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BSNL Toll Free Number Services in India at Cheapest Tariff

BSNL Toll Free Number services is a new function introduced by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited for charging a call to a service subscriber which will be paid by the called party. All charges are levied on the service subscriber, and the service is free of any charge to the calling user and with cheapest tariff for service customer having business products.
BSNL Toll Free Number Services
BSNL Toll Free Services is accessible from networks of other Operators also i.e. 11 digit number 1800-XYZ-ABCD. Customers can enjoy a tremendous reach in India through BSNL, as its network is available across India by providing comprehensive range of Telecom Services across to the entire length and breadth of the country.

Toll Free phone services will be subscribed by Enterprises or Organizations with large customer base or having call centers, Retail products and services Industry. Companies providing after sales support as customers associate a Free phone number with high quality of the business products or services.

BSNL Offers the Toll Free Services with a bundled solution that can help organization to track calls, route calls based on organization's needs, and safeguard traffic against long-term service interruptions. Moreover these also help how to reduce overall expenditure significantly on Customer Support Services and also provides major facilities for BSNL Toll Free Services like Single All India Number, Time of Day/Time Interval Routing, Day of the Week Routing, Origin Dependent Routing, Call distribution, Line hunting, Call limiter, Call Queuing, Condition based routing, Interactive voice response, Black & White List, Incoming Grey list, Detailed Bill.
BSNL Toll Free Phone Service Tariff
1 Processing charge for service (Non refundable) Rs.3000/-
2 Security deposit (Refundable) (To be reviewed every 6 months) Initially Rs.10,000/- & to be updated to 2 months average billing
3 Fixed Monthly Charges for service Rs.1000/- per month
4 Call Charges From Basic/WLL
Local (Within same SDCA)
Rs.1.20/120 sec
Intra Circle (Within same circle) Rs.1.20/60 sec
Inter Circle(Outside the circle) Rs.1.60/60 sec
From Cellular
Within Circle Rs.1.20/60 sec
Outside Circle Rs.1.60/60 sec
National Roaming Rs.1.60/60 sec
5 Discount To Free Phone subscriber
(Note: The discount is on non-graded basis)
Monthly Bill Discount
Upto 10000 Nil
10001 to 50000 10%
50001 to 250000 15%
250001 to 500000 20%
> 500000 25%
6 Charges for any modification in service on request from subscriber Rs.100/- per modification
7 Detail billing soft copy (on demand by Sub.) (Per month) Rs.100/-
8 Vanity Numbers Charges (optional) One Time Monthly Payment
Super Premium (Category A) Rs.10000/- Rs.1000/-
Premium (Category B) Rs.7500/- Rs.750/-
Prime (Category C) Rs.5000/- Rs.500/-
For further assistance on BSNL Toll Free Number Services, any Business User/Service Providers/Enterprises or Organizations can call BSNL Customer Care Toll Free Number at 18003451800  by getting access from any service provider.
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