Last updated: 20 November 2013
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BSNL GO GREEN Initiative Email Option Activation Procedure

PAN India Telecom Operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has recently launched GO Green Initiative, a feature to receive the BSNL Postpaid bills of Landline, Broadband Services through electronic mode i.e. “Email” and also Hassel free immediate receipt of telephone bill through "EMAIL" with simple activation procedure at customer hands.
BSNL Go Green Initivative E-Mail Option Activation Procedure
GO Green Initiative offers 10 Loyalty Reward Points to BSNL Landline and Broadband customers who opt for getting their bill through "E- mail Only", and this new service for receiving bill through “email only” can be implemented in one of the three ways as given below.

1. Customers can log on to A/C Management & Loyalty Points (BSNL Selfcare Portal) -> Service -> Submit request for changes to your profile -> Place a request for getting telephone bill on email only.

2. Customers to update the Bill Media to ‘Email’ option and update his/her email id in BSNL database for receiving bills, through SMS has to send SMS to 53334 in the format as follows
EMS <billing_account_number> <email-id> Ex. EMS 9000876534
The SMS being sent from customer will be verified for at the SMS server for correctness of code, billing account number and the mobile number from which SMS is being sent and acknowledgement will be sent to customer.Confirmation email will be sent to the updated email id of the customer.
Probable SMS’s from BSNL database those will be sent to Customers for different scenarios as
For Request Received : Dear Customer, We have successfully received your message. Thank You!.
For Succesful : Dear Customer, your Bill Media type change to 'Email' request has been processed and the email id is updated as <email_id>. Please call BSNL Customer Care at 1500 for more details.
For Active Phone Number does not exist Cases: Dear Customer, no active telephone number exists for the billing account. Thank you.
For Already Same Request is in Progress : Dear Customer, same request type is already in progress with Service Request Number: <Open ISR Number>. Thank you.
For Invalid Email id : Dear Customer, this is an invalid Email Id. Thank you.
For Failure Response from Billing : Dear Customer, your request could not be processed at the moment. Please try again later.
3. Customers can approach BSNL call centre by dialing 1500 and give request for getting  bills on Email-only option and the request has to be taken care of, by the call centre personnel.

The customers of BSNL Landline and Broadband Customers who opt for getting their bill through "E- mail Only" will be granted 10 Loyalty Reward Points and the implementation of Go-Green Initiative by BSNL is beneficial to BSNL Customers, BSNL Organisation and the society at a large extent towards a Better Global Environment.
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  1. How mobile gsm postpaid users can get their monthly bills on email id?

    1. send EMS billing_account_number email-id to 53334

  2. How do I get e bill of my BSNL landlines? I am trying to go green for last 2 years.

  3. hi sir iam from a vilage of tamilnadu whether wimax is again came live in tamilnadu if live pls tell i will use it previously i was using WIMAX simply super service for villages


  5. what if I want a hard copy of my bill after "going green" to save paper. Is there any way of reverting back to get bill on home address ?

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