BSNL Do Not Disturb(DND) Services, Registration and Deregistration Process

BSNL DND Services
Mobile subscribers in many are suffering from unwanted telemarketing calls from telemarketers for the advertisements of their products through mobile in the way of SMS or Voice Call.

From 1st January 2011, now there is way with new service DO NOT DISTURB by NCPR of TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), which allows the customer to completely block the telemarketing calls or predefined categories.

Customer can set the preferences through the mode of SMS or by IVRS, Bharat Sanchar Nigham Limited BSNL issued the detailed procedure to be followed by the customer to activate the Do Not Disturb(DND) Services.

Detailed procedure for Registration / De-Registration for DND(Do Not Disturb) Services
START0  to 1909 : For Full Blocking(DNC)
START1  to 1909 : Receiving SMS on Banking/Finance/CC
START2  to 1909 : Receiving SMS on Real Estate
START3  to 1909 : Receiving SMS on Education
START4  to 1909 : Receiving SMS on Health
START5  to 1909 : Receiving SMS on Automobiles and Consumer Goods
START6  to 1909 : Receiving SMS on Entertainment/IT/Broad Casting/Communication
START7  to 1909 : Receiving SMS on Tourism and Leisure
STOP<Option> to 1909 : For Stopping existing option(s)
STOP to 1909 : subscriber will be de-registered
START2,3 : combination of different preferences but separated by comma (,)

Customer may also can make a call on toll free short code 1909, terminating on the respective WS Call Centre and select his/her preference to register, de-register or change the preference through the IVRS.

Customer can change the preference once chosen, at any time on expiry of three months from the date of registration or last change of his request. The request for all registration / change / deregistration has to be done from the same telephone number for which registration/change/de-registration has been requested. 

Mobile Customer can check the status of Registration / De-registration of Do Not Disturb (DND) services. 
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  1. I have registered for Full Blocking, But i want to receive E-ticket SMS from KSRTC, From My bank for ATM and other changes and also railways.
    which is the option that i should select.

  2. This only stops promotional SMS/call, still you can get transactional SMS.

  3. I have registerd in BSNL for fully blocked category a week back, still i am getting promotional SMS, i checked customer registration status in TRAI website and my number was still not updated. I called 1909 they dont have proper information and blidly saying that u need to wait for 45 days???
    bsnl is becoming so pathetic and also TRAI should take action on BSNL for not following its regulations.

    1. DND services will activate fully after 45 days from registration

  4. I G V PRABHAKARA RAO, MOBILE NO 9441563096 have registered in BSNL for fully blocked category,still i am waiting,i checked customer registration status in TRAI website and my number was still not updated. This is very bad delay.In view of the above i will send scores of SMS to 1909 no use.
    Please send sms from AIRF & YESWECAN. Matter may be treated as most urgent.

    1. 1909 will active after 45 days from date of registration

    2. h .ramakrishnan24 May 2013 17:03

      I am struggling to stop unwanted calls and SMS ffor the past one year.

      BSNL complaint care registers each time and the calls and SMS are not stopped.

      After some time the complaint is also clsoed automatically and SMS is send for this


  5. I sent SMS to 1909 as complaint against a landline number asking to Invest in SBI schemes. The SMS came back. SMS sent was in the format COMP TEL NO XXXXXXXXXX, dd/mm/yy, Time hh:mm

    1. dial 1909 from your mobile to completely block the telemarketing calls or predefined categories for DO NOT DISTURB services by NCPR of TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).

  6. I am milanpreet singh i have registered my no. But now i am sendind msg to stop dnd but reply is coming from server that YOU ARE NOT REGISTER TO DND

    1. Dial 1909 now and register for DND again, there is no charges to be incurred

  7. I have registered my mobile number under fully block category. The customer registration status shows that it has been registered. But I am still getting promotional SMS. What do I do?

  8. i have already registered for DND full blocking. But i have still received SMS from no. 57171 and they are charging Rs. 3.0 for three days. I have tried many times no 1909 but call not matured.

  9. I am dialing 1909 but call is getting disconnected. Also i sent sms to 1909 but no response. Called customer care 1503 but also not satisfied by their response. Saale chor hai saare bsnl wale...

  10. Its waste service i am irritating every minute getting lot of service sms, deactiving so many tines still there is no use stupid BSNL and 1909 service beter to movie another network........