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D Link WiFi Broadband Modem Configuration Guide

D Link Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router (WiFi Modems) with new technology are used to the telephone line connection for which your Internet service provider(ISP) to create a network for the various wired and wireless devices via WiFi in home or office with ideal Internet gateway for access at high speed.

Once the router is installed user can truly enjoy the portable capabilities of laptop/desktop or any other wired / wireless device. D-Link routers have a straightforward installation process, despite the advanced technology, So there is no reason to wait around for a technician to help you install your equipment.
D-link WiFi Broadband Modem Configuration Guide
For Connecting the world with Internet, we need  to provide information to the Broadband Modem/Router which will store the data in its memory about login account information (Username and Password), along with various parameters that control and define the Internet connection which will be required at high speed offered by the ISPs.

The main features of D-Link WiFi Broadband Modem are PPP(Point-To-Point Protocol), Security DHCP Support, Network Address Translation (NAT), TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), RIP-1/RIP-2, Static Routing, Default Routing, ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), Precise ATM Traffic Shaping G.hs (Auto-handshake), High Performance, Telnet, Connection Easy Installation.

D Link Wireless ADSL2+ Modems having Ethernet Ports in many to connect a group of internet users at one place by allowing multiple computers at a time in your home or office to share an integrated high speed Broadband connection at any where with any ISP having highest secure transfer for user photos, files, music, video, and e-mail over the Internet.Take a look for complete manual for Installation of D-link DSL-2520U ADSL Broadband Router
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    1. just port it by going to bsnl office

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