09 August 2013

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BSNL allows Free SMS to any network in SMS Packs and Introduced New SMS STV

PAN India 3G Telecom Operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has revised the tariff of existing SMS Rate Cutters(Packs) by allowing Free SMS to Local / National numbers of any network and introduced new SMS Special Tariff Voucher(STV)-147 under 2G/3G Prepaid GSM Mobile Services.

BSNL existing SMS Packs of Rs.12, 24, 31 and 52 and 83 has revised and allowing the Free SMS of 130, 265, 385, 860 and 1650 to Local/National numbers of any network across India and newly introduced SMS Special Tariff Voucher(STV)-147 offers 3000 SMS for 60 days to Local / National numbers of any network as follows.
New / Revised tariff of SMS Packs(Rate Cutters) 

*As per guidelines of TRAI, SMS tariff is applicable upto 100 SMS only per day. All the SMS beyond 100SMS/day will be charged at Rs.0.50/SMS or SMS charges as per Base Tariff whichever is higher.

At present BSNL SMS packs allows, free SMS to BSNL network only. By this new revision, BSNL customers shall be allowed to enjoy the Free SMS of SMS Packs to any network of Local/National numbers.

The new revised tariff of SMS Packs shall be applicable to all new/existing prepaid customers of Corporate and Circle plans uner 2G/3G mobile services, and the updated cost effectiveness of the revised tariff shall be implemented with effect from 15th August 2013.
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  1. Kirti Raj Chahar10 August 2013 at 09:04

    these revised packs are not so good because these are costly then current 0.5 Paisa/SMS and 10 Paisa/SMS when we effectively calculate the consumption. Because TRAI reduced the termination charge for SMS to 2 Piasa/SMS so the volume of SMS should be greater in these packs but BSNL without bothering customers reduced the volume and validity of SMS packs (Like SMS pack 52 which was earlier giving 60 days validity and SMS at 0.5p/SMS and 10p/sms but after 15 aug 830 sms for only 30 days). Better if BSNL starts onnet volume packs also with more SMS and more validity for BSNL network.

    So please start onnet volume packs also with more validity and more volume.

  2. 'sept-2013' -No prior information for cancelling BSNL Vennela Plus free SMS

  3. Revised sms pack 52 is not at all good.

  4. 147 rs pack is much better from all of other packs

  5. Think BSNL should increase the volume of msgs!!! This s heavy competitive world guys!!! See to it soon!!!

  6. BSNL tariffs have become too high now a days including Land Line, Mobile, Data usage and SMS and definitely it will loose the identity shortly. Discount allowed to Government servants is reduced from 20 % to 10 % from November 2013 without any additional benefit. 400 Free calls have been reduced to Rs 400 talk time that too only for BSNL to BSNL network. There is no point in co0ntinuing with BSNL anymore since it is of no use.

  7. new user of bsnl...guys kindly explain me this policy...free messages and message rates together!?
    will i be charged at these rates for the no. of free messages also!?

    1. there is no charge for Free SMS, after FREE SMS with any pack, charges are as per the mobile basic plan, for details about your basic plan , call 18001801503 or 1503

  8. there is no charge for Free SMS, after FREE SMS with any pack, charges are as per the mobile basic plan, for details about your basic plan , call 18001801503 or 1503

  9. This is ridiculous the revised plans of sms are not soooo user friendly...
    And as a customer can we people know y ,without any prior information BSNL Vennela Plus free SMS were cancelled???

  10. Please get back to the previous plans these are killing customers.

  11. BSNL needs to have a new thinking in the line of Roaming. Incoming is free but outgoing is not free. Under India one BSNL should also bring suitable scheme to get roaming free. Further while travelling we do not find shops etc where we can recharge BSNL. Airtel has airtel money, Voda has m pesa. BSNL has no body.

  12. Plz increase the no of sms per day nd it is a vry bad plan forcing customers to port their sims