Last updated: 30 September 2016
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BSNL AP Broadband Plans - New Combo Tariff Launched

BSNL AP broadband plans special tariff introduced to serve high-speed internet for two state customers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The digital transformation to ignite sustainable growth and improve society, PSU launches these high-speed BSNL AP broadband plans.

At present Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state tech-savvy consumers (Proficient people who use modern technology like Computers, Tabs, Smartphones, Wireless devices, etc..) are increasing day by day hugely.

To satisfy all the internet needs for all tech-savvy and millions of household and business customers. Public Sector Undertaking provides individual BSNL AP broadband plans at affordable tariff under the price tag below Rupees 1000 only.
BSNL AP Broadband Plans
At this time, BSNL has introduced three new unlimited combo broadband plans for selected business areas of AP, Telangana states. These new combo BSNL AP broadband plans are BBG Combo ULD - 695 CS184, 875 CS185, and 995 CS186.

In addition to existing All India unlimited broadband plans, these plans will be available to customers as a special tariff. These allows high-speed internet services at promised speed for every home and business at the lowest monthly budget.

In this promotional tariff, two and three-year bill payment options for longer period subscription is not available. PSU is also not providing Static IP address for these plans. All these unlimited combo postpaid plans provide with rent free telephone having one hundred free calls with unlimited free calling.

So let’s check the following unlimited postpaid BSNL AP broadband plans provided by Andhra Pradesh telecom for two state customers With this latest 8Mbps plans.

BSNL AP Broadband Plans - Unlimited Postpaid Combo Tariff

Particulars BBG Combo ULD 695 CS184 BBG Combo ULD 875 CS185 BBG Combo ULD 995 CS186
Monthly bandwidth (download speed) Up to 4 Mbps Upto 6 Mbps Up to 8Mbps
Fair Usage Policy Limit 25GB 35GB 60GB
Speed after FUP Limit 1 Mbps 2Mbps
Applicable for internet customers of Tirupati, Kurnool, Ananthpur, Cuddapah, Ongole, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram BSNL SSA's of Andhra Pradesh.
Karimnagar, Mahaboobnagar, Nizamabad, Nalgonda, Adilabad, Warangal, Khammam BSNL SSAs of Telangana.
Monthly Rental Charges (Rs) 695 875 995
Annual Payment Option (Rs.) 6950 8750 9950
Free E-mail IDs / Space One account with 1 GB storage
Security Deposit One Month Rental Charges
Minimum Hire Period One Month
Free Calls (within BSNL N/W) 100
Additional facility Unlimited free calling during night hours (9 PM to 7 AM) and full day (24 hours) on Sundays to any network within India
Every user can view any HD movies in online without any buffering and download in just minutes of time. Many of the other Internet Service Providers provides this type of plans in the above-said areas at a high cost. But your telecom operator offers these BSNL AP broadband plans at the lowest price in same areas with free calling.

These are available as a promotional offer only from 7th September 2016 to 5th December 2016. So all the above-selected area customers, it’s time to enjoy high-speed internet on subscribing to this new special BSNL AP broadband plans.
Last updated: 29 September 2016
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BSNL Upgraded Broadband Plans FUP Limit and Speed

In view of recent up-gradation of minimum speed to 1Mbps. Now BSNL upgraded broadband plans FUP limit and speed in some to offer the high speed internet services to existing customers.

At this time, Telecom giant upgraded the following circle specific and all India common BSNL broadband plans. At this time almost fifty percent FUP speed increased from the existing limit. In Combo ULD 450 CS151 plan, the speed is increased by four times.

These speed and FUP limit enhancement will takes place without any extra charges. So lets take a look about the upgraded BSNL broadband plans FUP limit and speed.
  • BBG UL 545
  • BBG Combo UL 675
  • BBG Rural Combo UL 650
  • BBG Combo ULD 699 CS85 of Karnataka and Chennai
  • BBG Combo UL 5500 CS73 of Godhra, Bhuj, Jamnagar, Himatnagar in Gujarat
  • BB Home UL 645 CS35 of Odisha, UP West and in some area of Maharashtra, some in Madhyapradesh,
  • BBG Rural Combo UL 725 CS81 of UP West.
  • BBG Combo ULD 700 CS150
  • BBG Combo ULD 450 CS151 of Kolkata
BSNL Upgraded Broadband Plans FUP Limit
This new up-gradation will comes into effect from 1st October 2016 as BSNL formation day gift to all customers. This will automatically implemented for all the customers of the above plans.

