Last updated: 05 July 2012
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BSNL Broadband Flexi General Combo Plans for Voice / Internet

Telecom gaint introduced five more new latest Flexi General Combo BSNL Broadband Plans for Rs 500, Rs 750, Rs 1000, Rs 1250 and Rs 1500 under Landline Broadband services with a bandwidth speed of 2Mbps to 4Mbps upto 3GB to 20GB and 512Kbps after the usage limit along with more Free Landline calls.

These New Flexi General Combo Broadband includes the telephone rent and Broadband rent in monthly charges with free usage. These BSNL Broadband Internet Plans and Tariff has been implemented in all BSNL circles for all new/existing customers, but these below mentioned BSNL Broadband Internet Plans shall not be allowed any type of discount.
BSNL Broadband Internet Flexi Combo Plans
These New Unlimited Flexi General Combo Plans allowed more Free Landline calls which are in equal to Fixed Monthly Charges and lowest reduced outgoing call charges after the free usage along with Unlimited Talking with in BSNL Network, according with subscription as follows.

BSNL Broadband New Flexi General Combo Plans and Tariff
Particulars Combo Plan500 Combo Plan750 Combo Plan1000 Combo Plan1250 Combo Plan1500
Bandwidth (Download Speed) upto 2Mbps till 3 GB, after 512Kbps upto 2Mbps till 5 GB, after 512Kbps upto 2Mbps till 10 GB, after 512Kbps upto 4Mbps till 12 GB, after 512Kbps upto 4Mbps till 20 GB, after 512Kbps
Applicable for All Users (Home and Business Users)
Fixed Monthly Charges in Rs.500 750 1000 1250 1500
Annual Payment Option
Rs.11x FMC
5500 8250 11000 13750 16500
Free Broadband Usage + Free Calls (Worth Rs./Month) 500 750 1000 1250 1500
Broadband Usage Charges
per MB in Rs
0.3 0.20 0.15 0.15 0.1
Security Deposit# One Month Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC)
Minimum Hire Period One Month
Telephone FMC in Rs Nil
Inter and Intra Circle Call Charges per Minute
Landline to BSNL Landline / WLL in Rs 0.4 Nil
for calls within SDCA, 0.30 for other call
for calls within Circle, 0.20 for other call
Nil Nil
Landline to BSNL Mobile / WLL (10 digit no's) in Rs. 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.2 Nil
Landline to Other N/W Rs.1
ISD Charges As per existing ISD Tariff for Landline on per minute basis.
(Pulse rate in 60 seconds for all countries.)

Installation charges for BSNL Landline and BSNL Broadband shall be extra as applicable. These Flexi General Combo Broadband Plans are exclusive of service tax, and these plans shall not be applicable to call centers, PBXs, PCO, and CyberCafes.

Customers can eyeshot the details of ADSL/VDSL Modem Prices applicable for all Latest BSNL Broadband Plans. So new Internet Users can now Apply BSNL Broadband Online with any above cheapest monthly rental Flexi Combo Broadband Plans.
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  1. I have taken Airtel 4G connection with a wifi router provided by them. Now I want to use this router for BSNL BB connection, I need to buy ADSL modem for that.
    Can I make use of this router as a normal router by connecting ADSL modem with this.
    And what would be the installation charge for BB connection without Modem, provided if I can buy modem from third party and not from BSNL

    1. you have to buy ADSL wifi router, then it can be used as wifi router and installation for Broadband is Rs.250 per connection, it is not linked with modem charges which you bought the from BSNL or outside

  2. how do flexi combo work? Say for 750 Plan the allocated data is 5GB, is it 20kb/mb,if not then why its stated unlimited? Can some one explain why!!!

    1. I also confuse what is meaning of charge per mb In flexi plan no any one answer any one use this plan please help me.

    2. charges for 1 megabyte(download+upload) data

  3. I am a central govt.serving employee and have land line with BB connection No.080-23221403. Earlier I was getting a rebate of 20% on plan charges. Surprisingly, of late, I have observed that I have been now extended the rebate of only 10% (I am not sure about since what date. But may be when I had opted for BB ULD plan of 650 during 2010-11). Will any body clarify me?

  4. @tk : BSNL has recently reduced that rebate from 20% to 10% for all govt employees

  5. I plan was a 750 unlimited 1mbps with no data cap. which i have been using for almost 8 years. and today i got a message saying my "you have exceeded your fair usage". what the hell BSNL? give me my old plan back.

  6. as per surat telecome officer, flexy is combination of rent+data+call
    if u have 500 plan means you can use rs.500 for data+call,
    like if u call for 100 then you can use data for 400 only......
    but still it is better to comfirm from your bsnl service center

    1. it is absolutely correct, it is clearly mentioned in above table

  7. From where and how we can purchase a BSNL VDSL modem?

  8. Can anybody explain me why they have given Rs. 0.3/mb if it's an unlimited plan

  9. is there anybody having BSNL 545 OR below 600Rs plan @what speed