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BSNL Rural Landline / WLL Telephone Tariff Plans with Free Call

BSNL Rural Landline / WLL Telephone Tariff Plans with Free Call are the best Landline plans for the customers of Landline segment in Rural areas, BSNL has designed special Landline Plans, especially which are well suited to Rural customers as well as BSNL Urban customers.

High calling customers those who are paying the monthly charges more than Rs 1000/- shall opt any one of the Landline Plans like Super, Premium accordingly. Customers can get reliable landline service at just Rs 90/140 per month with incoming facility by opting SULABH Landline plan in urban areas.
Now a days Internet is very essential to all, BSNL offers FWT(Fixed Wireless Telephone) internet with lowest charges and also providing most reliable high speed Broadband services in India through the landline network and offers zero rental on landline services and this Broadband Plans are applicable to customers those who are taking the broadband connection as new or existing.

BSNL designed the Broadband Plans with Limited & Unlimited tariff for all customers, and Rural Broadband Plans with lowest FMC charges starting at just Rs 70 which are applicable only for Rural areas, as for the convenience of the customer along with the supply of reliable Modem Price for outright purchase or in rental basis. BSNL Landline & Broadband services is much affordable reliable and trustable services, so be a member of BSNL family connecting india.

1. Landline Plans / WLL Telephone Plans & Tariff for Rural Areas
Particulars SulabhGeneral One India Economy (New) Special (New) Special (Old) Special Plus Super Premium
S.D.#(Refundable) Local+STD: Rs. 500, Local+STD+ISD: Rs. 2000
Installation Charges# As per BSNL Installation Charges Tariff
Fixed Monthly Charges in Rs.
(a) < 1000 lines 120 160 240 355 495 695 995 1495 2495
(b) >1000 to < 30000 lines 120 180 240 355 495 695 995 1495 2495
(c) >30000 lines 150 220 240 355 495 695 995 1495 2495
Free Calls/units allowed per month ^ Nil95 for <30000 lines.="" p="">125 for >30000 lines 130 225 400 700 1,000 1500 3000
Unit Call Charges (After free calls) (Rs.) Nil1-On-net
1.2 1.1 1.1 1 0.9 0.8
Clip Charges Nil
Additional Facility NilUnlimited Calling to any Network Mobile and Landline with India from 9PM to 7AM

Note: (i) * Per Minute rates are based on Rs. 1.20 per pulse, the amount will be charged as per unit call charge in respective plan.
(ii) ISD calls rates are applicable to all calls originated from fixed, cellular, WLL services of BSNL. # 10 free calls available on all type of VPTs.
(iii) ^ Free Calls will be allowed only in Own Network(Local / STD BSNL Calls)

2.BSNL Landline & WLL Dial Up Internet Connection Access Charges

3.Safe Custody Plan for Landline Services

All BSNL Landline Plans and WLL Phone Plans have option of annual payment. Fixed monthly charges of 10 months will be charged against 12 months in this option when payment is made at a time in advance.

The annual charges shall be collected from existing customers through the immediate next bill after a request for change of payment option has been received. Internet facility on FWT can be avail at Rs.250/- per month with unlimited download/upload limit, where the new customers can enjoy this BSNL Rural Landline / WLL Telephone Tariff Plans with Free Call by applying Online at BSNL Portal.
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  1. I have bsnl wll connection, It have full range, but the internet speed is low...what is the reason for that?? ...I hope you will reply

  2. max 144 kbps speed is what you can get

  3. hi how do i apply for bsnl wll phone and i am from chennai, tamil nadu