Last updated: 25 July 2016
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BSNL Bhopal Broadband Plans 16Mbps Speed | New Launch

BSNL Bhopal broadband users who are waiting for improved speed and excess download limit in GBs can now have a chance to enjoy new BSNL Bhopal broadband plans at 16Mbps speed. This will be available with introduction of new VDSL technology promotional tariff.

In this new launch, our telecom brand, ISP introduced three new promotional unlimited internet BSNL Bhopal Broadband Plans BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1095 VDSLCS164, BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1495 VDSLCS165 and BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1995 VDSLCS166 applicable only for Bhopal Service Area of Madhya Pradesh Telecom.

With this new introduction of BSNL Bhopal 16Mbps Unlimited Internet Plans on VDSL technology. Internet user assured that, "Speed must be right at any time and continuous as per the broadband plan” tariff. In these three VDSL plans, BSNL free night calling facility has also available with out any extra charges or telephone rent.

We all know, in each and every area BSNL providing wired and wireless connections, which always didn’t effect from natural calamities, it is also proved with the natural disasters happened recently across India. At that time, BSNL is the only operator offers broadband mobile and internet services to connect to the world.

In this new launch, BSNL speed improved rapidly up to 16Mbps and FUP download speed limit in GB upto maximum. These plans are in addition to the existing high speed plans provides day and night unlimited internet for free broadband with lowest tariff having best customer support with additional discount on yearly subscriptions as per the tariff.

BSNL Bhopal Broadband Plans Special Tariff at 16Mbps Speed

BSNL Bhopal Broadband Plans 16Mbps Speed
So, users compare to the other broadband operators in your Bhopal area. You will know the best price of BSNL Broadband, which is low for rapid speed internet and high usage limit along with reliable Wi-Fi modems at best price.

BSNL provides uninterrupted broadband services to every customer with quick response during faults with in 24 hours of time when complained. With this new VDSL BSNL Bhopal broadband plans available from 21.07.2016 to 18th October 2016, users can surely opt for BSNL in entire Bhopal SSA to avail the best internet for home or business.
Last updated: 22 July 2016
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BSNL Roars into Profits by 2019 | Introducing 4G Technology

BSNL the giant is roaring back again. BSNL being the one and only one public sector which is coming back again. After a decade of troubles for sanctions and technology upgrades, BSNL is not in a mood to think about the past. Past is Past, yes BSNL is trying to coupe up its losses not by thinking of the old memories, just by learning a good set of rules from its past failures.

Failures are stepping stones for success is going to be proved for BSNL. BSNL is putting its learning in to latest technology upgrades, team management, increasing the customer reach and energising its own team by dislocating the myth that old PSU culture from them.

These are not words, this is being represented with stats, according to the latest estimates BSNL is going to declare operating profit of Rs.3,378 crore which is around three times of its last year operation profit.
BSNL Profits 2019
BSNL is targeting a revenue of Rs.30,000 crore with a growth rate of around 11%. This is being supported by its growth of 40% which is the highest ever in enterprise services space. Furthermore BSNL is reducing its debts to Rs.5000 crore from Rs.7000 crore.

These details are for current state of business, but going further BSNL is planning to replace Old Base Transfer Stations (BTS) of GSM services with latest equipment's, to support new technology mobile user needs. As earlier said BSNL is concentrating on data communications rather than voice. As the potential revenue is their in data market.

As BSNL already allows all 2G customers to get 3G data speeds at the same 2G price and proved as best telecom. As these are not going to words for actionable points. BSNL is going to spend Rs.5000 crore on this technology upgrades and expansions.

For a point Phase 1 of Next Generation Network (NGN) roll out at 672 exchanges is completed. In Phase 2, urban areas are going to be covered and in Phase 3 for rural areas, which data services like e-education, e-Medicine, IPTV and many more services will be available to all its subscribers.

