05 April 2013

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BSNL Introduced Caller ID (CLIP) Telephone Instrument Charges for New and Replacement of Landline Telephones

Bharat Sanchar Nigham Limited (BSNL) has introduced New Charges for Landline Telephone Instrument of NTC (New Telephone Connection) and Replacement of Telephone Instrument at subscribers request with CLIP (Caller ID) facility.

BSNL introduced the new conventional PBT(Push Button Telephone) Clip Instrument charges in accordance with comply of all regulatory requirements and introduction of new charges for Landline telephone instrument in addition to installation charges which were already revised from 01.01.2013.

Telephone Instrument Charges for New and Replacement of Landline Telephones
  • Cost of instrument for New Telephone Connection, shall be charged as Rs. 300/- for provision of telephone instrument having CLIP (Caller ID) facility.
  • Replacement of existing Landline instrument provided by BSNL with new Caller ID (CLIP) telephone instrument shall be carried out on receipt of subscriber’s written request by charging Rs. 600/- only.
  • Replacement of instrument in absence of request from subscriber: In case of fault, existing instrument shall be replaced with new/repaired non-clip instrument only. CLIP Instrument shall be provided on chargeable basis only on specific written request from subscriber.
This new introduction of Caller ID (CLIP) Telephone Instrument Charges for new and replacement of landline telephones shall comes into effect from 3rd April 2013, and all the remaining terms /conditions will remain as same. BSNL headquarters has issued all instructions to their circles to implement the same.
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  1. BSNL has to explore all the possible ways to generate income to compete with other private operators as otherwise, its losses will increase year after year and one fine morning it will disappear from the telecom field.The amount being charged for CLIP telephone is commensurate with market prices and reasonable, but maintain quality as otherwise people will not purchase from you.

  2. BSNL should purchase ordinary PBT instruments only from "Old and faithful" ITI (The Great Indian Telephone Industries, Bangalore) and CLIP telephone instrument only from Siemens/Panasonic . All others are cheap "Chinese Quality" instruments whose life were limited to a few months only for our humid & tropical climate .

    I am willing to pay more for Siemens/Panasonic make CLIP telephone instruments .

  3. is the caller id facility chargable even if the instrument is self owned.

    1. Caller ID facility is not chargeable, It is free service