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BSNL Mobile International Roaming Activation / Deactivation

BSNL provides International Roaming Services on activation and deactivation in 476 networks across the world at about 195 countries by covering each and every corner of the world. At present International Roaming facility is available only for BSNL Postpaid Mobile Plan Customers at cheapest charges with widest coverage across the world.
BSNL International Roaming Facility and Activation Procedure
BSNL allows International Roaming for Voice Calling along with Data Roaming facility across the world. International Roaming in Foreign operator's mobile network requires a genuine compatible Mobile Handset working in frequency of that mobile operator bands used by the networks in the new country visited.

Activation Procedure for BSNL GSM Mobile International Roaming Option in SIM Card
  1. An application should submit along with 2 photos & passport copy for International Roaming to BSNL authorities, he/she will be charged Rs. 5000 as security deposit which was refundable and Rs. 99 as monthly rent for international roaming facility in addition to the normal plan charges and usage, after payment of deposit he/she will be provided the International Roaming facility will be provided to the customers of BSNL Postpaid Mobile Plan Services.
  2. Before you leave, check that your roaming function has been activated or not by simply calling BSNL 24 hours customer service helpline 18001801503.
  3. After the arrival into foreign country insert the BSNL International Roaming SIM card in the mobile handset, switch on the handset.
  4. Go to Menu & click on CellOne and select as International.
  5. By selecting this you will get a message - "Cellone and Partner Network".
  6. Select the option Cellone then you will get the message "Cellone International Selected"
  7. If not works then, please select the network manually by selecting Setting  then Network in your phone).
  • Mobile facility would be available through this option only while you are abroad.
  • While within India, keep this setting to National.(Go to Menu, Select CellOne or BSNL Mobile and then select as National)
  • Roaming in Foreign operator's mobile network requires a compatible Handset which is capable of working in frequency bands used by the networks in the country visited.
The charges are variable depending upon the foreign operators. The detailed International Roaming Tariffs of various countries & Coverage of BSNL Mobile International Roaming is updated.

All the Voice Calls including Customer Care are chargeable while the customer in overseas. The charges are completely operator dependent and are charged for 60 second pulse and SMS is charged for 160 characters for 1 outgoing SMS after that it will treats as 2 SMS

Direct GPRS International Roaming has been launched by BSNL Commercially as on 21.06.2011:- 131 foreign operators in 83 countries, The Charges for GPRS/Data usage are charged in terms of volume of data sent or received, these charges are variable & completely dependent on foreign operators, the local plans for GPRS/Blackberry which you have selected already are not valid in overseas.

Some Useful Tips for BSNL GSM Mobile International Roaming facility
  • If you encounter any difficulties while roaming abroad, you can book your complaint at or contact BSNL via phone with calling to +919434024365.
  • Check the Handset compatibility with Network frequency (GSM MHz 850/900/1800/1900) before travelling outside India and make sure that your handset will work in the country you are traveling to Japan & Korea support 3G Hand Set, USA & Canada supports 1900 MHz Hand Set.
  • To call back home dial the number with “+91”.
  • Certain GPRS based applications viz. GPS, Facebook, Blackberry messenger or any other instant messaging application etc. continuously consume data bandwidth leading to high Data-Roaming charges even when you are not using the same. This is applicable to smart phones and high-end GPRS capable handsets which poll (communicate with) the home network continuously.
  • BSNL advices you to take an informed decision to keep these applications switched-on, while you are overseas. For any assistance in the matter, please call our customer helpline.
  • Loss/Theft of SIM card or mobile phone while overseas should be reported to BSNL immediately at 18001801503. In case the theft is not reported immediately all usage till the time of reporting will be payable by the GSM Mobile Customer Only.
We hope BSNL will also starts International Roaming Services for Prepaid GSM Mobile customers to access the International calls from abroad at cheapest customized plan tariff rates like BSNL Prepaid ISD Special Tariff Vouchers which are already available in the market for voice calling from India with simple process for Activation / Deactivation of BSNL Mobile International Roaming. .
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  1. BSNL should allow prepaid International Roaming .This will be of much help for NRI, PIO and OCI. this will also help to prevent "period of inactivity: of pre paid account

  2. I also suggest and recommend the same and i will be the first one to port my mobile to BSNL from exisiting service provider.

  3. I am going abroad for a continous stay of two years. During this two year period I have no intention of coming back to India and use my post paid BSNL mobile.However I would like to retain my sim number and wanted to use it after I return to India. There is facility to safe keep the landline during your stay abroad. Is there any such facility for post paid mobiles also. Thanks

    1. In BSNL, if you want to be in same postpaid services, just migrate to lowest plan and pay the bill regularly in online from anwhere upto to back, or
      try to convert your postpaid number to prepaid and recharge with minimum amount of Rs.200 for every 6 months and use that total amount after your reach to India, after that if your want postpaid then migrate to postpaid also.

  4. please make this facility available to the prepaid customers also..

  5. Sir,very important for roamers is SMS service ,more than call service so the smas should be available automatically to us as soon as international roaming is kept on. In my case messages dont go .calls only go propeprly. Mprabhakara joshy +91 9448494955

  6. I purchased a postpaid SIM in UP-East region with Int-R, but once I turned on phone in USA after my arrival, no network accepted my sim. Tried automatic selection as well manual selection. The UP_east call center line 9415024365 doesnt accept incoming calls, theres no way I can activate my line here. Vikas (don9211ATyah00).

  7. Sir,now i am in uae i have bsnl sim card with me .one year i will stay in uae but i dont want disconnect my sim card one year .how much need recharch one year validity

  8. I want to buy BSNL 3g dongle for my tablet please send the planing rates



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  11. I am in uae.I need to recieve message in my bsnl number here..what can i do from here to achive dat facility

  12. Please provide roaming in Saudi Arabia for prepaid number without any procedures as other telecom companies like airtel, Vodafone, idea are providing.

  13. In today's scenario, it would be wise for biggest network provider like BSNL to provide roaming facility in KSA as other competitors are already providing the same