Last updated: 01 October 2012
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BSNL WiMAX USB Dongle ICOMM900 CPE Configuration Settings

WiMAX stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access and is a unique technology being deployed by BSNL as Wireless Broadband Services for the first time in India. This technology provides fixed as well as fully mobile high speed broadband connectivity along with roaming feature. It provides users a thrilling Internet browsing experience.
ICOMM900 CPE Configuration
BSNL offers three types of variety of Customer Premises Equipments (CPEs) as Outdoor, Indoor and USB dongle from which customers can choose as per their application requirements.
  • Indoor Equipment :- Best suited for Home/Office users and it can be used in moving vehicle also.
  • Dongle Equipment :- Small USB Dongle can be connected directly to PC / Laptop via USB port, by loading the available WiMAX USB Dongle Configuration Settings.
  • Outdoor Equipment :- Suitable for remote and rural areas which can be used upto 15 Kilometers distance (Line of sight) from BTS site.
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  1. From where can i buy wimax usb dongle?

  2. could you please specify the speed for unlimited upload/downloads?

  3. what will be cost with usb dongle ???

  4. I have existing bsnl land line connection. How do I get usb dongle using that connection

    1. Landline and USB connections are different, approach nearest BSNL and purchase the USD data card

  5. BSNL Wimax USB dongle is not woking in Windows 8. Could you please inform how to run the application in Windows 8.1