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BSNL IDA of Employees from 2007 to January 2017

BSNL IDA rates revised to 0% for their Employees on 1st Pay revision(01-01-2007), where the rates of Industrial Dearness Allowance for Public Sector Undertaking(PSU) staff are revised for every 3 months(quarter) in January, April, July, October of that year based on Consumer Price Index (CPI) of that previous months with a view to compensate the employees.

What is Dearness Allowance and why it is paid and on what basis it is paid, factors influencing dearness allowance. In general dearness allowance is being paid as percentage of basic, this is to adjust payments against inflation. Yeah this is where Consumer Price Index (CPI) comes in to picture.

Ok, For general information, What is Inflation, In simple words, Inflation means increase in the price of the goods you purchase. This can be in majority for three reasons. If the government prints more money without any control, there will huge flow of currency among the people which will result huge demand for limited supply of goods, resulting raise of prices for the same goods.
BSNL DA employees from 2007
For the reason of inflation, to check and bear the risk of unrest among the industrial workers, in the payment itself, there is a component which will look for inflation and will be revived for every 3 months, that is Industrial Dearness Allowance. Furthermore, increase the inflation, increase in the lending rates and decreasing the Fixed deposit interest rates and compete instability in the economics of the country.

Industrial Dearness Allowance(IDA) rates are based on All India Consumer Price Index (IW) average for the above said specified months given, and the BSNL IDA rates of Employees as per the list is increased / decreased for the same in that period with new rates.

BSNL IDA Rates List for Employees from 1st Pay revision(01.01.2007)

Effective from IDA Rate % % Raised from Previous Effective from IDA Rate % % Raised from Previous
1.1.2007 0.0 --- 1.4.2007 0.8 0.8
1.7.2007 1.3 0.5 1.10.2007 4.2 2.9
1.1.2008 5.8 1.6 1.4.2008 6.3 0.5
1.1.2008 9.2 2.9 1.10.2008 12.9 3.7
01.01.2009 16.6 3.7 01.04.2009 16.9 0.3
01.07.2009 18.5 1.6 01.10.2009 25.3 6.8
01.01.2010 30.9 5.6 01.04.2010 34.8 3.9
01.07.2010 35.1 0.3 01.10.2010 39.8 4.7
1.01.2011 43.0 3.2 1.04.2011 47.2 4.2
1.07.2011 47.2 0 1.10.2011 52 4.8
1.01.2012 56.7 4.7 1.07.2012 56.7 0
1.07.2012 61.5 4.8 1.10.2012 67.3 5.8
1.1.14 90.5 5 1.1.1488.4-2.1
1.7.14 91.3
January 2015 100.32.21st April 15100.50.2
July 2015 102.62.1October 15107.95.3
01.01.2016 112.44.5April 2016112.40
01.07.2016 114.82.4October2016120.35.5
01.01.2017 119.5-0.8
At first, Department of Public Enterprises will issued the orders for revised/new IDA rates applicable for Public Sectors, correspondingly BSNL has also issued the orders for the same revised Industrial Dearness Allowance rates to pay for BSNL Employees.

So, have a look about the Old BSNL IDA Pay Scale Rates given for employees from the date of BSNL PSU formation day on 1st October 2000, to the day of Ist pay revision effective from 1st January 2007, which is a big happiest moment for BSNL Employees. For the above mentioned expected IDA Pay Scale DA rates, orders will be issued after the confirmation of price index number news on 31.12.2016 only, i.e. for January 2017 BSNL IDA.
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  1. Even though I feel comfort for the raise in IDA, I am afraid on seeing the Price Index and I feel much for the question Where are we going?

  2. At least in Government employee case, Salaries raise according to inflation. But consider the Private companies( i am not talking about corporate employers). Private company employees are the worst hit by this inflation. Employers dont cover for this Inflation raise.

  3. It is true that there is tragic condition of person workuing in unorganised sector; firms and small co.; survival is a big thing with best of efforts. There is no system of increase in wages/salary even after passage of years. Entrepreneurs are to be congratulated for their business.....but these business man want all for free; In my view crores of small businessman earning >Rs.10Lacs are still not showing their income; not paying any income tax or, for name sake penny as tax !!!! Apparently as shown by Satyam case most of corporate House resort to window dressing and avoid tax payment/under tax pymt. You may verify from fake group of co. in dozens without actual work in so called group of co. What is happening ? Salaried class specially Govt. , PSU etc. employees are made prey for high taxes.....leading to miserable, family responsibilities, marriage etc. haunt them there is no tax concession to what ! what is impact on economy there is less money in right channel to spend how economy blossom....! At the same time Tax Evaded Black money is invested in Malls, Flats, Plots of Land, Agricultural Land and House, costly motor vehicle and Gold etc. again adding to plight of common man/tax payer-----Balance of pymt becomes adverse--gold useless import !!! Gamble in Sharemarket/Commodity market etc. leading to inflation the biggest tax---with artificial hike in cost of flat/house/plot due to gamble----Black money investment again most of sale in cash or, partly cash. Govt. need to take care of whole society---cover in tax net majority of evadors----ensure suitable plans for society including pension-----only army and forces are not working for country--OROP accepted for them. kalicharan ACMA, ACS, CA Int

  4. Ya it is tr ue.Why only Govt/salaried employees are targeted for TAX paying group.Honerable PM Modiji pl give some connection salaried persons.


  6. what about seventh pay for persioners?