Landlines Coming Back to Life, Pushing Forcibly to Past, Believe Copper Wire before Skynet Disaster

Without Increase in Telecom Infrastructure for  Cellular Density,  We have to still believe in Landline Only...

Motorola after many efforts has introduced Wireless Telephony to make us to believe that we can talk cordless. This with further research and innovation we made our life’s more flexible with the usage of Mobile and Mobile based Internet Services (4G, 3G and 2G services). It is hard to believe for any new generation kid that there exists a generation without a mobile phone.
Landlines Coming Back to Life
If you see the statistics of the mobile population growth, it is an exponential growth but if you see the tower infrastructure growth, it is very lean and it is evident that infrastructure can’t support the mobile consumer growth pace.

Many of us started using mobile phones fully around 2003 after the closure of incoming call rates by most dependable operator BSNL. From then till today many are unable to call even family members to wish for a Happy New Year. Till now forced to call to their landline, As landline is the only one communication source, where network traffic cannot be affected. This is making us to still believe copper wire in this wireless world. Which still we unable to accept.

This is mainly because of the poor telecom infrastructure either it can be a spectrum allocation or it can be installation of towers for network coverage or it can be due to the clearance to install new towers…finally as a customer I am in soup.

If you go into statistics as per cellular Operators association of India (COAI) there was around 139% increase in mobile user base. On the Other side towers installation was only at a growth rate of 41%. Furthermore as per Nokia network solutions information that only for the past one year 3G user base was increased by 50%.

Considering the growth Department of Telecommunications has to take a call immediately for spectrum auction and also TRAI should strictly follow that any company should restrict the call drop rate to 2% ( as on date existed). All this will aid the increase per capita data consumption which is directly related to the increase in the Standards of Living for any Country.

BSNL Slashes ADSL Wi-Fi (Wireless) Modem Purchase Charges

BSNL Slashed ADSL Broadband WiFi Modem(CPE) Charges by Rs.300/- for Outright Purchase

India's Largest Broadband Subscriber base Telecom Operator BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) announced about the slashed charges of BSNL ADSL WiFi (Wireless) Modem Purchase Charges as a regular tariff.
BSNL Slashes ADSL WiFi (Wireless) Modem Purchase Charges
At present 99% of the Broadband customers are opting outright purchase option for Broadband Modem (CPE),  In consideration of this, and in view with customer gratification towards purchase of modems, BSNL decided and announces the reduction in charges @ Rs.300 per CPE for outright purchase as Rs.1800/- instead of Rs.2100/- for ADSL Type-II (Wi-Fi) Broadband CPE.

BSNL ADSL Outright Purchase Charges for Wi-Fi Modem

BSNL ADSL WiFi Modem Purchase Charges @ Rs.1800 instead of Rs.2100
BSNL confirms that, there is no revision takes place for ADSL Basic Modem & VDSL WiFi Modem. By this new revision for outright purchase charges of modem, new/existing customers of BSNL Broadband Services are very happy to get their modems at reduced prices, and this new charges for ADSL Wi-Fi modems shall comes into effective from 1st November 2014 in all BSNL circles across India.

BSNL again Proves its Stand for Social Responsibility by Offering Free Talktime for HudHud Cyclone Victims

BSNL declares Rs.50/- Free Talktime & 50 Free SMS for HudHud Cyclone Victims (Inter & Intra Circles) with 30 days Validity

BSNL, the only State Owned Telecom Company is doing a great job whenever it is required to. BSNL again proved it is not the company, which only talks about profits. It’s the only telecom company with social commitment on top of its charts. As BSNL announced great offers to hudhud cyclone victims, at cyclone effected areas of Vishakapatnam, Vizianagaram & Srikakulam districts of Andhrapradesh.
BSNL Allows Rs.50 talktime a& 50 SMS for Vishakapatnam, Vizianagaram & Srikakulam districts of Andhrapradesh
As published in the news, the cyclone effected areas takes a much longer time to recover to normal life. Its not exaggeration to say that Vizag has to completely rebuild. In this hard times, where you find to difficult to obtain basic necessities, BSNL is there for you to understand the need of the time and restore the BSNL Mobile & BSNL Broadband Services on pilot basis.

