10 August 2012

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BSNL Karnataka 3G Prepaid Internet Recharge Plans and Tariff

BSNL Karnataka Telecom Circle has introduced new unified Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) and Plans for 2G and 3G Prepaid Internet Recharges under GSM Prepaid Mobile Services in various denominations. Customers who activates the 2G/3G data facility to their Feature Phones, Smartphones, Dongles and Tablets can use the Data Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) / Rate cutters to reduce the tariff of DATA cost according to their monthly budget plans even at BSNL Online Recharge.
Karnataka Unified DATA Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs)
Customers shall activate the Special Tariff Vouchers or Longer validity BSNL Data Plans through Easy Recharge/C-TOP UP or by sending corresponding SMS Keyword to 123 for activation of STV by deducting the amount from main account balance and these DATA Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs)/Rate Cutters/Plans shall be applicable for all BSNL Karnataka Prepaid Mobile GSM Subscribers

BSNL Karnataka 3G PrePaid Internet DATA STVs and Plans
Rate of STV in Rs.
2G/3G Free Data Usage
(Home/ Roaming)
in Days
Keyword to 123
17 90 MB 2 STV DATA17
29 1GB 1 STV DATA29
39 200 MB 6 STV DATA39
78 450 MB 12 STV DATA78
98 650 MB 17 STV DATA98
139 1 GB 20 STV DATA139
155 1 GB 28 STV DATA155
176 1 GB 30 STV DATA176
251 2 GB 30 STV DATA251
299 # 2 GB+Rs.100 Talktime 30 STV DATA299
444 ^ 4444 MB Data + 444 Free Minutes (222 for Own N/W + 222 Other Network) 30
449 $ 3.5 GB 75 STV DATA449
561 5 GB 30 (60*) STV DATA561
666 ^ 6666 MB Data + 666 Free Minutes (333 for Own N/W + 333 for Other Network) 60
821 7 GB 60 (90*) STV DATA821
1011 10 GB 30 (90*) STV DATA1011
1949 20 GB 60 (90*) STV DATA1949
BSNL Karnataka 3G Data Plan Vouchers(DPVs) Longer Validity
1251 0.75 GB per month 1Year Validity, Further extension of validity with same Plan Voucher
2299 1.5 GB per month
3299 2.5 GB per month
Base Voice tariff is as per Prepaid per minute plan
* STV Validity increased as a promotional offer from 23-02-2015 to 23-05-2015.
$ DATA STV-449 available for a period of 90 days from 29.01.2015 to 28.04.2015.
^ Promotional Offers: DATA STVs for GSM Prepaid Customers Of BSNL Karnataka from 24.02.2015 to 09.04.2015.
# Newly Introduced Combo Data STV with 2GB DATA + Rs.100 Talktime shall be offered as a promotional offer from 24.11.2014 to 21.02.2015, available only through CTOPUP/Online Recharge.

Usage Charges beyond free usage limit is Rs 0.02/10 KB in Home LSA & in National Roaming and the reduced tariff of free data usage will also be available while in National Roaming in BSNL network for all the BSNL Mobile Users of Feature Phones, Smartphones and Tablets, Dongles, where the Karnataka 3G Data Users can Recharge Online or with BSNL App for any above mentioned Data Packs at above cited rates.
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  1. what is the speed for 2G ?

    1. 2G speed is upto 128 Kbps and 3G speed is upto 3.6 Mbps

  2. INR 57 pack is nice for me because my data usage too low... And other opertators are not providing such plans with 30 days validity... BSNL has nice 2G speed...

  3. 57 offer is nice...but is it for 25days or 30 days????? and if we are doing online recharge which option should we select TALKTIME TOPUP OR SPECIAL RECHARGE??????????????????

  4. 219 plan seems the best among them..total 8 gb usage..
    but it is hard to get bsnl easy recharge now..i cant find it anywhere near my place

  5. bsnl has the fastest download speed among all the 2g connections..i get 45 and above kbps speed for download in ubuntu.

  6. your 3G offers are good but bsnl is not having 3G connections in most of the cities, including taluk centers