BSNL Employees October 2013 IDA Rates to be increased more...

BSNL Employees Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) Rates from October 2013 to be increased highly…
Industrial Dearness Allowance(IDA) rates are based on All India Consumer Price Index (IW) average for the specified months, and now the CPI [Industrial Workers(IW)] for the month of June, July and August 2013 increased and stood at 231, 235 and 237 which are to be taken for October 2013 Industrial Dearness Allowance(IDA).
BSNL Industrial Dearness Allowance 011013
Based on the average of Consumer Price Index [Industrial Workers(IW)], IDA of BSNL Employees is to be increased by 6.6% from 1st October 2013, where at present the Industrial Dearness Allowance(IDA) rate is 78.9% from 01.07.2013.

By this increase in CPI numbers for the months June-August 2013, IDA will lead to a jump of 6.6% from 1st October 2013, and the IDA rates of BSNL employees is to be increased to 85.5% from 01.10.2013, have a look for Old Industrial Dearness Allowance(IDA) rates of employees.
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