At this time, BSNL has announced Free Talktime of Rs.50/- for BSNL Prepaid customers with extension of existing validity to 30 days. This talk time can be used for both BSNL and Non BSNL networks at reduced prices like 5 Paise/Minute for BSNL network and also 25 Paise/Minute for other than BSNL network, and along with free talk time around 50 free SMS are also available to be offered as free for BSNL customers.

In the same line BSNL for post-paid customer who has to go to BSNL office to pay his bill, which is a hard thing to do immediately after HudHud. BSNL has postponed the post-paid bill date for another one month.

These offers might appear as small, but if you think these offers as a cyclone victim, where you are unable to go for a recharge and also you might be very tough as even banks are not completely operational, finding a recharge centre/service centre might be a tough task. BSNL offers in these situations really makes us a big fan of BSNL, with its sensible plans at the time of need.

BSNL WestBengal Prepaid Mobile Service Inquiry & Selfcare Recharge Activation Codes

BSNL West Bengal Telecom Circle provides many USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes, which is a protocol used by GSM Mobiles to communicate with BSNL to know the status of the various Mobile STV details and facilities.
BSNL WestBengal Prepaid Mobile Service Inquiry & Selfcare Recharge Activation Codes
In order to facilitate BSNL customer with more services and easy convenience, BSNL WestBengal allowed the below mentioned USSD codes to know the present status of Voice, SMS and Data balances of Special Tariff Voucher/Ratecutters.

BSNL West Bengal Telecom Circle has also facilitates the customer by Selfcare recharge just by sending an SMS to 53733 with a reply to message accordingly for required STV, the amount of Special Tariff Voucher will be deducted from main balance of customer of any subscribed BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plan.

BSNL WestBengal Prepaid Mobile Inquiry & Selfcare Recharge Activation Codes

USSD Dial Code
Particulars to Know/Activate
*123*1# Local Any Network SMS
*123*2# Any Network Balance of STV-135, 574 & 1494
*123*3# Local + STD Voice Own Network
*123*4# FRC Own Network Balance
*123*5# National SMS Balance
*123*6# FRC Onnet Balance
*123*7# Voice Own Network - Local Balance
*123*8# Night Free Data
*123*9# Video Call Own Network Balance
*123*10# Data Anytime Balance
**62*17010# Missed Call Alert Activation
Dial 164 Get Own Mobile Number
Activate Special Tariff Vouchers Via Self Care Recharge
Service Sending SMS Code to 53733
PLAN MobileNumber to 53738
BSNL West Bengal GSM Mobile Customer can use the above mentioned USSD Codes and Message codes accordingly to know the status and activation. BSNL Prepaid & Postpaid subscribers can call Tollfree call center helpline number 1503 (or) 1800-180-1503 at any time round the clock in 365 days for any type of queries regarding GSM Mobile services.

BSNL Launches Low Cost EVDO Data STVs for Madhyapradesh Users

BSNL Offers Cheapest EVDO Special Tariff Vouchers for MP Users Similar to GSM Data Plans...

Telecom Major Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited announced the introduction of new Special Tariff Vouchers/Ratecutters for esteemed customers of EVDO technology Wireless Data Services in Madhyapradesh (MP) Telecom Circle.
BSNL Launches Low Cost EVDO Data STVs for Madhyapradesh Users
In order to access high speed internet without need of a Landline, BSNL offers EVDO services to the customers. Now in view to offer cheapest tariff, BSNL introduced low cost EVDO STVs Rs.17, 39, 78 and 98 which offers free data usage of 100MB, 240MB, 500MB and 650MB, which are similar to BSNL GSM Data Plans.

