 4.99/min, Rs.3/SMS
30 Days ACT VSTV38
23 Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait
Voice call : 6.49/min, Rs.3/SMS
30 Days ACT VSTV23
Gujarat 'SMS' Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) / Rate Cutters 
12 130 Free SMS* 7 ACT SMSSTV12
21265 Free SMS*15ACT SMSSTV21
31 385 Free SMS* 30 ACT SMSSTV31
53 860 Free SMS* 30 ACT SMSSTV53
83 1650 Free SMS* 30 ACT SMSSTV83
147 3000 Free SMS* 60 ACT SMSSTV147
* The SMS tariff is applicable up to 100 SMS per day only. All the SMS beyond 100SMS/day will be charged Rs.0.50/SMS or SMS charges as per Base Tariff plan whichever is higher.
  • Free DATA usage shall be applicable in Roaming also.
  • Reduced Voice and Video Rates by STV's shall be applicable in HOME LSA only.
BSNL Gujarat 2G/3G GSM Mobile Customers of Prepaid Services can activate the Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) by recharging with particular amount through C-TOPUP(Easy Recharge) or sending corresponding SMS to 51505. BSNL Gujarat allowed all ISD Special Tariff Vouchers for the above mentioned countries in Roaming areas of BSNL Network across India.
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