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BSNL E Auction SMS Bidding Process for Premium Numbers

India's largest Telecom company BSNL has recently launched E-Auction for 2G 3G Premium/Vanity Mobile numbers through E-Auction Web Portal. As on date the customer has to follow the BSNL E-Auction Process through BSNL e-Auction web portal only as scheduled already in BSNL Circles. Now BSNL released another E-Auction Bidding process through SMS by existing BSNL Customers.
SMS Eauction
BSNL has decided to start the e-auction process of premium numbers through SMS also to provide superb convenience. The detailed procedure to follow E-Auction bidding through SMS to grab BSNL 2G/3G Premium Vanity Mobile Numbers

1. Registration
Send SMS REGVAN for normal Registration. Send SMS REGVAN to 56666. Normal Registration will be charged @ Rs.2/- for BSNL E-Auction Process.

2. BSNL Vanity Numbers List

To know the VANITY numbers list, send SMS : VLIST<SPACE><CIRCLE SHORT CODE> <SPACE>< PATTERN> to 56666.
Eg: VLIST AP 12345 to 56666 Rs.2/- will be charged for the above SMS.

3. BSNL E Auction Bidding Process for Premium Numbers
(A). To know the highest bid available for your choice number send SMS CHOICE<SPACE><10 digit mobile number> to 56666.
Eg: CHOICE 9400000000 to 56666Rs.2/- will be charged for the above SMS.

(B). To participate in bidding for a vanity/premium number send SMS CHOICE<SPACE><10 digit mobile number><SPACE>Y to 56666.
Eg: CHOICE 9400000000 Y to 56666(Rs.150/- will be charged for the above SMS. Now customer can be able to participate in bidding for the above registered number.)

(C). To bid for a Vanity number send SMS: CHOICE<SPACE><10 digit mobile number><SPACE> AMOUNT to 56666.
Eg:- CHOICE 9400000000 20000 to 56666.(To bid for the mobile number 9400000000 at an amount Rs.20000/-). Rs.2/- will be charged for the above SMS.

The above mentioned 
e-auction process for BSNL premium numbers is very simple and will be applicable e for all Prepaid and Postpaid BSNL Mobile Plan customers with the above mentioned charges 
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