Last updated: 30 June 2016
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Promotional High Speed Broadband Plans Regularized

On a keen watch about the present market conditions in each service area. Many promotional high speed broadband plans of BSNL are regularized and extended to other areas with out any increase in charges by offering Static IP address facility in existing high speed broadband plans.

1. BSNL Revised the minimum hire period of recently introduced high speed broadband plans (BSNL BBG ULD 1491 EA) for Elections purpose. This BSNL broadband plan is allowed only for Election purposes in all the BSNL circles across India. The existing minimum hire period of Two Months is revised to One Month effective from 1st July 2016.

2. BSNL has decided to offer One Static IP address for subscription to high speed broadband plans BBG Combo ULD 1441. If any request made from any home / business customers of this most successful BSNL Broadband plan, will be provided the static ip at Rupees 2000 per annum as additional charges for Static IP. This facility will be available in all the BSNL circles on PAN India basis with effect from 01.07.2016.

On getting overwhelming response from the Faridabad broadband customers for the best promotional broadband plans. BSNL has regularized the special broadband plans BBG ULD 599 CS76, BBG Speed ULD 991 CS78 and BBG Super Speed ULD 1499 VDSL CS79 in Faridabad SSA of Haryana Telecom Circle only with the following high speed broadband plans best tariff.
Where these all above BSNL DSL Broadband plans are also available on Fiber to the Home Network with same tariff, and these above plans will be available from 22nd June 2016 as regular tariff only in Faridabad Secondary Switching Area.

3. BSNL has recently introduced BBG Combo ULD 470 CS142 high speed unlimited internet plan as regular tariff in Nellore district of Andhrapradesh which offers upto 2Mbps download speed till 10GB and 512 Kbps beyond that at just Rs.470 per month as unlimited internet charges by allowing most required facilitites as below.
Now on grand success of this high speed broadband plans in Nellore area with huge customer response. ISP extended this plan to entire districts of Andhrapradesh and Telangana states under AP Telecom circle. This new high speed broadband plans will be available in all areas from 1st July 2016 for new subscriptions or for migrations from other to this new lowest monthly rental combo BSNL broadband plan.
Last updated: 28 June 2016
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BSNL Vellore Fibernet Plan at 8Mbps Speed - Released

ISP announced the Introduction of new BSNL Vellore Fibernet Plan ‘Fibro Combo ULD 1050 CS37’on promotional basis. This new plan is applicable for all the home and business customers only in Vellore Secondary Switching Area of Tamilnadu Telecom Circle.

This new fault free BSNL Vellore Fibernet Plan Fibro Combo ULD 1050 CS37 allows great speed of unlimited internet at 8Mbps until it reaches to 30GB data usage. After the data exceeds, the speed reduces to 512Kbps speed by continuing unlimited internet facility by allowing BSNL broadband data topups to restore the original speed.

This new BSNL Vellore Fibernet Plan has also allowed additional discounts on yearly, two year, three year advance rental subscriptions. The customers who requires static ip address will also provides one additional static ip on request and on payment of yearly charges at Rs.2000.

The most required BSNL Unlimited free calls between 9PM to 7AM to any landline and mobile network in India will also be offered at free of cost in this new BSNL Vellore Fibernet Plan. In addition to unlimited free night calling 100 Free calls to BSNL network also allowed for day usage in free BSNL Landline having the additional tariff as below.
BSNl Vellore FiberNet Plan Tariff
Recently ISP has upgraded the speed and fair usage policy in existing major BSNL broadband plans to offer the best internet services at Vellore as follows.
After the speed upgradation in regular DSL broadband plans. ISP has now introduced this special Fibernet broadband plan Fibro Combo ULD 1050 CS37 under Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services only. As a promotional offer this new BSNL Vellore Fibernet Plan will be available from 9th June 2016 to 6th September 2016 applicable only for the customers of Vellore Service area of BSNL Tamilnadu.
Last updated: 27 June 2016
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BSNL Kolkata Unlimited 450 Broadband Plan Introduced

To offer some more to kolkata netizens, PSU introduced BSNL Kolkata Unlimited 450 broadband plan as as special offer at lowest monthly subscription / rental charges by continuing the additional discount on higher payment with Free telephone facility.

As we all know about BSNL and its high speed internet plans, With this customer oriented broadband operator any customer can proudly say about the best broadband internet service in India is BSNL, provides lots of facilities to avail only on payment of fixed amount for unlimited internet.

In this scenario, for already available All India BSNL broadband plans, ISP has also introduced the following special plans already in Kolkata Telecom Districy as a regular tariff to give a tough competition for Kolkata private internet service providers along with most required unlimited call facility.
Apart from the above special Kolkata broadband plans, Now ISP has introduced this new BSNL Kolkata Unlimited 450 Broadband Plan having 2Mbps internet speed upto 250MB data FUP limit by continuing 512Kbps speed after FUP limit with the following BSNL internet tariff.

BSNL Kolkata Unlimited 450 Broadband Plan Tariff

BSNL Kolkata Unlimited 450 Broadband Plan
This special BSNL Kolkata Unlimited 450 Broadband Plan doesn't provides unlimited free night calling facility, and the existing call charges of Rs.1/ MCU for own network and Rs.1.2 per meter called unit to other network will continue as usually.

