BSNL Revised Prepaid Voice Special Tariff Vouchers in 2G/3G Mobile Services

PAN India Telecom major Bharat Sanchar Nigham Limited (BSNL) has announced the revision in Prepaid Voice Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs) under 2G and 3G GSM mobile services.

BSNL has revised the tariff of Prepaid Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs)  of Voice category in accordance with 43rd Amendment of Telecom Tariff Order issued by TRAI and this special tariff vouchers (STV's) shall be applicable for all the customers of GSM Mobile Prepaid Plans with revised tariff.

The new revised STV-574 for reduced tariff allows, Local own network unlimited calls with 500 Minutes  free STD calls to any network and STV-1494 allows Local own network unlimited calls with 500 Minutes free STD calls to any network.
Revised Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs) / Rate Cutters
STV Price
Revised Validity
59 800 Min Local/STD Own Network(11 PM to 6 AM) 30 days
121 1800 Min Local/STD Own Network(11 PM to 6 AM) - New STV introduced 30 days
344 Own Network Unlimited free Local calls 27 days
894 Own Network Unlimited free Local calls 81 days
34 80 Minutes for Local /STD calls of any network 1 day
164 Own Network Unlimited free Local /STD calls 6 days
574 Unlimited talk to Local Own Network call and 500 Minutes free Local/STD calls any network 27 days
1494 Unlimited talk to Local Own Network call and 1500 Minutes free Local/STD calls any network 81 days
135 350 free Minutes to Local/STD calls of any network 30 days

MRP of Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs) shall be differed in the price band upto Rs.5 (+/-) of above price considering the local market condition and technical feasibility

The new revised tariff of the above boosters(STVs) has been implemented with effect from 6th June 2013, and all the remaining conditions will remain as same.
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  1. Kirti Raj Chahar6 June 2013 at 07:34

    Why BSNL is constantly increasing its tariff and cost of STV?? within last 6 months they have increased the cost or decreased benefits of most popular STVs like on net unlimited. This revision of STV may lead BSNL to subscriber loss.

  2. At which number and what is the format of sending SMS for STV135 ?

    1. At present it is not working

    2. format is STV135
      send to 53733
      Team Project Vijay -Palakkad BSNL

      features on STV135- 350minutes free talk time for 30 days and applicable for local/std to any network working in india.

    3. Its VOICE135. send it to 53733. It gives 335 minutes talktime deducting 120 Rs. Balance talk time can b checked by dialing *124*1#

  3. All network providers giving minimum 10 years validity and BSNL only giving validity six months with recharge of XX amount. This details also not getting, how much recharge to extend validity of exiting customer with any plan.

    At least what they getting salary they should compete to others and transparency required for all kind of recharges.

  4. I did online recharge of 574, money is deducted from the account. But i didnt get any benefit in the mobile. I didnt get any message also

    1. make a complaint at 18001801503 immediately

    2. If you are doing your recharge from their own site ( then there is no problem in refund.
      I have faced such problem lot of times but every time my money was refund.
      You can see status of your transaction in "Transaction history"....either success or failed or refund.

      In max one week of every time I got my money back.
      I hope my experience will you..... Good Luck.

  5. no one is attending the call in customer care. I faced the same problem like ratheesh.

  6. What exactly is stv 574? I hear everywhere that it provides free unlimited local and std calls on-net. And here it says only unlimited local on-net. Can anyone make this clear?

    1. Yes the above is only correct, in earlier STV-574 allows free Local/STD calls in own network, but after revision from 6th June 2013, BSNL revised the STVs 574 etc... with the above mentioned tariff, for more information or for clarification call to customer care 18001801503

  7. if 2g scam is prevented now we can enjoy our indian network of 3g rates at very low costs

  8. One SMS appeared on my wife's mobile "Voice 135 expired on 6-1-2015". What does that mean ? Kindly explain

    1. it means, STV 135 which your have recharged last month for getting 350 free Minutes to Local/STD calls of any network is expiring on 06-1-2015

  9. i could see the expiry date of my subscription of voice 135 earlier. but ever since you had made some kind of updation, the expiry date is not available. please do the necessary to solve this problem.