So all broadband users of the above plans. Just take a look about the up-gradation, Ask your concerned, if BSNL upgraded broadband plans FUP limit and speed is not reached to you after the said date.
Last updated: 27 September 2016
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BSNL 4999 Broadband Plan without monthly rent

BSNL 4999 broadband plan without monthly rental charges launched for Surat area customers. At present, this is a new promotional offer applicable for prospective/ existing BSNL broadband clients in Surat business area of Gujarat.

BSNL is going to provide this plan to customers as an additional scheme for already available BSNL broadband plans unlimited. So let’s check the tariff details of BSNL 4999 broadband plan.
  • This new unlimited internet broadband plan offers the speed up to 4 Mbps till reach of 15 GB, and after the speed is up to 1 Mbps.
  • All the home and business internet users are applicable for the subscription of this unlimited plan.
  • There are no monthly rental charges to be paid for this subscription.
  • Only half yearly rental fees have to pay to BSNL, as an advance payment for subscription.
  • BSNL provides one free email id with one GB storage on BSNL domain.
  • Minimum hire period for this plan is six months.
  • Security deposit charges are not applicable for this unlimited internet BSNL 4999 broadband plan.
  • This new scheme provides unlimited free calling during night hours on weekdays and full day and night on Sundays.
BSNL 4999 broadband plan Surat
This new plan is available in Surat secondary switching area of Gujarat as a promotional offer up to 26th November 2016. So, let’s join with your telecom brand. Apply online for BSNL broadband connection. Enjoy high-speed Internet without payment of monthly rent available with BSNL 4999 broadband plan.
Last updated: 25 September 2016
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BSNL Free Calls 'Lifetime' launching soon | cheaper than Jio

Now a day’s all the Telco’s are offering free calling. As a BSNL customer what is your expectation from BSNL? Most of the users think like this, we are very happy if BSNL also provides free calls from mobile. Then, there is a great news for you from BSNL. As a BSNL customer most probably you are going to get free calling facility by January 2017.

Free means Free for Lifetime. Yeah, you got it right. The state-owned Public Sector Undertaking, which is bouncing back to its top position, is not going to feel the heat of private competitors. BSNL is creating ripples for other operators.

As on date, free calling on voice network offer is not all available to any other service provider. Voice over wireless data has been provided, but for this offer you have to have the data signal all the time and signal of data also plays a vital role in call quality.
BSNL Free Calls Lifetime
But BSNL is planning to offer free calling facility for the lifetime. It is of 2G / 3G networks complimented by its wired broadband data network where voice quality and reception with wide signal coverage will be there. It is only possible to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited as the signal and line network coverage are across PAN India and also makes strategic partnerships with other telecom providers to offer the best mobile services.

In an interview with Times of India. BSNL Top Management, Chairman and Managing Director, Shri Anupam Shrivastava expressed that, we are in the continuous watch on the present market and special offers of other telecom networks. And also about the performance of recent entrant Reliance Jio tariffs. We have the best network across India, so we also want to come up with BSNL Free Calls 'Lifetime' facility at an early.

This time, BSNL is hitting the right pocket and is going to give its high time offer among its competitors. Furthermore, as the nowadays internet for everyone is new agenda for any developing nations.

Knowing the importance of data as already declared by BSNL, as it is betting big for the data network. BSNL is going to participate in the spectrum auction to have 700MHz band, till extent possible. Being a BSNL subscriber hope of service providers does well and offers best Quality of Services (QoS) to all of us with the free calling facility for Lifetime.
Last updated: 23 September 2016
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BSNL 599 Broadband Plan | MP Combo Internet Tariff

BSNL 599 broadband plan, a new unlimited internet combo plan launched for Madhya Pradesh users. It is one of the best combo broadband plan for wireless (WiFi) internet users to enjoy fast browsing.

To compete with other ISP’s firmly and to offer best internet service, PSU introduced this unique BSNL 599 broadband plan. It is allowed as a promotional scheme for a limited period of time. Upon success of this, BSNL extends/ regularizes this plan to Madhya Pradesh customers.

Let us explain about this best broadband internet tariff
  • This BBG Combo ULD 599 CS170 shall be applicable for all home and business users of entire Madhya Pradesh telecom.
  • This plan is an additional tariff for already existing BSNL MP broadband plans.
  • Offers unlimited internet with 2Mbps speed having post fair usage policy limit of 5GB.
  • Allows one free email id is having 1GB storage on BSNL domain.
  • Offers discounted charges on longer payments.
  • Unlimited free calls available during night times on weekdays and for total 24 hours on Sundays. This free calling is available to any network.
BSNL 599 Broadband Plan MP
All the call charges for BSNL network will be charged at Rupees 1, and Rs.1.2 for other telecom networks in India.

This new promotional plan is available up to October 22nd, 2016. So Madhya Pradesh users book your broadband connection online. Make your home or business with wireless internet on subscription for BSNL 599 broadband plan.