BSNL Kerala 2G/3G Mobile Plan Migration and Validity Extension SMS Codes

BSNL Kerala Plan Voucher Validity Extension SMS Codes
In view of extending more and more better services to the customers, BSNL Kerala Telecom circle has started the SMS service for Migration of Plan and Validity Extension of Mobile Plans by just sending an SMS.

BSNL Kerala has allowed the SMS codes for Migration of Plan and Validity Extension of Mobile Plans of General Plan, Per Minute Plan, Student Special, Per Second, Mithram, Pyari Jodi, Jai Jawan, 3G For U, 2G Super, Saral Anant, Roam Free PlanPravasi Plan under 2G/3G GSM Prepaid Mobile Services.

The amount shall be deducted from the main account balance of the customer for Plan Migration and Validity Extension of 2G/3G prepaid mobile, and an SMS will be delivered to the subscriber about the details of deduction.

BSNL Kerala 2G/3G Prepaid Mobile Plan Migration and Validity Extension SMS Codes
Plan Name
SMS to 53733 for Plan Migration
SMS to 53733 for Validity Extension
General Plan PV171 PV171
Per Minute Plan PV39 PV39
Student Special PV98 PV98
Per Second PV42 PV42
Mithram PV49 PV49
Pyari Jodi PV73 PV73
Jai Jawan PV99 PV99
3G For U PV54 PV54
2G Super PV48 PV48
Saral Anant PV32 Not Applicable
Roam Free Plan PV199 PV199
Pravasi Plan PV179 PV179

BSNL Kerala 2G/3G Prepaid Mobile Plan Migration and Validity Extension SMS Codes for all the plans as above has been updated as on 19-06-2013 and the customers can use any 2G/3G Special Tariff Vouchers accordingly with the usage of choice by easy recharge or by sending an SMS for activation of STV.
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  1. Now i have a 2g super connection, i would like to activate 3g service in my number for the purpose of browsing. What should i do? If I enable 3g, will there any change for my current plan. If so what are the tariff changes.

    1. Just migrate with any other Plan as you like to the plans mentioned in above article by sending SMS, the tariff will be according to new plan.

      At present there is no need to subscribe to 3G Plan, because if a subscriber is in 3G coverage area and having 3G supported device, he will automatically gets the high speed data even he is 2G Plans.

  2. what is ONNET mins in bsnl?

    1. ONNET means own network

  3. Which is the best plan for using Internet

    1. For using only internet, opt for DPV-1251 having 9GB data for one year

    2. Can you buy it from the app? Or is it available in the bsnl office.

    3. You can buy it with App or from office

  4. cqn i migrate from my current new mithram 3g plan to pyari jodi plan and to activate the 30 minte free call per day to one landline number?

    1. if both landline and Mobile SIM is in the same name, you can migrate, otherwise u dont...