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BSNL WiMAX Free CPE Postpaid Plans for Home & Business Users

Telecom gaint Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has introduced Free CPE Plans for the customers of Wireless Broadband Services, who wish to pay upfront payment of Fixed Monthly Charges of WiMAX Broadband Plans.
BSNL Wireless Broadband Free CPE Unlimited Postpaid Plans
BSNL designed these Free CPE WiMAX (Wireless Broadband) plans for Home as well as Business users, having a bandwidth speed of minimum 512 Kbps and maximum of 2 Mbps with unlimited data usage for which customers can choose any of the unlimited internet plans accordingly as per their requirement along with applicability of Customer Premises Equipment (Indoor, Oudoor, USB Dongle) at discounted rates as follows.

BSNL WiMAX Free CPE Postpaid Plans for Home & Business Users
BUWI UL 1999-A BUWI UL 3500-A BUWI UL 7000-A
Bandwidth (If feasible) 512 Kbps 1 Mbps 2 Mbps
Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC) Rs.750 Rs.750 Rs.1999 Rs.3500 Rs.7000
Applicablity Home Users All Users (Home & Business)
Single / Multi User Single User Multi User
Free Data Usage per month Unlimited
No. of Months upfront FMC payment 12 24 12 6 6
Upfront FMC Payment Amount in Rs. 7500 13500 19990 21000 42000
Discount on Sale Price of CPE / Dongle   in case of Upfront Payment
USB Dongle 54% Free
Indoor CPE 36%
Outdoor CPE 30%
The Upfront Payment of FMC mentioned above is exclusive of service tax

Customers can apply for a new Free CPE wireless broadband (WiMAX) connection with any of the above specified unlimited Home and Business Internet Packages in postpaid services, which are more convenient at affordable rates with world beating telecom services offered by BSNL.
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