BSNL SMS Short Codes of Various Mobile Services

>>Railway query if not working from cellone menu then send SMS short code as  "PNR pnr number" to 139.

>>Postpaid Bill Enquiry if not working from cellone menu then send SMS "BILL" to 53333.

>>To know the Postpaid Usage Amount - send SMS "AMT" to 53333.

>>3G data balance enquiry send "DATA 3G" to 53733

>>2G data balance enquiry send "DATA 2G" to 53733

>>Mobile PRBT Subsribers to avoid announcement "If u like the song Press * 9 to copy ...." before ring back tone when others call him,

>>Send sms " BTACT " to 56700" Or call to 56700 (activate basic BSNL tunes services through which a default tune will be provided) send sms " BTACT Song code" to 56700" Or call to 56700 (For eg. Sms ‘BT ACT 110638’ to 56700 to activate BSNL tunes & also select the song )

>>To deactivate the BSNL Tune service customer in Mobile can call 56702(Toll free) and follows the IVRS instruction to deactive by using one of the method To deactivate the BSNL tune send SMS "BTDACT" to 56700 charges Rs.2/sms CALLER Tunes Brochure

>>To know about USSD subscribed active services *456*00#, Short Code for contact is 51234

>>To know Broadband usage send SMS 'BBU'STD code Telephone Number  from any MOBILE to 09448077777  (Ex:- BBU 0402355555)

>>BSNLBroadband / Landline Send 'BB' or 'LL' we will serve you at your doorstep 54141.

>>BSNLBroadband / Landline Send 'BB' or 'LL' we will serve you at your doorstep 9400054141

>>ISD related complaints to be booked under the following site for following categories
  • No ISD OG to a particular number.
  • ISD OG call charged during ringing phase.
  • ISD OG call is silent but charged please visit or dial 1506.
>>To Download BSNL GPRS Settings send SMS Short code "Mobile Make Model" to 58355 (Ex: NOKIA N95 to 58355)
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  1. How to make 3G recharge by sending sms

  2. hey i wanna stop all running scheme with one sms on bsnl prepaid what should i do for that?

    1. Dial 155223 for deactivation of all Value Added Services

  3. How can i recharge 3g/2g gprs pack through mobile banking?

    1. use BSNL Mobile App