BSNL is planning to go 4G roll-out in selected circles along with a partner which are already at discussion stage. Increase in 4G based WiFi hotspots with best tariff from 2,500 to 40,000 with in next two years with a technology which can automatically swap between WiFi and Mobile data. This new technology can also offer super speeds for the user at low cost. This is going to be the big bang revenue hot spot for BSNL.

Furthermore, BSNL is energised with its invaluable assets like its infrastructure, Team spread and finally its human resource. BSNL has to utilise these assets in a revenue model bring each asset responsible its revenue. Finally we all wish the best for Team BSNL to generate profits by 2019.
Last updated: 21 July 2016
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70th Independence Day Offer | BSNL Bonus Data on 3G Plans

We, Indian’s are celebrating 70th Independence day on 15th August 2016. Many of us waiting for huge discounts and cash back offers to shop. For this, our favourite telecom brand comes up with BSNL bonus data on 3G plans as 70th Independence Day Offer.

As a good will gesture, BSNL already introduced free national roaming and full talktime offers on recharges as a continuous offer. From time to time as per the user requirement and market conditions, BSNL offers the best 3G plans at affordable price for a common man.

At this time, Indian government also plans to celebrate this 70th Independence day in a grand way. Many major online retailers are ready to announce the special 70th independence day offers soon. Now in that race, BSNL joined and launched the bonus data on 3G plans to make their customers happy with best offers.
70th Independence Day Offer BSNL 3G bonus data
Mobile brand offers new BSNL bonus data on most of the 3G plans which will be applicable only for prepaid mobile customers of BSNL as of now.  where the below mentioned bonus tariff is in addition to already available BSNL 10 paise per minute calling offer in GSM prepaid mobile services.

This new offer will be available across India in all BSNL service areas from 1st August 2016 to 31st August 2016 as a special gift for Indian mobile customers as 70th Independence Day Offer along with increased validity in each of the special BSNL data plans.

70th Independence Day Offer - Extra 3G Data and Validity

Data STVs in Rs.Existing Total Free UsageBSNL Bonus Data in 3G STVs rechargesTotal Free 3G Data activated in Offer periodValidity of Prepaid 3G Data STVs (in calendar days)
291(NZ,EZ, WZ)2.2 GB0.2GB2.4GB28
291(South Zone)2.2 GB0.2GB2.4GB30
4443 GB0.25GB3.25GB60
5615 GB0.35GB5.35GB30
8216 GB0.5GB6.5GB60
10999 GB0.75GB9.75GB60
194921 GB1GB22GB90
SZ = South Zone (Andhrapradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu.
EZ / WZ / NZ = Rest of India other than SZ.

So, prepaid mobile users of BSNL. Shop with BSNL through online or directly during this 70th Independence day time and grab the special BSNL bonus data on 3G plans as mentioned, to avail great offers with best value for your money. If any queries on this bonus data plan (70th Independence Day Offer), feel free to contact bsnl customer care 18001801503 or nearest customer service centre of BSNL.
Last updated: 19 July 2016
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Relaunched High Speed Broadband Plans as Regular Tariff

In many areas, BSNL has relaunched high speed special broadband plans as a regular tariff from north to south india to give strong competition for private internet service providers and to prove the best at any time.

1. ISP ReLaunched the special internet plans ‘BBG ULD 545 CS131’, ‘BBG Combo ULD 675 CS132’, ‘BBG ULD 795 CS133’, ‘BBG Combo ULD 845 CS134’, and ‘BBG Combo ULD 945 CS135’ on regular basis in Kalyan area of Maharashtra Telecom Circle having the following internet tariff.
These above tariff will be implemented with effect from 19th July 2016 as a regular tariff only in Kalyan secondary switching area of Maharashtra telecom circle.

2. BSNL introduced BBG Combo ULD 645 CS71 internet plan for Pune service area netizens of Maharashtra circle as a promotional offer up to February mid. After that due to various requests from the customers, ISP has now relaunched the same ADSL broadband plan as a regular tariff with effect from 12th July 2016.

