27 November 2015

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BSNL new 3G data plan and extra Talktime announced

BSNL new 3G data recharge plan and extra Talktime offer on special Top Up announced for prepaid mobile users in the form of special tariff voucher (STVs) as a new promotional offer on PAN India basis to celebrate the happiness on every occasion with BSNL new talktime offers along with revision for some of the existing 3G data recharge packs .

Since this start of this financial year, BSNL announcing new schemes on every special occasion for happy celebrations in part with BSNL. After all this, BSNL introduced Extra Talktime recharge offer as limited period offer only for 3 days for Dusserah Festival Season and now announced for this November 2015.
BSNL new 3G data plan and extra Talk time recharge
BSNL Extra Talk Time Bonanza Offer : Extra Talk Value of Rs.1000 on Top up Recharge of Rs. 890 which will be available for a period of 3 days only as a limited period offer in this November 2015 only. Apart from Extra talktime offer, BSNL has also announced the new prepaid 3G data recharge plan STV 29 for mobile data users to suffice the internet needs on the Go at lowest charges may not be offered than any others at this time.

BSNL new 3G plan STV29 offers 150MB free bundled 3G data usage to be available in roaming also with out any extra charges, along with this new introduction BSNL has rationalized the existing 3G data special tariff voucher STV17 with increased free 3G data usage, and by revising the STV39, STV56 validity from existing, with out any change in free 3G data and extra charges after freebies at existing rate of 2ps / 10KB.
BSNL new 3G data plan tariff
*MRP of new BSNL 3G STV will differs from circle to circle, according with technical feasibility.

This new BSNL extra talktime offer will be available for customers from 28th November 2015 to 30th November 2015 on PAN India basis, and intimated to all customers via media / sms by the circle, where this new BSNL 3G Plan will be available across India with effect from 1st December 2015 as a regular special tariff voucher, and prepaid mobile customers can grab the announced BSNL new 3G data plan and extra Talktime offers with BSNL Online Recharge.

23 November 2015

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BSNL Pune 4Mbps Unlimited Broadband Plans Launched

BSNL 4Mbps Broadband Plans for Pune launched already in earlier as a promotional offer. On grand success during previous promotional offer, BSNL relaunched two new Unlimited Broadband Plans under DSL and BSNL Fibernet Broadband Services.

Now its the time for Pune Area broadband internet users to Switch to BSNL DSL / Fibernet 4Mbps speed Unlimited DSL / Fiber Broadband Plans i.e. BBG Combo ULD 645 CS71 under DSL Services, and Fibro Combo ULD 995 CS26 mouth watering speed under Fibernet with high FUP Limit having Unlimited Free Call for Pune Area in Maharashtra.
BSNL Pune New Broadband Plans
These new plans are applicable for all Home and Business internet users by allowing unlimited downloads and uploads with Fair Usage Policy limit against each BB plan along with special discount on yearly advance payment for subscription.

This newly announced BSNL Broadband Plans of DSL and Fibernet for PUNE area Broadband users, ranging 4 Mbps offered with a monthly rental charges at just Rs. 645 and 995 only, with one free landline telephone with out any monthly charges by offering one mail id with high data space at 1GB per one account, and the DSL Broadband Plan BBG Combo ULD 645 CS71 will be provided to customers on Fiber to Home Services also according with feasibility with the following PUNE Broadband Internet Tariff.
BSNL Pune 4Mbps Unlimited Broadband Tariff
In addition, to the existing BSNL Broadband Plans, PSU also introduced these new internet plans with most required facility i.e BSNL Night Unlimited Calling to any network mobile and landline across India from 9PM to 7AM on continuing with existing conditions.

So its now the time came for a data hungry PUNE area netizens to think of BSNL and Migration to BSNL to enjoy the Jet speeds of BSNL DSL / Fiber to Home Broadband Services, and finally its happy to say that BSNL is coming out to play a fair game to give a tough competition for existing private players with this new Fiber to Home Unlimited BSNL Broadband Plans as a promotional offer from 20.11.2015 to 17.02.2015 to avail new 4Mbps Broadband Plans only in Pune.

22 November 2015

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BSNL Internet Plan without monthly Rental Charges

BSNL Internet Plan without monthly rental charges for unlimited BSNL broadband is the latest plan tariff introduced by our most dependable telecom operator and ISP for some areas of Gujarat Telecom Circle having a bandwidth of 2Mbps with FUP limit applicable for Home and Business users of BSNL Godhra, Himatnagar and Jamnagar Broadband Service areas.

