Last updated: 18 June 2013
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BSNL ISDN PRI (Primary Rate Interface) Plans with New Tariff

Indian Telecom gaint Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has issued ISDN PRI(Primary Rate Interface) Tariff by launching with 8 types of BSNL ISDN PRI Plans i.e. BASIC Plan, Plan-5000, Plan-10000, Plan-20000, Plan-50000, Plan-10000, Plan-20000, Plan-30000 with tariff structure after referred to a High Power Committee, by allowing One Year, Two Year, Three Year Advance Plan Rental Charges with many Free calls for Local and STD Calls which are equal to Monthly Rental Charges.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is Service is a powerful tool across the world which provides digital transmission of various services like Voice, Video and Data through the telephone line network, and Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a telecommunications standard used on Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) for carrying multiple DS0 voice and data transmissions between the network and a user.
There are several kinds of access interfaces to ISDN defined as Basic Rate Interface(BRI), Primary Rate Interface(PRI), Narrowband ISDN (N-ISDN) and Broadband ISDN(B-ISDN). ISDN typically provides a maximum of 128 kbit/sec in both upstream and downstream directions. Here is the table for BSNL ISDN PRI Services.

BSNL New ISDN Primary Rate Interface(PRI) Plans and Tariff
BSNL ISDN PRI Plans & Tariff
  • Customer can opt for any pulse which shall apply for all local and STD calls. However all ISD Calls are to be 60 sec pulse duration irrespective of pulse rate of local/STD Calls.
  • General plan rural/urban ISD tariff shall be charged for all ISD Calls. 
BSNL has fixed the minimum hiring period for these above mentioned ISDN PRI Plans shall be of three months, where these new plans and tariff for BSNL ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) services has been implemented with effect from 1st October 2013 in all BSNL Circles across India.
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  1. Hi! I m going to buy a PRI line for our college. But we have 5 BSNL land lines (Analog), which we want, bcoz these nos are published all over. Can I connect these lines(analog) & PRI lines? My requirement is that: my line should not be engaged at all times, it should be free if these line are joined to EPABX. If joined I should get 30 PRI + 5 land line nos= Total 35 incomig channels.
    Is it possible ? Plz guide. on :
    thanks !

  2. BSNL PRI SERVICES in Gurgaon ( Normal as well as DID PRI ) with EPABX

    Single point of contact for BSNL PRI services in Gurgaon and nearby rural areas:

    Pulses of 1 second and 30 seconds as per requirement also available.

    Special discount for corporate and enterprise customers.

    For an executive / field visit at your premises, feel free to contact on the below details:

    Shri Vikas Saini
    Key Account Manager, 099558135619