Last updated: 14 July 2012
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BSNL Mobile Phone Data BackUp Service Tariff

BSNL has introduced a new online service "MOBILE PHONE DATA BACKUP" to mobile subscribers of BSNL for peace of mind. By this customer can safeguards all the DATA ( SMS, Contacts, Calender, Photos, Music, Picture, Video etc..) of their mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Backup service shall available to both prepaid and postpaid customers of BSNL. Customer can use any mobile (cell) phone to save the data of mobile phone.
Data Backup Service Process
This service copies your mobilephone data in a secure manner which operates secure mobile phone backup system and also enables to restore the data saved in the phone (New/Existing) whenever we change the phone.

The Subscription charges or monthly rental for Mobile Data Backup service is Rs 30 per month only. Mobile customers in many are worrying about how to get the mobile phone backup? can i get the phone backup or not ? for all these questions there is only one answer made the simple way by BSNL to his customers is Mobile Phone Data Backup Service and it can be done in three ways through
The procedure to follow for accessing the Mobile Phone Back Up Service through WAP, SMS, WEB is presented above. For all the questions, the only one answer for back up data is BSNL Mobile phone data back up service.
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  1. I activated BSNL caller tune and now i want to deactivate it. i am not able to do that.Plz tell how to do that.

    1. dial 155223 or 1502 for deactivation