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Indian Railway Enquiry Services 139 through SMS and IVRS

Railway Enquiry 139 services via SMS and IVRS
BSNL launched 139 SMS based Value Added Service(VAS) services for Railway enquiry on 02-12-2010 by M/S Bharat BPO Services Ltd, Technology partner Spice Digital Ltd for more services for  travellers, who seeks details for Indian Railway Train Enquiry Services(139) through the modes of SMS and IVRS.

Railway enquiry services will be available to both Landline and Mobile Customers across the country and the passengers who needs the information through IVRS, he/she just wants to dial 139 from his Landline / Mobile and follow the IVRS instructions, and those who needs message he/she just do SMS to 139,  the information would be provided to passengers within minutes according queries to 139.

Indian Railways  24X7 Customer Care number is  011-39340000, and  Mon-Sat (10AM-6PM) Customer Care number is 011-23345500.

The main services of 139 and  SMS procedures with charges are as follows
1. PNR Enquiry
2. Train Arrival/Deparature Enquiry
3. Train Accomidation Enquiry
4. Fare Enquiry
5. Time Table Enquiry
6. Help / Train Message

Procedure for Indian Railway Enquiry Services 139 through SMS
1. PNR Enquiry
PNR <10 digit PNR Number>
Example: PNR 8148589658 

2.For Arrival/Deparature Enquiry
AD <Train Number> <Station STD Code>
Example:AD 12712 044

3.For Accomidation Enquiry
Train <Train Number> <Date of journey ddmmyy> <Source station STD Code> <Destination STD Code> <Class> <Quota>
Example:- TRAIN 12710 150612 08624 0866 3A G

4.For Fare Enquiry
FARE <Train Number> <Date of journey ddmmyy> <Source Station STD Code> <Destnation Station STD Code> <Class> <Quota>
Example:- FARE 12710 150612 08624 0866 3A G

5.Time Table Enquiry
TIME <Train Number>
Example:- TIME 12712

6.Help / Train Message
HELP or Rail
Example:- RAIL

Charges for sending and receiving the message
Rs 2 per message for sending from BSNL
Rs 3 per message for sending from all private operators
Receiving - Rs 1 per message
Indian Railway Enquiry Services 139 through SMS & IVRS would be available around all over the India.
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