3. As we all know, our telecom brand introduced special add on voice packs to offer unlimited free calls of Local and Std to any landline / mobile networks during day and night.

These special add on voice packs for landline under broadband combo plans in selected service areas (Jaipur of Rajasthan Circle, Faridabad and Gurgaon of Haryana, Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur & Gwalior of MP) of BSNL will be launched as a promotional offer. Now with continuous response from the customers, BSNL relaunched this offer fro a period of 90 days with effect from 15th July 2016.

4. ISP introduced four types of special internet plans with high fair usage policy limit applicable for selected service areas in Tamilnadu telecom circle. At first, these are introduced as a special offer upto 12th July 2016. Due to overwhelming response from the customers above the below mentioned tariff.
ISP has decided to relaunch the special offer broadband plans as a regular tariff to be available at any time for customers with huge FUP limit in each plan from 13th July 2016 only in selected service areas of Tamilnadu.

5. BSNL, the pioneer brand now relaunched the successful BBG Combo ULD 749 CS136 internet plan on regular basis only in Indore SSA of Madyapradesh telecom with available tariff. This plan will be offered in those locations/colonies of Indore SSA where there is a matching competition from private operators with effect from 19th July 2016.

As per the above seen updations, users can understand about BSNL and its keen watch on market movements by offering best innovative broadband plans and unlimited calling plans to all india networks with out any confusion. It is a great thing from our telecom brand in entire India to all telecom users, So be with BSNL and be proud to be a BSNL customer.
Last updated: 16 July 2016
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25000 BSNL SIMs Sold in a Single Day, Creates New Record

Most of these days, we generally hearing from southern part of India in claiming records for BSNL. But if BSNL team comes to approach the public to sell the products area (BSNL SIMs, Broadband) doesn't have any prominence. Its only the brand BSNL and the team which carries the flag.

Yes couple of days back BSNL Uttar Pradesh East telecom circle just organized melas across the circle and got a tremendous response. That is in a single day BSNL UP circle had sold 25000 BSNL SIMs. This happens when a champion comes out to the market needs. Kudos to BSNL to the team which rejuvenated its circle members and made them roar again.

Its not with technology, Its not with the brand, Its not with the infrastructure where BSNL is lagging in the race. Its with the coach and its limits which is set by the relevant ministries. This time after many years, BSNL's is left to perform on its own with a robust backup from the government.
BSNL SIMs 25000 Flash Sale
This made BSNL to rethink about its strengths and what its can do. This realisation is hugely paid towards the positive growth of the company. But to drive this positive trend team which drives should be like Sharuhkhan of Chakde.

Generally we generally think private sectors are performing good and offering good services with best plans. But when it comes to any public sectors, we generally think that they are not customer friendly. BSNL is having positive assets like Infrastructure, technology and more over good man power along with most economical top rated mobile plans.

Once again, we all requires to congratulate the team, BSNL who have worked for about 13 hrs from 8AM in the morning on 25th June, with 194 melas across 48 districts in the busy market locations. This effort from our telecom brand should be appreciated to sell 25000 BSNL SIMs, and the same fire has to be carried to make our BSNL top service provider.

On this day, every official / officer were participated in the melas. BSNL UP (East) CGM with other senior officers and all heads of secondary service areas of are directly interacted with the public to boost up the sales and explained the various services available with BSNL Mobile.

After having all this, there may be some operating gaps, which the new team is working to reduce it. From our side, its a public enterprise means it belongs to us, if it in our home is untidy we generally clean it, like wise BSNL is our company and if we want a change this. We must by any means, and the feedback will be addressed very fast.

This new direct interaction of BSNL officers with customers has been greatly appreciated by the public, which in turn resulted with a sale of 25000 BSNL SIMs in a single day. This new boost will give more positive energy for BSNL teams to conquer the market immediately in creating new records for sale of new BSNL SIM cards like a flash sale.