BSNL 3G Wi-Fi Router Prepaid Data Tariff Plan & STV

BSNL has issued a  separate 3G Wi-Fi Router tariff plan for all reverse bundling of Routers for 3G Wi-Fi Routers and this new prepaid tariff plan was already implemented from 25-01-2012 and issued the Special Tariff Plan Vouchers STV to reduce the Data Tariff.

The MRP of Plan Voucher is Rs.60 with a  free Data usage of  2 GB which is to be used within 30 Days from the date of activation.

Prepaid Plan Voucher for activation of reverse bundled 3G Wi-Fi connection
FRC 60
MRP of Plan Voucher (Incl. of S. Tax) Rs.60
Free usage value in Rs. Nil
Validity 30 days
Free Data usage at the time of activation 2 GB to be used within 30 Days from the date of activation
Applicability Reverse bundled 3G Routers
Base Voice Tariff plan As per prepaid 3G General Plan
Beyond free usage data limit, the data usage charges of  shall be applicable as per 3G General plan.

Data STVs for all reverse bundled 3G Wi-Fi Routers
MRP of Data STV
Free Usage In GB
Validity in days
Rs.1500 15 30
Rs.2200 20 60
Rs.3000 30 90

The Prepaid Data STV Vouchers of BSNL for 3G Wi-Fi routers varies from circle to circle can suitably adjust the MRP of tariff Plan Voucher/STV in the price band up to Rs.5 (+/-) considering with the technical feasibility.

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  1. i took a connection wifi broad band internet can i change it as a prepaid connection