03 August 2015

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BSNL 15Mbps Fibernet Broadband Plans for Punjab - New Launch

Now, its time for Punjab Internet users to avail BSNL High Speed Internet at 15Mbps bandwidth with fault free Fiber Net Broadband Services at lowest monthly budget for speed internet plans along with Unlimited Free Calling to any network.

As of now BSNL introduces various postpaid broadband plans as regular / promotional offers for Punjab having lowest tariff monthly / yearly charges. Now in view to give high speed internet services at lowest cost over Fiber to the Home Services, BSNL now introduced two types of high speed Fibernet Postpaid Broadband Plans (Fibro Combo ULD 1199 CS28, Fibro Combo ULD 1499 CS29) for Punjab users with 10Mbps and 15Mbps bandwidth.

These new Punjab BSNL Fibernet Broadband Plans has also allowed special discount on Broadband Rental Charges for Government Employees, and for Regular users on subscription with Annual payment Option with respective broadband subscription charges in the tariff.
This new cheapest tariff Fibernet Broadband Plans of Punjab has also allowed one static ip address on request with payment of necessary charges. The most exciting offer which BSNL Offers is 'Unlimited Free Calling to any network between 9PM to 7AM', has also included in these below mentioned BSNL Punjab Fibernet Plans to rejoice with their beloved once with the following cheapest fibernet tariff.
BSNl Unlimited FiberNet 15Mbps Broadband Plans Punjab with Free Calling
BSNL has also introduced the following new offers for Broadband Users to enjoy the lowest rated tariff at any time from BSNL regarding with plans and modem equipment's.
Existing BSNL Punjab Broadband Plan Users can also migrate to this new plans according with the technical feasibility, and the broadband users can contact broadband customer care 1800 345 1500 or 1504 for any other queries regarding with BSNL Broadband Plans.

These newly launched plans upto 15Mbps bandwidth, will be offered for Punjab Internet Users as a new gift for this 2015 Independence Day, and these new promotional offer for BSNL FiberNet Broadand Plans with Unlimited Free Calling will be available from 1st August 2015 to 29th October 2015 in entire BSNL Punjab Circle applicable for all new / existing Home and Business Users.

01 August 2015

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BSNL Mobile New STVs with Full Talktime Offer for West Zone

BSNL is trying to put its stature in all aspects for its existing customers of Prepaid Mobile Services. Now it’s the time for West Zone (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh) Mobile customers by offering Full / Extra Talktime and reduced call charges with Special Tariff Vouchers (Combo / Local & STD).

Full / Extra Talk Value and New Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) from BSNL, if this news appears here, definitely you have to stop and browse. BSNL New STVs for Local / STD calls is really the hot news from BSNL. One more promotional news from BSNL is that BSNL is going to provide Full Talk Time Offer under BSNL Mobile Services along with STVs for all prepaid customers of West Zone.
BSNL Prepaid New STVs and Extra Talktime for Mobile
With New BSNLs STVs, you are having the benefit like, when you are expecting shorter / longer validity with reduced price, which is really a great news. New BSNL STVs starts from Rs.14 inclusive of all taxes with minute pulse rate having lowest tariff at 10ps/minute, according with the validities mentioned below. In a nut shell BSNL also offers an STV to allow STD calls to any network @ Rs.0.35/Minute.

Another Chuppa Rustom promotional offer released by PSU is BSNL FULL TALK TIME and extra time offer for 90 days. All these BSNL Full /Extra Talktime and reduced tariff with New STVs will be launched by the each circle (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh) of west zone on a particular day with the following tariff.

