28 July 2012

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BSNL AP Telangana STV Plans Tariff for Prepaid Mobile

BSNL AP Telecom Circle has issued variety of Prepaid STV Tariff Plans for AP (Andhrapradesh) and Telangana State Mobile Customers to reduce the raising tariffs of Voice Calls, SMS, ISD, and Mobile Internet Recharge (Mobile Data) categories via Special Recharge Plans at cheapest rates under 2G / 3G GSM Prepaid Mobile Services.

BSNL AP & Telangana Mobile Customers can use multiple Prepaid Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) to reduce the Tariff of Voice Calls, SMS, ISD, and 3G Mobile Data categories accordingly with requirement at any time, by getting all STVs at BSNL Online Recharge.
AP & Telangana BSNL Prepaid Special Tariff Vouchers - STVs
BSNL AP & Telangana Prepaid Mobile Users can recharge only One STV at a time from each category(Voice / SMS / ISD / Mobile Internet Data) to reduce the mobile tariff charges from normal rates. If two kind of STVs recharged in same category with out expiry of 1st STV, the latest will be replaced with old STV.

BSNL Mobile Prepaid STVs (Special Tariff Vouchers) in AP and Telangana
Tariff Particulars
Value in Rs Applicable Validity in Days SMS to 123
BSNL AP & Telangana VOICE STVs
All Local / STD calls @ 50 ps/min and 0.8 ps/sec for Per Minute / Per Second Plans Only 51 2G / 3G 45
88 90
Local BSNL @ 12PS/Min 65 28 STV VOICE65
Local / STD any N/W at 1Ps/ 3 Seconds 112 30 STV VOICE112
Local BSNL @ 20PS/Min 47 28 STV VOICE47
Local @ 1.4 Ps / 2 Sec to any Network 43 30 STV VOICE43
Local @ 1.4 Ps / 2 Sec to any Network 123 90 STV VOICE123
Local / STD @ 1.2 ps / 2 Sec to any  N/W 59 30 STV VOICE59
Local / STD @ 1.2 ps / 2sec to any N/W 160 90 STV VOICE160
Local/STD @30/Min per day Free any N/W 304 30 STV VOICE304
125 Min on net & 150 min off Net 135 30 STV VOICE135
175 Min on-net & 225 Min Off net 185 30 STV VOICE185
400 Min Free for Local/STD Any Network 201 30
375 Min on-net & 575 Min Off net 399 60 STV VOICE399
1800 Min LCL/STD onnet night(11PM-6AM) 121 30 STV VOICE121
Free 60 Min any net voice calls and reducd call charges to 5 Friends and family local numbers while in home LSA. Voice call charges:-- On-net @ 20ps/Min and Off-net @40ps/Min. SMS charges :-Local SMS@10 ps/SMS and STD SMS @50ps/SMS 97 90 STV VOICE97
Rs.90 Usage Value + 70 Min. Free On-Net 111 20STV VOICE111
Rs.190 Usage Value+ 110 Min. Free On-Net 222 40 STV VOICE222
Rs.280 Usage Value+180 Min. Free On-Net 333 60STV VOICE333
80 Minutes Local/STD any network 34 1STV VOICE34
Free 60 Minutes per Day 344 27STV VOICE344
Free 60 Minutes per Day 894 81STV VOICE894
Free 120 Min/Day Local On-net calls and 500 Minutes Local/STD anynet calls 574 27STV VOICE574
Free 120 Min/Day Local On-net calls and 1500 Minutes Local/STD anynet calls 1494 81STV VOICE1494
Free 125 Min Local Video Calls 57 3G 30 STV VOICE57
Combo STV
Free 177 Min Local/STD Any N/W along with 200MB Data & 100 SMS 125 2G / 3G 30STV VOICE125

