Last updated: 08 December 2013
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BSNL Free Caller ID Telephone Instruments to Landline Customers

Indian Telecom gaint Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has announced the waival of Landline Caller ID (CLIP) Telephone Instrument charges to Commercially Important Customers (CICs) for NTC(New Telephone Connection) and Replacement of Instrument.

At present, BSNL levy the instrument charges for NTC and Replacement of instrument at subscribers request with CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation) Telephone Instrument from all Normal and Commercially Important Customers (CIC).
BSNL Free (CLIP) Caller ID Telephone
Now PSU BSNL has decided to replace the BSNL Landline Caller ID (CLIP) Telephone Instrument to Commercially Important Customers (CIC) as Free of Cost with the following conditions.
  • CLIP instrument may be changed at free of cost to CICs (Commercially Important Customers),  whose has paid last six month bill for landline connection with total amount of Rs.5000/- or above (This includes the amount of Broadband/Combo Connection).
  • On receipt of written request from the Commercially Important Customers, BSNL shall be replaced the CLIP instrument to CIC(s) at zero cost after verifying the paid bill amount of last six months.
  • CLIP instrument to such CICs customers shall not be changed free of cost again before three years from the date of change of CLIP instrument.
These new revised instructions for provision of Free BSNL Landline Caller ID (CLIP) Telephone Instrument shall be implemented with effect from 06-12-2013 for all the Landline and BSNL Broadband Commercially Important Customers (CICs) in all the BSNL circles across India.
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  1. Good idea but BSNL must improve their services of Broad Band as their internet service are not good I have so many complaints regarding but no use.I am thinking to switch over to other service of internet.

    1. That will be a blunder yogesh.go in for a wired service of bsnl if u are using wireless.i have tried other operators like tata, whose service is the worst in our area.they don't even have a power backup in case of power outages.

  2. It is fantastic plan to give caller ID phone to BSNL consumers.
    My instrument is not working due to afault for last six months.Forced to use only my broadband plan and forgo my free calls and other facilites of BSNL.Hope there is no dificalties or scams.

  3. How to apply for this new phone replacing old phone

    What is the G.O for this

    1. check this at

    2. I have 2 Land Line Connections. BSNL offered free caller ID Instruments FREE to CIC(Commercially Important Customer) whose last six month bill is Rs. 5000/- or more. My telephone bill goes to 9000+ for each connection. I tried to get this with all my papers & copy of offer on net from BSNL. I was treated as FOOT BALL for 7 days from one office to another. No one accepting papers and application. Reply don't have any information of this. Go to falana SAHEB. I have given up hope get. Thanks to BSNL for playing good foot ball.

    3. Complain about this issue at first in

      and second in

  4. PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE FORM BSNL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Dear BSNL Customers,

    CLIP instrument replacement would be carried out on availability of Stock (presently not available)

    Thank You

    For your Continued Patronage.......

    With Best Wishes:-
    Gujarat Telecom Circle

    Please note: This is an auto generated mail, please do not reply to this mail.

  5. My BSNL( gsm) Odisha mobile no is 9439352620.
    I have recharged Rs375/- STV voice. on 03/07/2014.Refnois 88898976304
    But though it is free from BSNL to BSNL till they are deducting from my account when I am calling BSNL no.
    They should refund my money and stop deducting my money further.