STV Price
in Rs.
Particulars Validity
in Days
Rs. 160 Full Talktime & Extra Talktime Rs.1100=1150, Rs.2100 =Rs.2200
Combo Vouchers
71 Rs. 15 usage value + All Local Call Any Network @ 30 Ps/Minute 28
786 Rs. 825/- Talktime + 3 local on-net night SMS with 3 days validity -
Local / STD STVs
14 All Local On-Net Calls @ 10 Paisa / Minute 2
29 All STD Calls @ 35 Paise / Minute 28
66 All Local Any-Network Calls @ 1.2 Ps/ 2 Sec 21
89 All Local On-Net Calls @ 10 ps/min 28
16 1500 Free Seconds - Any Network 2
Free Seconds Offered for Local Area Own Network
22 4200 3
44 8800 6
63 20000 4
101 10100 14
168 35000 28
196 25000 28
201 21000 28

After the launch of new regular bonanza offers for mobile customers as mentioned below, BSNL has now concentrated on circle wise to offer the best mobile services with lowest tariff to join many customers in BSNL Family.
This new introduced Special Tariff Vouchers for BSNL Prepaid Mobile to reduce the Voice call rates for Local and STD, along with Full Talk Value / Combo Vouchers shall be implemented by the west zone circles (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh) at an early and will be well informed in advance to the prepaid mobile customers through SMS or any Media as a promotional offer.

Prepaid Mobile customers can recharge the above STVs and BSNL Full Talktime Offers from any source like Retailer/Franchisee CTOPUP, BSNL App or from BSNL Online Recharge Portal after the launch in their home area of BSNL West Zone.

31 July 2015

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BSNL Mobile Prepaid Calling / Postpaid Data Plan Tariff Revised

BSNL is the single largest PSU, which is offering end to end telecom solutions for all segments of people, has just rationalized the existing prepaid plan voice calling tariff relates to Per Second, Per Minute and Pyari Jodi Prepaid Plans and postpaid data tariff of Plan 140 Data Plan with out effecting customer pockets.

BSNL is the only telecom service provider, which has deepest penetration across all other players. Deepest has its own way of understanding. Deepest means, having a BSNL SIM means, you are going to get signal where ever you will go even in far remote areas, it doesn’t consider whether it is profit generating area or it is a loss making one.

BSNL is the only service provider which will work for the confidence of the rural people. BSNL has its own definition towards social commitments. For addressing these requirements and also considering the implementation of new technologies, BSNL is coming up with best possible and attractive plans in their menu (Voice / BSNL 3G Data) on reviewing as per market on day to day basis.

With all this BSNL tariff are placed at very competitive prices. Considering the operational and maintenance cost BSNL hike in tariff is very much limited, and this time BSNL has hiked a little bit in its tariff by just 0.02 paise in local and 0.06 paise STD calls. Being a small hike, it may not affect any one of the BSNL Mobile Subscribers, any how just visit the hike in prepaid plans tariff(Per Second, Per Minute and Pyari Jodi) and post data tariff(Plan 140 Data Plan). Just go through the BSNL Mobile Plans revised tariff details as below.
BSNL Prepaid Calling / Postpaid Data Plan revised tariff August 2015
BSNL confirms that the reduced plan tariff for first three months under ‘Per Second Plan’, and ‘Per Minute Plan’ will be continued and will remain as same and Service tax will be charged as extra for BSNL postpaid data plan 170.

From April, this year 2015(New Financial Year), every fortnight BSNL is coming up with most innovative and thought provoking mobile plans under prepaid and postpaid mobile services, where all these BSNL Mobile Plans appears as Flagship Plans, which are in some as mentioned below.
Being a Indian PSU BSNL is very much interested to set global standards rather than follow them. In this line PSU is working on improvising its BSNL 3G Mobile services and most importantly working on customer help desk by introducing new technologies and upgrading the network and also launching new mobile plans from time to time as per the customer requirements in the current trend.

These newly revised BSNL mobile prepaid voice calling tariff for Per Second, Per Minute and Pyari Jodi Plans and BSNL Postpaid Data Tariff of Plan 140 Data Plan to Data Plan 170 will be effective from 1st August 2015 on PAN India basis.

30 July 2015

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BSNL Free Outgoing Calls in Roaming - New STV Launched

Are you a frequent flyer in BSNL Roaming Areas, bugged up with browsing which BSNL Roaming Plan suits to you? BSNL understood its subscribers issue and came out with a much rationalized outgoing tariff for roaming customers under prepaid mobile services by launching a new Roaming STV (Combo Voucher) with Free Outgoing Calls.

