BSNL Launches New Combo Add On Pack for Postpaid GSM Mobile Users

BSNL Mobile Postpaid New Combo Pack Offers Free 3G Data, Free Voice Calls, Free SMS at Cheapest Monthly Charges

If you think of Christmas, New Year & Pongal, in general you will end up with sending wishes calling you friends and wishing your dear one on whatsapp.. For all these you have to spend from your BSNL Best Postpaid Mobile Monthly Plan.
BSNL Mobile New Postpaid Combo Pack offers Free Call, SMS, 3G Data
To make this festival season hassle free wishing spree, BSNL has launched Add-on Plan for your existing Post paid plan for only Rs.111 with which you will get Free Voice Minutes, Free 3G Data for browsing along with Free SMS. This new Postpaid Add On Plan from BSNL is launched to targeted the festival days.

If you want to wish first option is to Call, in that context you are having 177 minutes for both Local & STD for any network service truly from your BSNL Postpaid Mobile. If you are unable to connect next option will be sending an SMS, for this you are having 100 Local / STD SMS for any network. Along with these offers you are also getting a Free 3G Data Plan with a limit of 200 MB to be used even in Roaming Area, which you can use for Whatsapp or any other Internet based Applications.

BSNL Mobile New Postpaid Combo Add On Plan & Tariff

FMC of Add On Combo Plan Free Usage allowed in Postpaid Mobile Combo Pack
Rs. 111 177 Minutes - Voice Calls for any N/W of Local & STD from Home Area
200 MB - 3G Mobile Data to be used from all BSNL Service Areas
100 SMS -  Local, STD Own/Other N/W from Home area & in Roaming.
This newly introduced Add On Postpaid Combo Pack with Free Voice, Free SMS & Free 3G Data shall be available in addition to the existing Add-On Voice / SMS / 3G Data Packs with Cheapest Monthly Charges. BSNL GSM Mobile Plan users can easily subscribe for this newly introduced best and cheapest regular Add On Pack with combo benefits from 24th December 2014.

BSNL Intro.. Prepaid Mobile Plan Combo Special Tariff Voucher with More Benefits

BSNL Offers Free 3G Data, Voice Calls & SMS with New Cheapest Prepaid Mobile STV

BSNL being a PSU is gaining momentum to increase its Mobile Presence with Latest Prepaid Mobile Special Tariff Voucher Packages under GSM Mobile Services by taking the opportunity where ever it can consider. Being the festive season starting from Christmas, New Year to Pongal, we all will be busy with Christmas eve or very happy to say welcome to New Year 2015 and also with Pongal cooked with new rice.
BSNL New Special Tariff Voucher offers Free 3G Data, Free Voice, Calls, Free SMS
All these will be associated with wishing your near and dear. For this requirement BSNL has launched Prepaid Combo Special Tariff Voucher 125 / Add On 125 Special Offers Pack, which allows Free Voice Minutes, Free SMS Text, Free 3G Mobile Data at cheapest price never given.

With this newly introduced Add On Combo STV BSNL Prepaid Plan, you will get a free voice calls of 177 minutes for Local & STD calling time applicable for BSNL & Other Mobile Network Service Providers. You are also getting 100 Free SMS for Local, National & Roaming, and at last, you will get the exciting Free 3G Mobile Data Usage of 200 MB to be used from Home area and while on Roaming.

BSNL Mobile New Prepaid Combo STV 125 Plan & Tariff

MRP of  STV Freebies (or) Free Usage allowed
in Prepaid Mobile Combo Special Tariff Voucher
Rs. 125 177 Minutes - Voice Calls for any N/W of Local & STD from Home Area
200 MB - 3G Mobile Data to be used from all BSNL Service Areas
100 SMS -  Local, STD Own/Other N/W from Home area & in Roaming.
30 Days
After recent introduction of BSNL Free 50MB 3G Mobile Data on every Top Up recharge, BSNL is moving with more attractive offers with reliable Mobile Services to every nook and corner of Rural and Urban areas.

This newly introduced Add On Prepaid Mobile Special Tariff Voucher shall be applicable for all new/existing BSNL GSM Prepaid Mobile Customers, and this new cheapest prepaid Add On voucher will be available as a regular STV with effect from 24th December 2014.

