BSNL Employees April 2015 IDA Rates may increase at Some

BSNL Employees 01.04.2015 Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) Rates calculates with All India Consumer Price Index (IW) which is based on weighted average of prices for consumer goods & services calculates with an average for specified months of December 2014 and January February 2015 issued by the Department of Labour Bureau of India by taking price changes for each item in the predetermined basket of goods.

Now, as per All India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers - CPI(IW) issued by Department of Labour Bureau, CPI has not been increased any point for December 2014, where this index number remained as static at 253 during the preceding 5 months, but for January 2015 the index number raised with 1 point and stood at 254, which is to be taken for April 2015(01-04-2015) Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) rates.
BSNL Employees 01.04.2015 Industrial Dearness Allowance IDA Rates
With out any increase in CPI of AICPI index records for February 2015, Industrial Workers-CPI(IW), IDA (Industrial Dearness Allowance) rates of BSNL Employees to be increased by almost 0.5% from 1st April 2015, which raises to total IDA @ 100.8% from existing BSNL Industrial DA (IDA) rates, if even the CPI reduced by one point, BSNL IDA will increase by 0.2%
BSNL IDA Rates Expecting 01042015
India's, Department of Public Enterprises will issue the orders for expecting increased / decreased / unchanged IDA rates of BSNL Employees from 01.04.2015, after announcement of CPI price index numbers for February 2015 on 31.03.2015, where most chance for CPI Index number seems for February 2015 is Unchanged.

BSNL Network Expansion to Start with 11000 Crores – New Trends in Telecom

Nowadays BSNL is telling that, BSNL will do that, BSNL will do this, Again BSNL will be in to carts. Didn’t get any doubt, how BSNL is going to do that. Furthermore BSNL CMD told that BSNL will be in profits by 2018. How do you think all this turn around for BSNL will happen? What is the strategy? How Telecom Minister is guiding BSNL to achieve the heights.

If you see this road map with Rs.11000 Crore of investment, it will definitely bring a positive conclusion. Yes BSNL is going to invest Rs. 11000 Crore in the areas like network strengthening, expansion of mobile towers and mainly enhancing the customer care facilities. This is going to be a really turn around for BSNL.

The Major gap in BSNL as everybody believes is customer care services, this is really going to have a new outlook with international standards. Anyhow BSNL being the state owned company with a concern for the society is having the largest service coverage, is the only company who can offer its service in naxal prone areas.
BSNL Network Expansion to Start with 11000 Crores
BSNL in this expansion is going to erect new Cell towers in naxal prone areas so the communication in these areas will not have an effect. As per the stats, BSNL is going to invest Rs.11000 Crore while establishing new towers and new technology in its exchanges for landline up gradation.

One of the area will be towers as a count, 14,421 2G Towers and also 10,605 3G Towers with an estimated investment of around Rs.4000 Crore. As already said regarding the technology upgrade of BSNL exchanges from circuit switching to packet switching which gives BSNL to address latest trends in landline technology and also BSNL Mobile Technology.

As earlier discussed, switching of technology from circuit switching to packet switching it self is a big thing. You can make your BSNL Landline as a Smartphone, You can have TV from BSNL cable, Billing will be very transparent, privileged facility can also be provided by pinpointing the user. There are quite number of facilities can be provided with packet switching concept.

On the BSNL infra side, BSNL can minimize number of exchanges if it opts for packet switching. to get all these benefits with a huge infrastructure cost, which BSNL is going to invest and some of them are already in pipeline. Along with BSNL Technology Upgrade, BSNL is looking for establishing best in class customer support mechanism.

With out the upgrade with existing infrastructure BSNL Kerala circle is doing the best customer support service. With the enhanced model of BSNL Kerala circle and with BSNL with enhanced technology will really makes a difference which a normal customer also can also realize. If you come to number game, BSNL is going to invest Rs 600 Crore for improvising land line services and Rs.350 Crore for Exchange upgrade. All the best for BSNL and Thanks for our Telecom minister Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad for his support and drive, we are going to see the BSNL turn around in near future.

BSNL Balance Based Tariff for Prepaid Mobile Users

What is BSNL Balance Based Tariff ? An exciting new service offered by BSNL to reduce the standard Mobile Call Charges with out using any kind of Special Tariff Vouchers, for Prepaid Mobile Customers only who maintains specified account high prepaid Mobile balance. It is just like Account Balance Management Function.

These BSNL Mobile Balance Based Tariff (BBF) is not applicable for BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans like Per sec Plan, Pyari Jodi, Jai Jawan, RTP Plan and RTP-FR Plans, but this BBF Tariff is applicable at reduced rates, only for BSNL Per Minute Plan Customers who maintains the prepaid main balance with the existing conditions as follows
BSNL Balance Based Tariff for Prepaid Mobile Users
From time to Time, and in view of rationalization BSNL Mobile Balance Based Tariff (BBF) also revised with new rates and applicable for the customers who maintains the main account balance more than Rs.2000, 3500, 6000 to offer lowest base call rates never given. BSNL Mobile Prepaid Customers having main balance amount of Rs.2000 or more can avail all local calls at reduced call rate of 50p/minute and STD at 55p/minute, where BSNL provides 20ps per minute for all local BSNL calls who maintains the balance at above Rs.6000.
BSNL 2G 3G Prepaid Mobile - Balance Based Tariff
Voice Call Charges from BSNL Account Balance More than Rs. 2000 Account Balance More than Rs. 3500 Account Balance More than Rs. 6000
Local On-Net Rs.0.50/Min Rs.0.30/Min Rs.0.20/Min
Local Off-Net Rs.0.50/Min Rs.0.45/Min Rs.0.40/Min
STD On-Net Rs.0.55/Min Rs.0.50/Min Rs.0.45/Min
STD Off-Net Rs.0.55/Min Rs.0.50/Min Rs.0.45/Min
This BBF provision to reduce the mobile call rates will be applicable for all new and existing 2G/3G Prepaid Mobile Customers with new rates from 13th February 2015 in all BSNL circles across India. BSNL Prepaid Mobile Customers who activates BSNL Recharge Online or with BSNL App for Full Talk Time at any offer time, will also be allowed to avail this BSNL Mobile Balance Based Tariff (BBF).