After the launch of Free Roaming Facility across India in this 2015, millions of Indian Mobile Users are happy about BSNL Free Incoming Calls in Roaming. In a view to offer affordable services to their Roaming Users, Now BSNL comes up with a new idea to satisfy their users by introducing New Roaming STV (across PAN India) Combo Voucher 91 for Free Outgoing Calls as first time.
BSNL Free Outgoing Calls in Roaming with New STV Launch
Now-a-days BSNL is doing a lot of things which are really making us to stop and look yet it. BSNL being a major PSU and leading telecom service provider, BSNL is offering its services in all verticals. Whether it can be a Landline, Landline+ Broadband, Cell phone (Mobile) services, WLL services, Wi-Fi Hotspots, EVDO Services and there are special services for even corporate world (Recently BSNL introduces Best Group Calling Plan for Corporate / Enterprise Customers with cheapest tariff never offered) also, with all these we can expect BSNL is concentrating to grab the telecom market in all the ways.

With this new BSNL Roaming Free Special Tariff Voucher, BSNL Mobile Users are going to get Free out Going Voice calls of about 120 minutes and 40 free SMS for a validity period of 30 days to use at Roaming Areas (Other than Home Circle) in India as follows.
Particulars Combo Voucher 91 for Roaming Areas
MRP of Roaming Free Outgoing Call Special Tariff Voucher in Rs. (inclusive of S.Tax) Rs. 91 (+/-2)
Free O/G Voice Calls in Roaming 120 minutes for any network
Free SMS in Numbers in Roaming 40 SMS on any network
Validity 30 days

BSNL is becoming truly a Indian player with global standard’s. If you see the pace BSNL is disclosing its tariffs and plans making BSNL on bar with other service providers. At present, BSNL top rated and news breaking topics are as follows, which are really worth full for a customer, never offered by other in Indian Telecom History.
The above two new facilities are really attracted millions of customers across the country. In the same line BSNL has introduced this rationalized outgoing roaming tariff also under prepaid mobile services by introducing the above mentioned new Roaming STV for Free Outgoing Voice Calls and SMS.

This newly launched BSNL Roaming Free Outgoing STV is really a worth full prepaid roaming plan which you have to consider at any time, which will vouch for it by getting Free Outgoing Calls even in Roaming Areas, where this newly launched Outgoing Free BSNL Roaming STV (Combo Voucher) is going to hit the market and available in all BSNL circles across India with effect from 03.08.2015, as a gift for all BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plan Users for this Independence Day.

29 July 2015

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BSNL Waives Installation, Deposit on New Broadband Subscription

BSNL, the leader of Indian Broadband Services has now introduced an exclusive promotional offer for Hyderabad Telecom District New Internet required users, who subscribes with high speed ADSL / FiberNet Broadband Plans by waiving the total charges of Installation, Deposit, and FiberNet Modem Rental, only on New Subscription.

In order to give tough competition to private players, BSNL Introduced these new promotional scheme only in Hyderabad Telecom District for the Broadband customers with new subscription under two types of ADSL Broadband Plans, and one Fibernet BB plan as mentioned below.
BSNL Waives Hyderabad Broadband Deposit, Installation Charges
This new scheme will be applicable for the customers, who opted with 3 / 6 / 12 / 24 months payment, and pays the necessary rental charges in advance as new subscription charges.
  1. Waived BSNL Installation Charges for Landline and Broadband.
  2. Waive Off Security Deposit for Landline [for (Local + STD)] and Broadband Plan.
  3. Waived monthly rental charges of Rs. 150 for FTTH ONT (when taken on rent from BSNL)
BSNL has waived these charges as above for Landline / Broadband and Fibernet New customers on subscription with high speed Broadband Plans as mentioned below, and to encourage the customers to avail Free BSNL Landline connection with out any extra charges and with some free calls available in each ADSL Plan with high speed internet services.
These newly introduced promotional offer for Hyderabad Telecom District BSNL Broadband users will be available for 90days with effect from 23.07.2015 to 20.10.2015. So Hyderabad New Internet customers, its now the time for subscription through BSNL Online Portal or by approach BSNL Office, and save the total expenses of your Installation, Deposit and Modem Rental for FTTH ONT, on your new subscription for BSNL High Speed Internet Services at this new offer time.