Last updated: 05 September 2013
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BSNL Voice SMS for Mobile Users with Lowest Tariff

The major problem in SMS is typing, before the smart phone revolution most of us might be having keypad based phones, but the trend now is smart phones with 4, 4+,5,5+ screen sizes with software keypad. It’s easy to use that virtual key board for typing but not that much ease with physical key board, so if you want to skip typing, there is an option with Voice SMS offered by most affordable telecom operator BSNL which was newly launched and applicable for all Prepaid/Postpaid GSM Mobile Users.
BSNL Voice SMS Plan and Tariff
This Voice SMS(Talk and Listen) facility is an alternative to ‘type and read’. With Voice SMS services, the issues such as language, manners and literacy can be surmounted. Moreover, this service does not require any additional investment in infrastructure or the design of the mobile.

A uniform rate of Rs.0.75 shall be charged for Sending / Replying / Forwarding of BSNL Voice SMS for Local, STD and National Roaming calls and also for Retrieval of Voice SMS in Home LSA and National Roaming too.

You can capture / record your voice as a message and send the same as a Voice SMS, this gives a better approach like expressing your feelings in your native language, this really matters and further more receiver party can listen to your voice in his convenient private time and can too enjoy the fell offered by India's telecom leader at lowest charges for BSNL mobile users at first as follows.
BSNL Voice SMS Services Tariff
BSNL Prepaid & Postpaid Service Charges
Sending, Replying and Forwarding  of Voice SMS Rs.0.75/Minute for Local / STD / National Roaming calls
Retrieval of Voice SMS Rs.0.75/ Minute while in Home LSA
(Licensed Service Area) and National Roaming
For Circle specific plan customers, VSMS calls while in national roaming will be rated at Rs. 1/- for local calls and Rs. 1.5 for STD calls in BSNL West Zone.

This newly launched Voice SMS facility under BSNL Prepaid and Postpaid under GSM Services with the above tariff shall be applicable with effect from 10th September 2013, where this BSNL Voice SMS support regional language for IVR, however retrieval of Voice SMS is possible by dialing the allotted number. So use BSNL Voice SMS services and express yourself any place any time for BSNL or Other Network numbers
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