MNP for PAN India from May2015, BSNL going to Rock again

Hi Friends.. everybody knows that in India, Mobile Number Portability was implemented. This is very old news, but if yet all you have tried so far you may be knowing some of the facts like the most important one is that this MNP is only bound to only with in the telecom circle. Means if your friend transferred from Bangalore, he has to pay roaming rather than using MNP as it is an different telecom circle. To break the silence among all TRAI amends MNP regulation with which you can use Mobile Number Portability across the country from 3rd May 2015, which is going to be a big boon for BSNL
BSNL Will come into Profits with All India MNP
If you see the statistics of MNP that too among BSNL subscribers, New connections are coming to BSNL using MNP across India, with this amendment for MNP regulation. If you think of a classic example, that one of you friend moved to Delhi from Bangalore, he has to take new connection. But you as on date, dependency on phone number was increased like anything.

Your financial transactions, Friends should be updated with new number, Your online personal mail authentication mechanism, If you have any membership in any stores you have to carry your mobile number. Its like that your mobile number is as important as your family member. Furthermore people may also suffer with NOMOPHOBIA is they lost contact with their phone number.

Reliving all these pains, finally TRAI has given an amendment for National wide MPN. Its good for BSNL, As per statistics, If you see the penetration and span of network coverage of BSNL its really a booming scope with PAN India Mobile Number Portability for BSNL. BSNL MNP with in the circles option also had got most number of migrations in Chennai and Kerala Circles. If the same trend continues, BSNL is going to rank top in MNP Scheme.

To prepare for MNP national wide, BSNL is also pulling its socks with best infrastructure in place and Robust technology adoption for the exchanges, extension of cell towers in remote places rather than maintain telephone exchanges, Training of its own employees, Considering Marketing option for pushing brand BSNL name, Making BSNL Mobile Plans available to all with wide publicity and the more important one is Customer Service Centre with knowledge of its own plans and issues. BSNL is going to rock again with new strategy ONE NUMBER ONE NATION with lowest call charges.

Why Telecom Sector is having Low Salary Hike in 2015?

What you think about today’s latest trends in technology. There is no doubt about the latest trends and investments are totally aiming at telecom sector. Any doubt, we think there shouldn’t be any doubt. Now-a-days anything you name it, it is linked with internet that means entire telecom sector directly or indirectly is aiding to the growth of any sector. For example computerization of Banks, made it possible that you can do all normal banking activities residing at your home and at any point of time.

This computerization not only helped the IT companies for their revenue, it actually doubled the scope of entire banking sector. Likewise any sector, let it be Manufacturing, Agriculture and even Service Sector - Computerization helped a lot. Computerization without connectivity is of no use, there the actual player comes in to place, that is the telecom sector.

For a country to develop, Telecom Sector plays a vital role. Being this much vital role in any countries revenue, Indian Telecom Sector is on top carts for Revenue Generation. Even though Telecom Companies are having a good turnover, their employees’ salaries are not growing in that pace. This point is having many reasons. As this Year 2015, there is Spectrum Auction which will again squeeze the budget of their employee hikes.
Why Telecom Sector is having Low Salary Hike in 2015?
Employees Salary Hikes is among one of the factor to define the healthiness of a company’s revenue position. This year’s prediction of salary hikes will be very much normal and brings entire telecom sector to the ‘lag industries’ segment.  As per the surveys held this year’s average hike of salaries will be around 9.9% across the telecom sector.

 Making it visible that it lags behind the IT industry, which is having an average hike of 10.7%, which is more when it is compared to last year. Only Real estate sector is only on the Top Carts. One thing every company is adopting is as a variable pay which is called as Performance Related Pay, which is going to be a real crux of pay revisions. Pay hikes are there for top performers, as budget allocated for hikes also targeted to top performers.

When it comes to PSUs Culture, as per the last pay revisions performance related pay was introduced in some Navaratna and Maharatna tagged companies. But it created a lot of unrest among the employees. Yes it is agreed that performance related should be encouraged, but how you compare across the same section of people. In general it will be under on GM. Under One GM if they want to compare one group of employees, they should have same type of work, for example employees under marketing of rural should be compared under the similar work environment. Not with other technical work.

These appears to be small gaps, but it creates a lot of unrest among all sections of employees. So while bringing top performers on board, you should not create any unrest among others. As if 10% are top performers, if other 90% classified as non-performers entire company will be in soup. The fundamentals of performance related pay has to be thoroughly checked and implemented. In an organization each and every employee is required, Its up to the management how best you can take work from him. If he is not doing, it is not his problem, Management somehow has to take work from every employee with utmost professional way.

If you consider all body, without your little finger, you can’t hold a stick firmly. Each and every employee in an organization is very important. We have to provide better work facilities for them and should used in his area of interest, should bring sense of belongingness among all stake holders, and Performance related pay if yet all to be introduced, should consider people of same area, same type of work with the same load and compare for performance. Hope BSNL will also get the best in class pay hikes considering the above points in near future.