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NETGEAR WiFi Modem | Guide for Router Configuration

NETGEAR Wireless(WiFi) ADSL 2+ Broadband Modem Router is a simple and secure way to share your high-speed Internet connection as Wireless (WiFI) for surfing the Internet, email, online chat, even facebook, whatsapp, viber calling etc... and many more with high speed wireless internet connection.

NETGEAR WiFi Modems can be directly connected to telephone line via routerlogin and establish new Broadband Internet Connection on ADSL Technology with any ISP to share the high speed  Internet Services among several computers via Ethernet and wireless data links offered on Router.
NETGEAR Wireless Router Configuration
NETGEAR offers a wide range of innovative DSL routers and modem routers and also having a Complete with all-in-one DSL modem and WiFi router, it is compatible with all major DSL Internet service providers and Wireless-G networks, allowing hassle-free connection flexibility in a simple way for configuration is as  follows.
Steps to Configure NETGEAR WiFI (Wireless) Modem
Step: 1
Type in the address bar of your browser or IP address

Step: 2
Enter the user id as admin and password as admin
NETGEAR WiFi Modem Configuration
Step: 3
After successful login click on Setup --> Basic Settings
NETGEAR WiFi Modem Configuration
Step: 4
Select Yes in Does Your Internet Connection Require a Login, Select the Encapsulation as PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) --> Enter Login value (user id issued by BSNL/Other Service Provider) --> Enter Password (password issued by BSNL/Other Service Provider) --> Service Name BSNL --> Click on apply

Step: 5
click on Setup -->ADSL Settings
Select  Multiplexing Method  LLC Based --VPI 0 --> VCI 35 --> DSL Mode Auto(Multi Mode) --> Click on apply and save the router/modem.
NETGEAR WiFi Modem Configuration
Step: 6
If a customer requires NETGEAR Modem Wireless Configuration follow the steps from 1 to 5 as same and after completion of 5 steps click on
  • Setup --> Wireless Settings
  • Wireless Network -->Name (SSID) BSNL (or) Other Service Provider --> Region Asia -->Channel Auto --> Mode g & b
  • Wireless Access Point -->Select Enable Wireless Access Point -->Allow Broadcast of Name(SSID)
  • Security Options --> Select WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key)
  • WPA-PSK Security Encryption -->Enter Network Key(8~63 Characters) as your choice
  • Click on apply
  • NETGEAR WiFi Modem Configuration
So the above detailed step guide for NETGEAR WiFi Modem/Wireless Broadband Modem - Router Configuration will be surely works, if you also have any doubts, take a look about this Video for Live Setup of NetGear Wireless Router Configuration.
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  1. when i connect my router, i get only the bsnl wizard and not the router wizard....

  2. (y) Thank you so much.

  3. hi, we dont have any bsnl login detail as actually, the net works with a adsl modem.

    So I used the automatique login option (with out putting the password) and it doesnt seems to be working.

    any ideas?

    1. you must have to configure with PPPoE mode for auto login, visit for configuarations.

  4. Hi there,

    Does Netgear support BSNL connection ? please update


    1. Yes, NETGEAR supports BSNL Broadband connection

    2. Hi, I have netgear N140 how do am connect to bsnl broad band connection

  5. Hai Techies,,, I have recently configured the Netgear DGN2000 router to my BSNL broadband... previously used DataOne device provided by BSNL( all the sites were working fine), the reason i changed the Router is because there was frequent disconnection while using DataOne device from BSNL.

    I am not able to browse sites other than are there any setting to be done in the Netgear Router for SERVICES, Firewall, and WAN settings... awaiting for the solution!!!!

    Thanks,,, roan

    1. Just go to WAN settings and change MTU size to 1460. Now you will be able to access all sites


  6. Some of the websites are not opening for me. Could you please post the DNS server settings.

    1. 1. set this Preferred DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server
      2. Enter Preferred DNS Server as,and Alternate DNS Server as
      if these above 2 options are also not working the one and only left out option is giving Googles DNS server details Preferred DNS server, Alternate DNS server

  7. I am not able to connect to internet in spite of following the procedures discussed above. DSL light stops blinking and get stable but internet light doesn't turns on resulting in failure to connect to internet. Kindly help

  8. i unable to access few sites like yahoo,facebook.. please someone help me
    thanks in advance

  9. i can access my internet on both wifi or ethernet. But my download spped is drop to 1000kbps to 600kbps
    i am using 1445 ULD plan

  10. Sir Wimax HOWI 750 Home plan me Bsnl wimax tower se 2.5 K.M. se Kitna speed mil sakta hai.