BSNL New EVDO Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) for Madhyapradesh (MP) Users

MRP of
Free Usage in MB
Validity of
Charges after
Free Usage
17 100 2 Days Peak Hours Rs.0.10/100KB,
and Off Peak Hours Rs.0.05/100 KB
39 240 7 Days
78 500 15 Days
98 650 21 Days
These above mentioned & newly launched BSNL low cost EVDO Special Tariff Vouchers (Ratecutters) shall be applicable for New & Existing users of EVDO services only in Madhyapradesh Telecom Circle as a promotional scheme for a limited period of 90 days from 16th October 2014 to 13th January 2014. 

BSNL Regularized Voice Only Facility for Fiber to Home Service Customers

BSNL FTTH Voice Only Facility now available as a regular Plan for all Fiber Customers...

India’s Most Prominent Telecom Operator BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) announced the regularization of Voice Only Facility which was available as a promotional offer till now, by choosing any existing Landline Voice Plan under Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Services.
BSNL Regularized Voice Only Facility for Fiber to Home Service Customers
In vie of huge response for FTTH voice only facility and in order to promote Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Services, BSNL has decided to offer Voice Only Facility on FTTH as regular basis with a minimum Fixed Monthly Charges commitment with any BSNL Landline Plan having FMC of Rs. 195/- and above with the following conditions
  • BSNL FTTH Connections with Voice Only, shall not be more than 20% of the total FTTH capacity in the city.
  • BSNL FTTH Connections with Voice Only shall be provided at the places where ever telecom services are not feasible on Copper Network.
  • No Free Calls shall be offered on the FTTH connection having Voice only facility with FMC as Rs. 195/-, and the charges for the calls made under this plan shall be Rs. 1.20/- per MCU on any network (i.e. both on On-Net as well as Off-Net).
This new regularized plan Voice Only Facility for Fiber to Home Customers shall be applicable for all new & existing customers of FTTH (Fiber to the Home) Services of all BSNL circles with effect from 16th October 2014.

Well again hope for All India Mobile Number Portability (MNP) before March 31, 2015

We are going out of scope of NOMOPHOBIA, Full Fledge Mobile Number Portability implementation by March 2015

Department of Telecommunications has set a target for implement full level of mobile number portability by 31 March, 2015. As on date Mobile number portability is applicable with the telecom circle. Now it is going to be Inter Telecom Circles.
All India Mobile Number Portability (MNP) before March 31, 2015
Today, Mobile is very much required for us, as our number is linked to many applications. Mobile number is linked with Bank transactions, email account authentications, Hall ticket verification, PF account link etc.. and many more.  The dependency of mobile number is at a level that, one of my friend is maintain a mobile of one telecom circle to another telecom circle for about 2 years. This is making us to be effected by NOMOPHOBIA syndrome.

NOMOPHOBIA (No Mobile Phone Phobia) is a syndrome, which makes us panic and subject us to anxiety whenever we lost a mobile or if your mobile is out of service further more if you are having zero credit in your mobile it may also unknowingly effect you with NOMOPHOBIA.

In General, if you are transferred from one region to another region generally we used to take a new contact number, but as on date dependency of mobile phone which made us to effect by NOMOPHOBIA is very high. We are ready to pay roaming charges rather than withdrawing it. For this everybody thought Mobile Number Portability is really a Boon. But the fact is as on date we can port our mobile number from service provider to other service provider with in the circle, intra telecom circle only. There is no Inter telecom circle Mobile Number Portability with any Telecom Operator in India.

As per the new guideline, Department of Telecommunication (DOT) is gearing up to implement the full-fledged Mobile Number Portability (MNP) across telecom circles ie., inter telecom circles also. That is you can happily transfer a mobile number from Karnataka service provider to Delhi Service provider. This is going to happen before March 2015. All approvals are going to be freezed at the earliest. Hope we can happily Port our mobile numbers across the telecom service providers further across service providers……Great News.