BSNL Launched New 3G Data Postpaid Plans at Cheapest Prices without Speed Restriction

PAN India 3G Telecom Operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has announced the launch of new 2G and 3G Uniform Postpaid DATA plans under GSM Mobile Services.

BSNL newly launched 2G/3G Uniform Postpaid Data Plans(Rs. 125, 225, 501, 901) offers 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB free data per month and these new Postpaid Data Plans has introduced by withdrawn of existing 2G/3G Postpaid DATA Plans.
BSNL 2G 3G Data Postpaid Plans New
BSNL slashed 3G data tariff by almost 50% in the present market, previously 3G Postpaid subscribers, has to pay a monthly rent of Rs. 220 for 1000MB, but after introduction of these new Postpaid Plans, now it will be only Rs. 125 per GB per month.

By this new introduction of Uniform 2G and 3G Postpaid Data Plans, customer profile is to be converted to default profile of 3G with no speed restriction for data.

2G and 3G Uniform Postpaid Data Plans
Fixed Monthly Postpaid Charges*
Bundled Free Data per month Data Charges after Free Usage
1 Rs. 125 1 GB 1 Ps / 10KB
2 Rs. 225 2 GB 1 Ps / 10KB
3 Rs. 501 5 GB 1 Ps / 10KB
4 Rs. 901 10 GB 1 Ps / 10KB
* Service Tax is applicable as extra on FMC and Usage charges.
This major revision of slashed 3G Plan charges to 2G rates will helps the customer to use data with more speed in Home area and in Roaming across the country, where BSNL has Pan-India presence for 3G services and have covered more than 1300 towns till date.

The data usage charges for “bsnlstream” will remain the same at Rs.0.25/MB and the customer profile is to be converted to default profile of 3G and the new unified data plans will be 3G, with no speed restriction.

BSNL New 3G Data Postpaid Plans at cheapest prices without speed restriction never given by any operator, shall be implemented with the above tariff by withdrawn of existing 2G/3G Postpaid Data Plans under GSM Services with effect from 1st September 2013.


  1. Good one but how about postpaid customers who have already opted for 2/3 G plans in their postpaid connection?

    1. After 01-09-2013, approach your area concerned BSNL office and submit a request for the above plans

  2. I am really confused after seeing many articles. New to 3G hence no idea.
    I want to get BSNL 3G data card with preferrably unlimited plan.

    So as per the latest news after Sep 1st if I get a new data card post paid 3G, I would be charged Rs 901 per month for 10 GB. Excess of which is 1 Paise/10KB which is 100RS /GB. Am I correct?

    1. Yes you are correct.

    2. yes, you are 100% right as far as unlimited is concerned other operators provide with speed restriction of 64 kbps which will hang your smartphone and system and is dead slow and it is just marketing strategy to fool people in the name of unlimited with 3/2G. And they charge you more for no reason.

      Where BSNL on this regard is best operator for internet and as well as broadband with true internet tariffs.

  3. i am using 3G smart phone but 2G network only in my local it work in 3G speed

  4. do i need to change the sim to get 3g speed (i am using my bsnl sim since 2005, do not know what is the capacity of the sim!!) unable to get 3g speed, though i am on Rs. 125 post paid unified data 3g/2g plan....please clarify...

    1. that is not required to change for 3G SIM, in postpaid it is effected from 1st September 2013 only, so it may takes some time to migrate from old services to new services.

  5. Hello guys,

    I have a smartphone and a BSNL post paid connection.
    I want to use the Rs.125 for 1 GB plan.

    What will I need to do to get this plan? Will I need to buy a dongle for this?

    Also, it seems my current post paid plan has some pre-existing mobile data plan. Because my smart phone connects to the internet.
    Is it possible to know, what internet plan I have already installed in mine? ( I never used internet in my old phone, that's why I have no idea. But now I have a smart phone, I would like to use it!)

    If anyone can explain to me this, I would greatly appreciate it :)


    1. Every Postpaid Plan may offers some free data, apart from that free data if you want to subscribe Rs.125 for 1 GB plan, place a written request to concerned mobile section for provision of respective Data plan


    2. Hi Rakesh,

      Thanks for your quick reply!

      I was wondering if I need to buy a dongle for the above internet services?

      Or these can be used without that? Like in my current situation, my smart phone seems to connect to internet without the need of a dongle.