BSNL Telegram Services to be closed from 15th July 2013

The largest telecom service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigham Limited(BSNL) has decided to close the 160 year old Telegram Services from 15th July 2013 after monitoring of declining revenues, where the telegrams used as main source for quick and urgent communication and the telegram services delivered many news which are happy and sad to people/offices through out India.
At present modern days Emails and SMS are playing a vital role to send and receive the messages for communication and the telegram services are found as edged out,  after monitoring of declining revenues and other aspects,  2 months ago BSNL has withdrawn telegram services for overseas communication.

After monitoring the services and revenues, BSNL has decided to shutdown the services of Telegraph and move the  employees who are working in Telegraph services to Landline, Mobile and Broadband Services within the next 3 months of closure of Telegraph services.

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  1. BSNL decision to stop Telegram services is also the sad news. telegram service is 160 yrs old service. The reason fall of revenue is the only, but Govt can run sun service because now a days also Telegram is one of the most authentic document for court & other purpose. BSNL can modernize the system also to save money. Most of the universities , boards & newspaper are now also using this service. Now Govt has to do something to save this service like other other services, Rs 1/2 kg wheet & rice, MNREGA & so many services. One of User & Deshpremee.