BSNL Mobile Phone, Prepaid Top Up Recharge Offers announced with Full & Extra Talktime

BSNL Full & 10%, 20% Extra Talktime Offers on Top Up Recharge for Christmas, New Year & Pongal Festivals

Now, its time for BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plan Customers to enjoy the exciting offers, i.e. PAN India best 3G Mobile Service operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited announced the Full Talktime Plans and Extra talktime offers on every Top up recharge voucher under 2G & 3G GSM Services to enjoy this festival season of Christmas & New Year to Pongal.
BSNL 10% & 20% Extra Talkvalue Top up Recharge Offer
This newly announced full talktime offers from BSNL starts from Rs.50 to 99 and Rs.150, 250, 550, where 10% extra talktime allows from Rs.1000 to 4999 and 20% extra talktime available from Rs. 5000 which is a best available offer for all 2G & 3G BSNL Mobile Customers.

BSNL Full Talktime / 10% & 20% Extra Talktime Offers

MRP of Top Up /
 Flexi Top Up Voucher
Usage Talk Value offered
with Top Up Voucher
Full/Extra Talkvalue
Offer Available
Rs.50 - 99 Full Usage Talktime
equal to MRP of Voucher
24.12.2014 to 02.01.2015
Rs.150, 250, & 550 Full Usage Talktime
equal to MRP of Voucher
24.12.2014 to 23.03.2015
Rs.1000 to 4999 10% - Extra Talktime
of MRP of Top-Up Card
24.12.2014 to 23.03.2015
Rs.5000 and above 20% - Extra Talktime
of MRP of Top-Up Card
24.12.2014 to 23.03.2015
In circles, where the talk value offered with topup vouchers are more than the MRP of Topup vouchers, the higher talk value already offered will prevail till their validity.

After getting the full & extra talktime with this offer, BSNL users can also activate the required Voice / SMS / Data Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) from available extra talktime balance only, just by sending corresponding message.

This newly announced Prepaid Mobile BSNL Recharge offers of Full / 10% & 20% Extra talktime plans will be available in the above said dates as a promotional offer for coming festivals Christmas, NewYear, Pongal.

This new offers will be applicable for all New/Existing BSNL Prepaid GSM Mobile Customers of all the BSNL circles across India and BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plan Customers can avail this facility with BSNL App, BSNL Online Prepaid Recharge & Easy Recharge from Retailer, 

BSNL Intro.. FTTH Broadband Add-On Data TopUps to Restore High Speed Internet

BSNL Launched Speed Restoration BB Addon TopUp Plans for Unlimited FTTH Broadband Internet to enjoy High Bandwidth

We are all very well acquainted with BSNL FTTH Unlimited Internet Plans Speed and their FUP (Fair Usage Policy), for that we will plan accordingly our BSNL BB Data Usage to our day to day requirements for not reducing the speeds with FUP. Even after planning, if one fine day you might be requiring additional data limit, due to excess data usage on your Fiber to Home Unlimited Internet Plans, for that you have to postpone your activity to the next billing cycle.
BSNL Unlimited FTTH Broadband Internet to enjoy High Bandwidth
Now the past scenario changed, After the grand success of BSNL DSL Broadband Add on Data TopUp packages with tremendous response from ADSL Broadband customers, BSNL now extended this facility to BSNL FTTH Unlimited Broadband Internet plan customers too, for adhoc requirements at a minimal price tag to get High Speed internet for the current billing cycle.

For all FTTH Broadband Internet requirement customers, BSNL introduced Speed Restoration Add On Facility to restore High Speed FTTH Internet to its existing unlimited plan speed to enjoy high speed internet browsing at original speed after FUP (Fair Usage Policy) download limit by paying just Rs.100 / 200 / 300 / 500 for data limit of 2GB / 5GB / 10GB / 20GB for the current bill month with these Data TopUp Plans.

