08 January 2013

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BSNL Fiber to Home | FTTH Unlimited Broadband Plans

India's National Telecom Backbone and best high speed internet access service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited BSNL has issued the Unlimited Internet Fiber Broadband Plans which are more attractive with a choice to the customers opts for both Home and Business(Commercial) users under Fibre to the Home (FTTH) Services upto 100 Mbps Download Speed.
BSNL Fibre to the Home Unlimited Broadband Internet Plans
FTTH Services is a unique technology in India with a fibre connectivity having unlimited bandwidth with the state of technology provides fixed access platform to deliver high speed broadband services from 256 Kbps to 100 Mbps. Customer has to choose any one of the following plans along with the payment of Installation/One Time Charges.

BSNL Fibre to the Home (FTTH) - Latest Unlimited Internet Plans Tariff

Particulars Fibro ULD 3999 Fibro ULD 5999 Fibro ULD 9999 Fibro ULD 16999
Bandwidth (Download Speed) Upto 10 Mbps
till 50 GB, 512Kbps beyond 50GB
Upto 20 Mbps
till 100 GB, 512Kbps beyond 100GB
Upto 50 Mbps
till 150 GB, upto 1 Mbps beyond 150GB
Upto 100 Mbps
till 200 GB, upto 2Mbps beyond 200GB
Applicability All Internet Users of Home and Business
Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs) 3,999 5,999 9,999 16,999
1 Year Payment
Rs.[11 x FMC]
43,989 65,989 109,989 186,989
2 Years Payment
Rs. [21 x FMC]
83,979 125,979 209,979 356,979
3 Years Payment
Rs.[30 x FMC]
119,970 179,970 299,970 509,970
DL/UL Limit (GB)
per month
Unlimited Internet Downloads & Uploads
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E- mail ID)4/5 MB
Static IP Address
(On Request)
One Free
Security Deposit (Rs.) / Minimum Hire Period One month FMC / 1 Month
Other FTTH PlansAll Unlimited Internet Broadband Plans of DSL Services

DL - Download, UL - Unlimited.
Customer has to be paid the Intial/One Time Charges applicable at the time of application and the service tax as per actual is extra in all the above tariffs. The tariffs for MPLS VPN or Internet Leased Line offered through FTTH Services shall be governed by the existing tariffs for these services, and BSNL also allowed Online Apply Broadband to book a new FTTH connection.

At present BSNL offers these Fault Free Fiber Broadband Services at some locations according with technical feasibility, so take a look about Fibre to the Home available Cities and book your Fiber Broadband Connection with all the above Latest BSNL Broadband Plans.
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  1. since when this plans will be available in North East, Assam?

    1. when bsnl will die and re-birth with fresh mind

  2. The charges are highly exhorbitant. A 1MBPS Plan Costs Rs 2999/- Only those who are rich enough can afford even the basic FTTH Plan.

    1. Rs 845/ pm is 4MB speed unlimited usage up to 8gb afterwards the speed is 512kbps

  3. charges are highly for 1mpbs plan....... reliance mpbs plan charge rs 550/- only

  4. For Home user its tooo tooooo Costly, I don’t know what method/formula did they used to decide these rate.

    1. its not for common man its only political plan of bsnl who are not deposited bill to bsnl

  5. tooo costly...pls introduce limited use plan for middle level customers

  6. FTTH 100mbps plan in South Korea is given for just Rs2000($32)only... That is also country on same planet providing the internet at so affordable rates...

  7. Now thats a high speed int but the cost is very high please do something isp we also want this new technology please please do something about the cost ..we all beg uu sir

  8. Indeed BSNL plans are very costly. Peoples of Delhi and Mumbai are lucky as MTNL is providing FTTH connections at fraction of the rates of BSNL.

  9. the new revised unlimited plan is nice. I can go for it.

  10. Not ok, other country's are providing 2.5gbps to 100gbps at a fraction of the cost. also fibre's cab go up to 600gbps.
    so why only 1MBPS or 2MBPS are giving?

    1. In India too many people are there... So it's so difficult to give such high speed... Even 3g is capable of 42 mbps... But in India operators just provide 2 r 3 mbps... After the cables are laid completely, the cost will go down...

  11. These rates are quite high compared to MTNL's FTTH rates in Mumbai and Delhi.

  12. too costly as per Indian economic . new technology is good for people but side by side people have to use that technology to make it success , this plan value in India for home is not useful 4k pm/50K py is not accountable in mass as well as average economic users in India. more than this speed with best service in Highly economic county service provider charge lest than this also. in UK sky for 46MBPS connection they charge £25 pm.

  13. Plan for high speed is very costly compare with other country I thought because of monopoly goverment should think that internet is for education purpose plus business should modret.

  14. Seriously!! are you guys living under a rock, Hathway gives 50mbps for RS 3000 and its for 3 mnths so its just RS 1000 per month, ACT give 25 mbps for 1100 per month, Airtel gives it for 1600 per month, Wake up BSNL and see you rates ther are not at all competitive.

  15. Guys even ripping off someone has to have some limits. Beam Fibre in hyderabad[A.P] provides 15Mbps plans with 50GB[Post FUP : 2 Mbps] unlimited plans for just 999. and thats not it below are their other plans...

    B-Max 399 1 Mbps 20 GB 512 Kbps

    B-Max 599 4 Mbps 25 GB 786 Kbps

    B-Max 999 15 Mbps 50 GB 2 Mbps 999.00

    Hypersonic 2499 50 Mbps 100 GB 6 Mbps

    Hypersonic 2799 50 Mbps 200 GB 6 Mbps

  16. thanks to bsnl i got 50 mbps net on my office (justbake)
    Rv Justbake IT

    1. BSNL is with you you can get another connection for 1995 rs
      60mb speed till 100 gb further 1mb unlimited

  17. put pune city fiber plan in kolhapur

    16mbps for 2499/- for 100gb ..

  18. Any News of BSNL FTTH services in UP East? Broadband services from BSNL in UP, say in Lucknow, are in bad shape. No control on providing prompt redress to a complaint.

  19. in kerala metronet broadband is providing ftth @ affordable rate.

  20. people will go for bsnl if they provide better support services and attractive plans.

  21. Too costly for home connection. I would rather recommend BSNL to look after it's equipment more. Because of technical problems, speed often goes down.

  22. This is bullshit. People are getting so much fast speeds in country outside India and the bandwidth caps go beyond 500gb. Paying 17000rs and then getting speed upto 200gb is seriously bullshit. They are stealing heavily from us. Not only BSNL but Airtel. Those creeps are offering 4G for Rs3000 upto 50gb. Go to hell you telephone operators. You suck. This is the main reason why people go outside India. No development, slow development and years of patience still yield results that are pathetic.
    In foreign there may be corruption, but those people are still developing themselves and their country. To hell with Parkash Singh Badal and to hell with operators providing Internet services in India. You deserve to die in worst possible manner. That bastard chief minister looted Punjab and is still building his property worth hundreds of crores. Creeeps!!

  23. I was trying for new connection and need to keep on calling but the agent never came to collect the form. Work like typical Government Organisation.

  24. Too costly than private sectors..Could not believe these rates are from Govt. enterprise sector...