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Comparision of 3G Mobile Internet Packs, BSNL the best

The entire telecom industry has been struggling with tariffs at the rock bottom and OPEX inflating month on month. Almost all Telecom operators have started increasing tariff and no one appears to be considering reduction Voice and 3G Data Packs.

There is another important feature existing in the tariffs by  private Telecom Operators is that they keep number of tariff plans limited to few and base tariffs are high. Depending on the type of segment of customers and opportunity, Indian private telecom operators propose Tariff Rate cutters, may be called Bonus cards or STVs etc.. applicable for Voice 3G Data.
Comparision of 3G Mobile Internet Packs between Major Indian Telecom Operators
In case of BSNL, customer has to observe that BSNL Mobile Internet Data STVs are comparable or cheaper and, in addition, with BSNL base tariff plans are much cheaper than that of any other Indian Telco.

We all know very well about 3G data services in India which came lately when equated to other aroused countries, Data Services is the most important factor on 3G network which allows ultimate data speed internet.  For this, all mobile customers have to take a look at below mentioned comparison chart,  how private telecom operators significantly offers 3G mobile internet data with increased tariffs.
  • 500 MB at Rs 147-156. 
  • 1 GB for 28-30 days is Rs 195-253.
  • 2 GB costs Rs. 376-455 for 30 days
  • 5 GB costs Rs. 850-952 for 30 days.
Comparison of 3G Mobile Internet Data Packs as on 29-06-2014
240 MB - Rs.39 - -
300 MB Rs.102 Rs.99-108 Rs.95-102
500 MB - Rs.78 Rs.154-156 Rs.147
1 GB Rs.249 Rs.155 Rs.246-253 Rs.195-251
2 GB - Rs.251 Rs. 445-455 Rs.376-452
2.5 GB Rs.449 - - -
4 GB Rs.749 - - -
5 GB - Rs.561 Rs.952 Rs.850-898
7 GB - Rs.821 - -
10 GB Rs.1499 Rs.1011 Rs.1499 Rs.1499-1502
20 GB - Rs.1949 - -
Extra Data Charges beyond Free Usage 3p/10kb 2p/10KB 4p/10KB 2p/10kB
We all know, in 2012 all the Indian telecom mobile operators revised the tariffs including GPRS packs, at that time BSNL proved that 2G Data Packs offered by BSNL is the best with lowest charges in mobile internet market. After that in 2013 and now also it is again proved that BSNL rocks with seamless connectivity on PAN India basis, so its now, the time for user to decide which to opt wisely for their 3G operator.

It can be seen that the prices offered by BSNL for 3G DATA, and these are the best in present mobile internet market with affordable rates at lowest prices, which are to be the most comfortable for a common man too for subscription of 3G DATA Services.
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  1. We are not satisfied with unified data plans. Because, it may benefit to city and 3g area customes. But, peoples in villages not afford to there plans. BSNL might understand this fact. So, we are moving to private networks by knowing any other choice. It becomes costlier day by day. Please bring the older 2G PLANS otherwise please expand the 3G network coverage to all places india.

    1. BSNL in terrible need of FUNDS to expand its territory... Unifying 2G/3G is great idea.. Dont worry... If the Users of 2G and GPRS DATA is sufficiently high in your area you can expect 3G in your place by end of this year or even before it.. Contact BSNL office for more info it might help... and try a Mix of Broadband and Mobile Data as Statistics show while outside Home and travelling Data consumption is less than 15 percent per hour and bulk usage is less... Try an Unlimited Broadband at Home from BSNL with Wi-Fi modem for your Bulk Data usage and GPRS while travelling its more effective for time being and cheap also... Later you will get 3G for faster access... Pardon with our delay in services its after all fighting with Multi-Million International Service providers... Hope it was Helpful... All the best...

      A JTO(BSNL) from Kerala

  2. let all P&T employees and ITS officers retire and real BSNL employees take charge, everybody will see a sea of changes in BSNL. No other option but to wait for them to retire.

    1. Old employees are pillar. They have achivdd with old technology. Work together and achieve. Only 5% is bsnl recruited staff.

    2. P&T Employees to retire , take 7 to 9 years .. Within in an year or 2 years all telecom n/w SHOULD UNDER Private operators hand ..They will hike all charges with big quantity , ( what we have seen in petroleum products) Wait & see

  3. BSNL is known for billing transperancy;but what about the speed and network?

  4. If government approves the VRS system for BSNL and 50 % of staff (including corrupt SDE/DE/officers/TTA/TM/RM) leaves BSNL, its service will improve by huge margin and so revenue and profit will increase magnificently........