BSNL FTTH Broadband Data TOP-UP Plans & Charges

Speed Restoration Add-on Plan (available on ADSL & FTTH )
Recovered Original Higher BB Speed for Data Usage upto
Broadband TOP UP Charges with out S.Tax
Speed Restoration - 2GB Plan 2 GB Rs. 100
Speed Restoration - 5GB Plan 5 GB Rs. 200
Speed Restoration - 10GB Plan 10 GB Rs. 300
Speed Restoration - 20GB Plan 20 GB Rs. 500
If suddenly there is a floating of relatives to house and entire FUP of Unlimited BB Internet Data Limit got exhausted and nothing left for your kid to browse Rhymes on YouTube, then also you can enjoy the BSNL high speed internet with restoration of original speed after this new introduction of this FTTH Broadband Add on Data TopUps applicable for all BSNL FTTH Broadband Unlimited Internet Plans. So that you will be happy and also your kid will be too much happy.

This scheme was launched across India in all BSNL telecom circles. So, BSNL FTTH customers can select their above mentioned suitable cheapest Broadband Add On Data TOP-UP packages, on appearing with a POP Up link after the FUP limit crossed and enjoy the high speed internet services, where the BB TOPUP Data Charges will be added in the next FTTH Unlimited Broadband Internet bill without any inconvenience caused.

BSNL Launches New Postpaid Addon Packs for Mobile Customers

BSNL Single Bill, F&F CUG, Free Voice Call, Pool & Share Add On Packs Introduced for Postpaid Mobile Users

PAN India 3G Telecom Major Service Provider, BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) who won our hearts from the ages of introduction of telephony in India to till date, has launched New 5 types of Combo Add-On Packs for its individual Post-paid customers under BSNL GSM Mobile Services.
BSNL Mobile Postpaid Addon Pakages
BSNL is a telecom service provider, having a bond with India and Indian culture respecting the relations with in families. In consideration with this, BSNL has launched this new Unique Add-on Packs for its GSM Post-paid Mobile Service Customers, i.e. Really a perfect plan for most of our families.

This newly introduced BSNL Add-On Post-paid Mobile Plans will works like this to opt as per their convenience of the Mobile Customers.
  1. Single Bill for Maximum 5 Individual Mobile numbers
  2. Friends and Family CUG Add-on
  3. Free Voice Call Facility
  4. Pool & Share Facility
  5. Combo Add-on with All

BSNL Single Bill for Maximum 5 Mobile Numbers

  • Single Bill will be issued if a customer wants to get a single bill for maximum of 5 numbers. Ex:- Father wants a single bill for all his family members.
  • Customers will have to convey their consent for availing the single bill option in an application with signature of all the interested Group Members.
  • A Monthly Rent (or) FMC of Rs. 25 per Month will be charged for the facility and would be included in the bill. However, the facility will be free, if all the plans are of FMC of Rs. 525 and onwards.

BSNL Friends and Family CUG Add-on

  • Free Calls shall be allowed within 5 Own Network Mobile Numbers within same LSA (CUG).
  • Free calls by all (max. five numbers) to any one specified Own Network Landline number (within same LSA)/Circle.
  • A Monthly Rent (or) FMC Rs. 25 per Month per BSNL CUG Plan Member. Ex:- if person ‘A’ wants to add person ‘B’ as CUG member then both will have to give Rs. 25 and both will be added for each other.

BSNL Free Call Facility

  • Free Call Facility to any one Specified Own Network Mobile/Landline Number (outside LSA).
  • Free Call Facility is available only if any of CUG Facility as above is opted by the subscriber. Single/Same number shall be specified by all the CUG members.
  • A Monthly Rent (or) FMC of Rs. 50 per month per subscriber.

BSNL Pool and Share Facility

  • Maximum 5 numbers may subscribe for this facility whereby, they will be able to share their Free Usage (freebies) offered with the subscribed Mobile Plans.
  • A Monthly Rent (or) FMC Rs. 25 per month per connection will be charged for the facility. However Free for Plans with FMC of Rs. 525 onwards.