This New special combo internet service BSNL Kolkata Unlimited 450 Broadband Plan has been available only for the new / existing customers of BSNL Kolkata Telecom District as a special offer only for 90 days from 9th June 2016 to 6th September 2016. So Kolkata internet users, who requires new services can Apply BSNL new broadband connection online to avail the above best internet tariff.
Last updated: 25 June 2016
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BSNL Mobile Tariff of Prepaid Services Rationalized

In view of the market changes and with technical causes, BSNL Mobile Tariff of existing has been rationalized and introduced new special tariff vouchers for voice category with thousands of free voice seconds offered in each pack with best BSNL Mobile Tariff under GSM Prepaid mobile services.

1. In Prepaid services, BSNL Mobile Tariff of STVs/Combo Vouchers has rationalized from “Days” to “Calendar Days” i.e. the validity of STVs/Combo Vouchers will be up to 23:59 Hours of last day of validity irrespective of time of recharge of validity on first day. This revised bsnl mobile tariff instructions will be applied for all the special tariff vouchers / combo vouchers like Voice / SMS / Data and ISD, but for Night Data STVs this is not applicable as of now.

The deferment of change in validity of Data STV 68 (on Pan India basis) and Data STV 17 (for South Zone only), which was exempted in previous has been withdrawn, and thus validity of Data STV 68 and Data STV 17 will also be changed from “Days” to “Calendar Days.

2. Apart from this, BSNL has introduced three new voice special tariff vouchers (STVs) for prepaid mobile users in addition to the existing BSNL STV Recharge Plans for Voice by allowing free bundled voice usage in seconds to any network landline and mobile services across India with more validity in each pack STV56, STV359, STV449, after that the existing BSNL mobile tariff of special recharge packs in some has been revised as follows

In this new introduction, BSNL offers STV56 with 5600 Local / STD seconds , STV359 allows 52000 Local / STD Seconds of any network, and this above voice STV price will differs at +/- Rs.3 due to technical feasible condition, where this new tariff has available from 20th June 2016 in all BSNL circles for prepaid mobile users.
BSNL Voice STVs Revised Tariff
3. After new introduction of New Voice STVs, you are required to know this also. As we all know PSU offers BSNL Mobile TV services in private partnership with some other companies(P.K. Online, Apalya, Digivive) with special bsnl mobile tariff, where these all companies offering more TV channels for mobile users, but BSNL to offer the best, has also offered free 3G data usage in each BSNL Mobile TV Packs with revised validity as follows.
BSNL TV STVs New Tariff
4. To encourage BSNL Retailers, Operator has announced special bsnl mobile tariff applicable for all BSNL Retailers on achieving minimum business from their Mobile Channel Top Up as follows to use special attractive special tariff.
  • All Local and STD Voice Calls of BSNL Network will be charged at 10 paisa per minute and Other Network at 30 Paise per minute. Apart from this reduced tariff, BSNL offers free call usage of 500 Minutes for BSNL network along with 50 minutes video call, 100 SMS (local / National Own network) and 500MB Free 3G Data
Where this above mentioned retailer plan tariff will be applicable from Home Licensed Service Area (LSA) only. Where this new revised BSNL Mobile tariff for retailers and Mobile TV packs has been available from 22nd June 2016 on PAN India basis.
Last updated: 24 June 2016
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BSNL Dual IMSI SIM Cards to Postpaid Mobile Users

BSNL Dual IMSI SIM cards to postpaid customers of BSNL to avoid technical issues. With this new dual IMSI BSNL SIM cards, a postpaid customer can easily avail international roaming facility. In previous, the same facility will be provided after 3 to 4 days of time and in some cases, this will take more than a week in all existing single postpaid IMSI (International Mobile SIM Card) connection, where the services of that postpaid customers are suspended up to activation.

To alleviate these BSNL SIM activation problems, now PSU introduced BSNL Dual IMSI Sim Cards for postpaid customers which provides BSNL International Roaming facility as default, but this will be activated upon the written request of that customer only at any time.

2. As of now, BSNL mobile users of GSM services are only enjoying the online facilities like BSNL Mobile Recharges , STV Recharges, Data Recharges, but in future with in short time, BSNL CDMA mobile users will also be allowed to access the prepaid recharges through BSNL portal website online from anywhere through out the web.

BSNL’s own team is developing this Web based recharge facility for Prepaid CDMA services to Go Live with in a short time to make all Prepaid CDMA Mobile and Prepaid EVDO connections customers for successful BSNL Online Recharge facility.

3. To make a perfect chain in the present market with best strategies, BSNL offers special promotional offers for their retailers at point of sale(POS) as extra return payments on almost every BSNL recharges upto 30th June 2016 under BSNL prepaid mobile plan services as follows on PAN India basis.
Three percent extra commission as OTF (on the fly) for Data Vouchers/Data Combo vouchers with MRP more than Rs.300 (except U/L Data STVs for North and South Zone) and Seven percent extra Commission as OTF (On the Fly) for BSNL Unlimited 3G Data Plans with MRP of Rs.399, 629, 2399 () for North and South Zone upto 30th June 2016, where the OTF will be on the face value of the Unlimited Data Special Tariff Vouchers.

So Postpaid mobile users, have this chance to avail BSNL Dual IMSI SIM Cards and activate your international roaming at any time you required before moving to do not miss any call during the journey across the world.