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Advantages of BSNL Landline Telephone Connection

BSNL Landline telephone connection also known as Fixed-line refers to a phone which uses a solid medium telephone line such as a metal wire or fiber optic cable for transmission as distinguished from a mobile cellular line which uses radio waves for transmission.
The term Landline is also used to describe a connection between two or more points that consists of a dedicated physical cable, which uses for voice as well as most required Internet facility known as BSNL Broadband for present days in all Rural and Urban areas across India, which allows highest bandwidth for every user at any time.

Advantages of BSNL Landline Telephone Connection
Advantages of BSNL Landline Connection
1 Superior Voice quality - No issue of coverage, call drops etc. and thus no communication gap.
2 Saving in electricity - as no charging is required and safety from hazards related to overcharging of batteries.
3 No health hazards as there are no radio wages
4 Call tunes, two way speaker phone, phone book, CLIP facilities, Answering machine etc. are available.
5 No maintenance cost for instrument.
6 High speed broadband and many value added services like IPTV, VOIP, FTTH etc. are available at very affordable rate.
7 Telephone directory is available
8 No problem such as SIM card faulty.
9 Many tariff plans are available to suit your needs
10 Centrex facility for unlimited calling on landline is available
11 Pulse Rate is low as 3 min (180 sec)
12 Number are short (6 to 8 digits) and easy to remember
13 Environmental friendly proposition as there is no need for frequent disposal of instruments and batteries
14 Call waiting, morning alarm, short code dialing are available free of cost.
15 Incoming call can be transferred to mobile also when need be.
16 Parallel connection facility is available i.e. some connection can be used by different number of the family in different rooms.
17 Ring tones are loud enough to avoid missed calls.
18 CLI based up internet facility with mail box is available at nominal charges, just by registering on website.
19 PABX/EPABX can be used.
20 Prepaid service is available.
21 Many options for bill payment viz., BSNL office, Post Offices, Corporation bank branches, ECS,
22 Voluntary deposit scheme, online through website, selected PCOs and credit card swapping.
23 Annual tariff plans are available with a discount of two months
24 IN services viz., Tele-Voting, Free phone, ITC UAN available
25 Free level - 1 emergency services viz., 100, 101, 102, 108 etc.
26 Safe custody is available at nominal rates for land line and zero rental for broad band.
27 Hotline facility available.
28 Moreover, many companies use the telephone bill as the address proof, therefore Only BSNL landline connection bill becomes your Address Proof.

The above are the real facts accepted by many telecom analysts. So all the landline and broadband required users shall happily be subscribed with BSNL Services and enjoy reliable billing facilities from our most trusted telecom brand.
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  1. Sir,
    Can you please suggest the best plan and charges including unlimited data (minimum 1 mbps speed)along with new land line connection and required documents for this connection.

  2. sir
    i like to know the cheap land line connections for sbi card swap machine can you sugest me the best early to 9380454022

  3. Respected sir,
    How can i use call transfer facility in parallel line connection,like reception uses in big company,from one room to another.and what will be charged?

  4. hai,

    how can i get the recent call list of my landline

    1. Approach your area concerned BSNL commercial section and apply with a request for Outgoing call list of latest bill

  5. Hello sir. i want a broadband connection at my home in delhi ncr sonipat but there are no wires or lines of landline in the area and when i reached bsnl office they said get a sign of atleast 50 persons to get the lines. please help. tell me if it is right or they are making a fool of me.
    thank you. please reply soon.

    1. That may be correct, by the request of 50 members, BSNL will plan to lay the cable for that who really wants the bsnl connection, so try with that