BSNL 3G Mobile Internet Plans of AP Telangana

* Free SMS applicable to Local / National numbers of any Network
130 Free SMS 12 2G / 3G 7STV SMS12
265 Free SMS 23 15STV SMS23
385 Free SMS 31 30STV SMS31
600 Free SMS3515STV SMS35
860 Free SMS 52 15STV SMS52
1650 Free SMS 83 30STV SMS83
3000 Free SMS14760STV SMS147
LCL/STD on net 100 SMS free per day & 12p/SMS for LCL / STD Off net3215STV SMS32
5330STV SMS53
* Up to 100 SMS per day. Beyond 100 SMS, 50 Ps/SMS or charges as per plan
Particulars Value in Rs. Rs/Minute Validity in daysSMS to 123
Australia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Indonesia 22 6.49  30STV ISD22
Malaysia, Bangladesh, Hongkong, Thailand 27 2.99  30STV ISD27
France, Germany, U.K. 38 4.49  30STV ISD38
Canada, U.S.A, China, Singapore 41 1.49  30STV ISD41
Nepal 18 6.50 30STV ISD18
BSNL AP & Telangana Mobile TV STVs
Particulars Value in Rs. Applicable for  Validity in daysSMS to 123
Channel 103 103 3G
Channel 178 178 STV CHANNEL178
Channel 182 182 STV CHANNEL182
Channel 211 211 STV CHANNEL211
  • Free DATA usage shall be applicable in Roaming also.
  • Customers can recharge only one Special Tariff Voucher from each category at a time.
  • Reduced Voice and Video Rates by STV's shall be applicable in HOME LSA only.
  • ISD Special Tariff Vouchers for the above mentioned countries shall also be allowed even in Roaming areas of BSNL Network across India.
So Andhrapradesh & Telangana 2G/3G Mobile Customers of Prepaid Services can activate these Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs) by recharging with above mentioned particular amount with  C-TOPUP(Easy Recharge) or sending above said corresponding SMS code to 123 from their own BSNL Home Zone.

These BSNL AP & Telangana STV Prepaid Recharge Plans for reduced tariff can be recharged instantly from any where across the world through BSNL Online Recharge Portal or with BSNL App having flexible payment options of InterNet banking, Credit card and Debit card.
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  1. i recharge rc 199 my nestham convert into roam free plan. when i back to home may i get nestham plan facilities. if not tell what to do to avail nestham facilities?

  2. in nestham plan tariff is 1p per second for bsnl √łthers 1.2 paisa per sec. 2 idea airtel numbers are ported to bsnl. when i call these numbers charging 1.2 paisa per sec. surprisingly both these numbers registered as Ffe, when i call them charging earlier 10 ps/sec now 15 ps/sec. kindly clarify my doubt.

  3. Hi,
    How can I activate 2g data pack through SMS by deducting amount from main balance. (Maharashtra circle)

  4. Hi,
    does there exists any cal rate offers for 10ps inorder to cal to tamilnadu?

  5. how do we recharge online for special recharges like sms RS.52 data packs online, i tried on paytm and failed

  6. How to check 3g balance in Andhra Pradesh?

  7. Is there any 1p/2s to any network scheme for 90 days for prepaid

  8. i am using STV135. i am having a mobile prepaid balance of rs 1670/- .Is there any way to recharge STV135 from mobile balance in Andhra pradesh circle

  9. I am using bsnl portal for recharge mobile which is start from 83318*****. It is showing a error "Please enter a valid BSNL prepaid GSM number". This is the BSNL 3G Nestham. Please suggest to me from where I can recharge unlimited STD from which plan.

  10. i have recharged with STV-250 3g data
    how to see the 3g data balance in BSNL mobile??
    i am in ap circle...

  11. i got 960min in VB-2.
    Im in 2G bandham plan of AP.
    But im unable use that balance.
    I checked it by *127#
    kindly give me reply

    1. my prepaid mobile(TN Excel general) home network is BSNL Tamilnadu.i want to change tariff from per minute to per second. i wish to retain per second tariff even in roaming. what STV should i use to attain this prupose ?

  12. I wanted to recharge STV-43 VOICE (in AP) every month automatically, i heard that there is an option by sending an sms, it will automatically recharge by deducting amount from our prepaid account.

  13. i am using STV 135 at present. i would like to recharge with STV 199 after the expiry of present plan. i under stand that the Roaming Free is valid for 180 days and the 4500 sec of free on net and offnet calls each is to be consumed with in 30 days. i would like to know whether i can recharge with STV 135 after 30 days to get 400 min of local and std talk time and still utilize 150 days of Free Roaming remaining

  14. I am using nestham plan and I would like to recharge with STV 135. After recharging with STV 135, will my friends and family numbers(on net) continue to be charged as 15ps/min..or will those minutes be deducted from STV 135 minutes

  15. Hi Admin,
    I'm using AP circle SIM under roamfree plan in Bangalore. Can I use 59 STV which is 1 paisa /2sec all calls plan. This facility is available in home circle only or can I use it in non home circle also..?

  16. my plan earlier was vennela plus and it was done before 2013 can u suggest me a new better plan for voice calls, at present i am just recharging and applying STV's for reducing the charge... and also a best plan for my browsing

    thanks in advance

    1. Migrate to Nestham Plan(Rs.29)as main plan, and use STV-160 which allows 1.2Ps per 2Seconds for 60days.

  17. Why there is division on 399 stv?
    what happens if i finish 375 mins on net & existence of 375 mins off net??
    what happend to previous 900 mins stv?

    1. According to TRAI orders, the tariff if rationalized.

      If 375 mins on net finished & existence of 375 mins off net, charges will deducts from main balance for On-net calls.

