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BSNL Fibernet Plans for Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Sangareddy

BSNL launches new special Fibernet broadband plans on Fiber to the Home Services for their valued customers of Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Sangareddy Areas of AP Telecom circle (Andhrapradesh & Telangana states) upto 16-11-2014 as a promotional offer at first, which are applicable for all Home and Business Internet Customers at cheapest monthly rental charges for High Speed Unlimited BSNL Broadband Internet Connection.

In view of huge response from the customers for new BSNL FTTH Plans, PSU decided to offer more services to their customers with new plans, and regularized these 4 new Fibernet Plans(Fibro Combo ULD 599 CS3, Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS4, Fibro Combo ULD 2799 CS6, Fibro Combo ULD 2795 CS20) which allows 4Mbps to 50Mbps Bandwidth (Download Speed) at anytime with high FUP Limit, where these BB plans are in addition to existing Fiber to Home BSNL Broadband Plans at lowest charges for FTTH customers.
BSNL Fibernet Broadband Plans for Hyderabad Vijayawada
BSNL has also offered one month rental charges waival on payment of Annual Payment Charges for subscription to these new Fibro Broadband Plans, with an unique technology in India launched by BSNL with fibre connectivity having unlimited bandwidth with the state of technology provides fixed access platform to deliver high speed broadband services upto 100 Mbps.

BSNL Broadband Plans on Fiber for Hyderabad, Vijayawada & Sangareddy Areas
Particulars Fibro Combo ULD 599 CS3 Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS4 Fibro Combo ULD 2799 CS6Fibro Combo ULD 2795 CS 20
(Download Speed)
Upto 4 Mbps till 25GB, after 1Mbps Upto 16 Mbps till 50GB, after 2 Mbps Upto 50Mbps till 200GB,
after 6Mbps
Applicable for all Home and Business Users ofHyderabad, Vijayawada, Sangareddy Areas of AP & TelanganaSangaReddy, VijayawadaHyderabad
Fixed Monthly Charges in (Rs) 599 999 2799 2795
Quarterly Charges Not Applicable8105
Half Yearly Option 15370
Annual Payment (Rs.11*FMC) 6589 10989 3078927950
Two Yearly Option NA50310
Free Email IDs/Space (Per Email ID) 1/5 MB1 / 1GB
DL - Download, UL - Upload.
BSNL offers Free landline telephone connection with out any telephone rent on subscription with these above plans, and all the call charges from telephone will be charged at Rs.1.2 for meter called unit of any network, but these above plans will have a security deposit of one month rental charges and minimum hire period of one month.

BSNL Sangareddy New Fiber to Home Broadband customers has allowed to avail a new scheme from 06.01.2016 to 05.04.2016, i.e. waival of monthly rental charges of Rs.150 for FTTH ONT when taken on rent for the subscribers, who opts for one year and two year subscription and pay the bill in advance.

BSNL Hyderabad Broadband Plan Customers who are already subscribed with old plan Fibro Combo ULD 2799 CS6 can automatically be migrated to this new Fibro Combo ULD 2795 CS20 as above from 01.03.15 with new flexible payment options, and more storage free E-mail account.
  • Quarterly and Half Yearly Payment option shall be provided to the customers accordingly with technical feasibility of BSNL at that time.
  • Migration between different payment options in Fiber Broadband Plan will not be allowed during the validity of existing payment option.
These new Fiber to the Home (FTTH) BSNL Broadband Plans shall be applicable only for the customers of Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Sangareddy Areas of AP telecom circle (Andhrapradesh & Telangana states) to enjoy the high speed BSNL Internet at cheapest monthly charges having fault free services over BSNL FTTH, and these Fiber Broadband customers will have BSNL Online Bill Payment facility to avoid rush to counter for regular monthly bill payment with the above subscribed FTTH Broadband Plan Bills.

Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Sangareddy Area customers, who wish to apply for new Fiber Broadband Connection can now have new facility to Apply Online BSNL Fibernet with above latest high speed BSNL Fibernet Plans.
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  1. Amazing! Now BSNL can APtly rename itself APSNL. They have excellent new ADSL broadband plans for AP circle whereby major cities which are mere district headquarters are flowered with higher speeds and higher data caps for the same price than other parts of India including bigger cities which are not just district headquarters but also State capitals. When will other circles get such fiber plans and ADSL Broadband plans. Probably we should migrate to AP. We other parts of Bharat would also welcome these plans and schemes.

  2. i took fiber BB from local party.They offer 2mbps to 4mbps but in actual speed is bullshit !

  3. We need Beam Fiber like operator.
    If Beam Fiber comes to khammam, I will take it.
    Only because of BSNL that India is still under Avergae 256 Kbps speed.
    F__K BSNL When will BSNL increase it’s nationwide plan’s speed?????????? bsnl still BC plans

  4. When will these types of plans introduced as rural plan?

  5. I am interested in Fibro Combo ULD 999 plan but when I inquire with BSNL they say that its not available in my area. The telephone exchange is Vinayak Nagar which is very much part of Hyderabad. Instead of mentioning it as Hyderabad they should have listed the Telephone Exchanges which offers the above plans

    1. Book your connection at, then BSNL approach you

    2. Thanks for the info. I tried registering through the above site but it does not list Fibro Combo ULD 999 plan in the PLAN field.

      Please note that I have selected FTTH in "Type Of Service (Lead)* field.

    3. book your connection with any displaying plan, after contact from BSNL, you can change with required plan

    4. I have Booked the connection on 19-Aug-2014 and the lead was cancelled on 23-Aug-2014 with remarks "Cannot be provided". I got a call saying that there should be atleast 10 connection nearby but that was not mentioned above. What can be done to get the connection ?

  6. I am planning to change my current BB plan to Fibro Comb ULD 999 plan but when I enquired with BSNL they say that its not available in my area. I stay in area code 500056 which is very much in Hyderabad. If its not available in all the areas of Hyderabad they should clearly mention that.

    1. make a complaint via this

    2. Even as on 15th March 2015 the proposed plans are not available. Their helpline executives are also not aware of such plans.

  7. People expect BSNL to prosper and increase its service holder.I find BSNL is the best since 1996 I have been using BSNL. BSNL must make it convenient for the people to get immediate connection as they need.

  8. is it required to have bsnl landline connection for bsnl broadband,? I don't have landline connection what I do ???

    1. Yes, Broadband is another facility on Landline, so it is mandatory

  9. i am using bsnl net for the the past 3 years .fed up complaining those beggars about my net speed.even after repeated complains there is no action instead they are closing my complains every sector bull shit.

    1. Read this and make a complaint at this Online Portal

  10. we are using bsnl land line since 20 years ,but we are facing the issue since 5 years ,some construction was happened besides my house at that time wire was cut ,after that they are not resolved the issue ,now we want to enable the broad band for that you people need to rectify the problem asap, some people will come for resolve the issue for formalities but they are not rectify the problem after that they close the issue without verify by calling customer

  11. Nonresponsive BSNL broadband customer care/ repair service. It is fooling us. Ph 02215240351. Not working for long days. Not attended. Ph- 9830973706.