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Broadband Modem Configuration Manual for Wired - WiFi Router

India’s Largest Broadband Subscriber base and the best Internet Service Provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited provides high speed bandwidth to customers through ADSL Internet Services with relaiable BSNL Modems of Normal & Wi Fi at really reasonable prices with Limited/Unlimited BSNL Broadband Plans in Prepaid & Postpaid Internet Services.
ADSL Broadband Modem Configuration
After getting the Broadband connection from BSNL by the customer, even if having service username/ password provided with DSL link connecting. Many customers, then also not getting connected to broadband without proper setting of BSNL Modem / LAN. For this setup we will bring some of the companies ADSL Modem Configuration settings for wired & WiFi routers with a manual having default IP as and password as password, which is listed against each for your ready reference.

Broadband Modem Configuration Manuals for Wired - Wi-Fi Routers
SI.No Vendor Model Particulars
1 DIGISOL DG-BG4011N Configuration Manual
2 FUJIAN STAR-NET AR800V v3.0 Configuration Manual
3 GLOBE SPAN VIRATA S4U+ v1.0 Configuration Manual
4 ITI DNA-A211-I Configuration Manual
Trouble Shooting Guide
DNA-A20BEI Configuration Manual
Trouble Shooting Guide
5 NETGEAR N150 Configuration Settings with Video
6 SIEMENS Configuration Manual
7 UT-STARCOM UT-300R2U ADSL Configuration Manual
Trouble Shooting Guide
UT-300R2U ADSL 2+ Modem/Router (1Ethernet+1USB) Configuration Manual
Trouble Shooting Guide with Wi-Fi
8 VMC VAN1020-20 Type-I Configuration Manual
PPPOE Trouble Shooting Guide
PPPoE Auto Installation Guide
PPPoE Manual Installation Guide
VAN1020-21 Type-II Configuration Manual
9ZTE ZXDSL 831AII Configuration Manual
10D Link
Configuration Manual

Many of the Broadband Internet customers with High Speed Internet Plans will have the above said Broadband Modems only, so user can solve majority of the BSNL Internet Modem (wired / wifi ) Problems with the above said configurations, where many subscriber can get line connectiong bsnl modem errors, to resolve from these, one has to follow the guide or may contact concerned BSNL Technical Assistant for clearing the same.
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  1. hello sir/madam ,
    i'm using the huawei wa1003a modem from u since last 10 years n now we are facing problems in configuring the modem for wi-fi/WLAN can you please help me out my telephone no. is 2280234

  2. Shree Ayachit, were u able to figure out Huawei Quidway WA 1003A modem (Type II by BSNL) Wi-Fi connectivity? I have the modem connected to my desktop, but need to figure out how to connect it to my UbiSlate 7C+ which has Wi-Fi 802.11 B/G/N facility.

  3. i'm using the huawei wa1003a modem But i can't login Please find me a way

    1. set the ip address for your network adapter

  4. Dear Sir/Madam, I Have the Modem WA 1003 A from a long time... How do i put password for the router since the network is open i am not able to use it efficiently. My no. is 080 22275618.

    Pls help asap

  5. Hi , whether BSNL supports TP LINK modem plus NETGEAR N150 wireless router

    1. BSNL supports all kinds of ADSL modems / routers

  6. I was using BSNL provided Teracom ADSL ROUTER model no. T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI on Windows XP. Now I have changed my PC and am unable to get router driver for Win7. Please help.

  7. MY landline/broadband provider is BSNL and the wireless wifi modem WA 3002 G 4
    ADSL 2 +Router,rented out by bsnl is being used for internet connectivity.Now,I have
    purchased a new modem TP-Link TD-w8968 Wireless N USB.I have installed the
    same,but unable to get it activated.How to get it activated? Whether I have to approach bsnl or it can be done manually at my end.kindly enlighten me.

  8. What is the DNS for bsnl for device setting ....