      900 mins stv revised as above(375+375) only

  18. sir am using my friend's sim i need to change proofs to mine for future can u tell me is there any way??

    1. There is no possibility to change the name from one to another. Only blood relation will change the name after submission of relevant documents

  19. Hi I am using my BSNL AP number in pune and activated roam free plan.Can u suggest me which sms pack is best suitable while I am in roaming.

    1. There is no SMS STVs to use in Roaming

  20. Does the 135 call balance carry forward when on recharge 135 on the 29th day of the previous 135 plan ?

    1. No it doesn't carry forward

  21. hei,
    if i recharge for 344 local unlimited bsnl on-net....does it mean its free to local bsnl number(rechrgd with roamingfree)which is in roaming....

    1. Any Special Tariff Vouchers will not work in Roaming, STVs will work in Home Circle(Mobile Number parent circle) only.

  22. Recently I have submitted the form for portability from Airtel to bsnl 3g nestham in AP and they have chargred me 88/-. After activation of sim do I need to pay any other charges for 3g nestham activation? Pl explain me the plan details and monthly offered freebies.

    Thanks in advance

    1. The SIM Cost is Rs.59 for USIm and FRC is Rs.29, so it is Rs.88
      Take a look at

  23. For my Andhra Pradesh SIM, I purchased STV Rs. 160 (1.2p/2sec for 90 days) on 21-9-2013. All calls were charged as expected. On 24-9-2013 I purchased STV 39 (free data for 7 days, ending 1-10-2013) and Rs. 67 (Roaming incoming free and outgoing outside LSA at 1.5p/sec for 30 days). Suddenly my STV 160 seems to have stopped working and all calls are charged as per base plan. Did I do something wrong or something went wrong? STV 39 and STV 67 are working as expected. I tried 1503, but did not see any option to talk to customer care executive. Kindly help me. Thanks

  24. The STV's 160 and 67 are belongs to category-I(Voice) which are also mentioned as above, but the STV 39 is Category-4(DATA).

    We have to recharge one STV only from each category at a time, The STV which we have recharged in latest will takes into activation in each category.

    So that your STV-160 gone after recharging with roaming free STV67(Latest STV of your account)

    1. Thanks for the information; Now I understand that going for long term voice STVs would not make sense if one has to sometime recharge with a roaming STV, may be even for a day.

  25. can i recharge stv-344 using paytm

    1. Yes you can recharge through Pay TM or BSNL official portal or BSNL App from your mobile

  26. I'm in roaming, I'm using stv 91. Can I use stv 135 along with it?

    1. If your recharge with 135, STV 91 will be overwrited with 135 and also it is confirmed All STV's will not work in Roaming except Roam Free STVs

  27. Dear Sir,
    Now BSNL has deleted the "Unlimited Local / STD on net" calling facility. But this "UNLIMITED Local/STD" has been deleted only in Andhra Pradesh Circle.
    May I know the reason, why only in Andhra Pradesh Circle this facility has been deleted, where as in rest of all other "28 States" of India this Unlimited facility is present. We are staying far from our family, by this offer we were close to our family. But unfortunately AP Circle want us to move from his state.
    Kindly Respond


  28. If VOICE160 is activated in AP and then activate roaming stv , to karnataka and return to ap then will my voice stv would function or i have to activate again? I am in ap.

    1. No, after return to Home circle, old STV will not activate, becoz latest STV will be in activate by replacing with old STV in one category.
      you have to use 5 STVs from 5 categories at a time, but not, more STVs from one category

  29. what is the difference between data stv and dpv(data plan voucher) ?. can we recharge with dpv and use it in normal mobile(in nestam plan)

    1. Data STV is voucher, which is used to reduce the data tariff with specified charges like rental, this does not increase the validity of the mobile main account.

      DPV(Data Plan Voucher) is the plans, which gives validity of main account along with free data.

      DPVs can be used on Nestham plan which gives specified data for a year with out change in validity of Nestham plan

  30. Rana, thanks for the clarification about data stv and dpv. But if we activate dpv say 1251(9GB data) in nestam activated mobile, will the benefits of nestam such as call rates,free sms and FNF continue or will it shift to general plan ?

  31. Nestham plan user with fnf facility....if I recharge with stv 71 for 30 PS/min...will my fnf be charged at .15 and .35 or all at .30/min

    1. FNF numbers will continue, even if recharge with any STV

  32. useful plan is swagatham only in bsnl network
    good plan for middle class people and poor people

  33. i have plan charge isd_38 whether isd activation is required.mine is karnataka bsnl

  34. I had taken my sim in Andrapradesh.Now i am in west bengal for outgoing calls it is costing 1.15 rs for minute Is there any offers to reduce it?