BSNL Combo Add-on Pack for Postpaid Mobile Users

  • Single bill for maximum 5 Numbers (Own Network).
  • Free calls within above specified maximum 5 numbers.
  • Free calls to any one specified Own Network Land line number (within LSA).  Single/same number shall be specified by all the CUG members.
  • Free  call  facility  to  any  one  specified  Own Network  Mobile / Landline  Number  (Outside LSA). Single/Same Number shall be specified by all the CUG members.
  • Pool  and  Share facility of freebies among above 5 Own Network numbers whereby, members would be able to share their Freebies offered with the plans.
  • Free National Calling (On-Net/Off-Net) for one hour on 1st of every month, or  Free  National On-Net calling  for full  day  on 1st  of  every  month.  Any  one  option may be chosen by the subscriber.
  • FMC Rs. 25/month (free for plan with FMC of Rs. 525 and above) + Rs. 100 for each CUG number. All the customer will have to convey their consent for the above. Ex:- A customer having total 5 members would pay Rs.525/- [Rs. 25 + (Rs.100 x 5)].
In this new launch of Add On Postpaid packages, these packs are not applicable for Enterprise Business Customers & Government Connections.

Now day’s majority of us are having Mobile Phones only, Landlines we are keeping at our residence for only the sake of Land line + Broadband Service. Furthermore we might consider a Land line phone for our grandparents, who might not be flexible to use mobile phones.

Considering the same, and to offer Best Mobile Services. Telecom Major has launched these above mentioned Combo Add-On Pack for BSNL Postpaid customers under GSM Mobile Services, which will be available for all New CYMN / Existing customers in all BSNL circles from 16th December 2014.

BSNL Regularized High Speed Best Broadband Unlimited Internet Plans

BSNL High Speed Broadband Internet, Cheapest Unlimited Internet Plans with 2/4Mbps Bandwidth & High FUP Limit

Now a days, we all will wait for the Best Broadband Plans from BSNL.. So here is the news for you, i.e. BSNL announced about the regularization of its most successful Cheap Broadband Packages launched as a promotional offer from 10.05.2014 and extended the offer from time to time.
BSNL Cheapest DSL & FTTH Broadband Packages
BSNL which the biggest telecom service provider and also the widest network coverage owner, being a state owned company, BSNL is going in a pace which is making its private competitors to be vigilant about its new DSL & FTTH BSNL Broadband Packages at cheap price rates per month.

Coming to the regularized BB Plans, BSNL High speed Unlimited Broadband Plans, BBG Combo ULD 1445 & BBG Combe ULD 2799 offers a speed of 2Mbps/4Mbps for a FUP of 20GB/30GB. Don't think beyond FUP, your speed drastically reduced, it will not. Your speed will be 1Mbps for BBG Combo ULD 1445 Plan and 2 Mbps for  Combo ULD 2799.

The major reason for subscription for these plans is, you will be in Mbps speed only, after high FUP limit also, that is the reason, these BB Plans are like hot favourite, and these BSNL BB Plans are continuing to offer the Rental discounts on subscription with yearly packages and allows Broadband TopUps to restore very high speed internet after FUP limit too.

BSNL High Speed Unlimited Broadband Cheapest Internet Plans

BBG Combo ULD 1445
BBG Combo ULD 2799
Broadband Bandwidth
(Download Speed)
Upto 2 Mbps till 20 GB, 1Mbps beyond Upto 4Mbps till 30 GB,
2Mbps beyond
Applicability All Users
Monthly Charges (Rs) 1,445 2,799
Annual Payment Option (Rs.11xFMC) 15,895 30,789
2Years Payment Option (Rs.21xFMC) 30,345 58,779
3Years Payment Option (Rs.30xFMC) 43,350 83,970
DL/UL Limit (MB/GB) Per month Unlimited Internet Downloads & Uploads
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID) 2/5 MB
Static IP Address (On Request) One @ Rs. 2000/- P.A. additional One @ Rs. 1800/- P.A. additional
Security Deposit One Month Charges
Minimum Hire Period One Month
Telephone Fixed Monthly Charges Nil
Free Calls (within BSNL N/W only) 250
All the Meter Called Unit Charges will be charged at Rs.1 for BSNL Network and Rs.1.2 for Other Network in above mentioned High Speed Unlimited Broadband Internet Plans over DSL & FTTH Services.

These newly regularized BSNL Best Broadband Cheapest Unlimited Internet Plans are being the TOP CARD Broadband Plans for High Speed Internet Services from 15th December 2014 across India in all BSNL circles. So new customers can apply their BB connection with BSNL Online and existing customers can migrate with Online BB Plan Change facility offered by Telecom gaint BSNL.