On grand success and with huge response for this new BSNL Broadband Plan on first introduction with flat 512Kbps speed from the customers of Godhra SS Area in Gujarat, and in a view to compete with GTPL, BSNL extended this new offer Unlimited Broadband Plan BBG Combo UL 5500 CS73 to another area of Himatnagar and now to Jamnagar Service area with new tariff for download speed of 2Mbps having FUP Limit.
BSNL Broadband Plan without monthly rent
In addition to the existing BSNL Broadband Plans, this new unlimited internet plan will be available only with single time payment as Annual Rental Charges Option with out any kind of Monthly Internet Charges for all Home and Business users of Godhra, Himatnagar and Jamnagar Service areas in Gujarat Telecom Circle.

On subscription for this new internet plans, the customer is paying just like Rs.458 only for Unlimited Internet Plan per month as rental charges, which is the lowest among all as of now, and this broadband plan shall be applicable to all new customers for new subscription and allowed for migration for existing internet customers with the following broadband tariff available with Special Unlimited Night Calling from 9PM to 7AM to any network landline and mobile across India.
BSNL Broadband Tariff, no monthly charges
The existing charges and conditions for BSNL Modems will be applicable as earlier only.

This new unlimited BSNL Internet Plan(BBG Combo UL 5500 CS73) at 2Mbps speed with FUP Limit will be available as a promotional offer from 30.09.2015 to 28.12.2015 in Godhra, but for Himatnagar it is from 12.10.15 to 09.01.16, and for Jamnagar it is from 18th November 2015 to 15th February 2016.

BSNL allows the new customers for internet connection with free Landline Telephone in a convenient way, i.e. Apply BSNL Broadband Online for reliable Internet Services from trusted brand with Unlimited free calling and without monthly rental plan charges available only in Godhra, Himatnagar and Jamnagar Service areas of Gujarat to enjoy the best BSNL Internet Broadband Plan Services.

19 November 2015

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BSNL bouncing back to Profits, posted Operating Profit

BSNL is telling that, it has introduced many plans and many correcting factors to drive its revenue into positive mode to bounce back into profits. Is it working, still having doubt na... we think you might also eagerly waiting for the news, whether BSNL is running in to profits or not. Yeah for this today we got an answer.

BSNL CMD Shri Srivastava in an interview, communicated that BSNL is changing its negative revenue trend towards positive profit mode. Nice to hear na... Yeah after the new government, new team had given a breather for BSNL under the leadership of Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Telecom minister.

In the communication, BSNL CMD told that, Telecom minister is very keen on the revival of BSNL. The seriousness of the team is really working out. As claimed by BSNL the coming revolution in only the data revolution. That is the reason BSNL is putting a great effort for pushing its data business.
BSNL Profits bounce back
Going in to the statistics, BSNL is in positive revenue growth in the year 2014-15 when compared to previous year’s performance. BSNL has posted Rs. 672 operating profit for the financial year 2015. Where are for the previous fiscal BSNL has posted Rs.691 crore loss. Income on services was also increased by about 4.16%. Compared to the last five year results, BSNL has posted good results in this 2015 financial results.

Comparing to the telecom segment itself the debt-equity ratio of BSNL is only 0.13%, which is the lowest across all service providers in the segment. This has happened by all the efforts put by the entire Team BSNL.

BSNL is the only telecom service provider which will pump funds into its up gradation activities to maintain its committed service for its customers. Unlike other service providers chocking of connections you will never find with BSNL. BSNL this year is investing of about Rs. 7700 crores to expand its network and is already released 5G Wi-Fi services into market.

BSNL for the past few months is concentrating on each and every business pocket and had introduced the most popular schemes like free unlimited phone calling from BSNL Landline, Free Roaming for BSNL Mobile users and also a minimum broad band speed of 2Mbps.

After the launch of National Mobile Number Portability, BSNL grabbed the mobile market in large extent, this has proved by the net additions in huge number. BSNL is going to be a game changer in all aspects. Let it be tower business, 4G LTE services, Smart landlines, Wi-Fi hotspots and the most optimum tariff plans which are well appreciated by the many of its customer.

BSNL already speed up their talks with private telecom operators for sharing of intra circle roaming pacts and for provision of 4G LTE Services in near future. BSNL is going to make proud for every stake holder and also as a Indian company which may also lead service area for Make in India bandwagon.

18 November 2015

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BSNL 8Mbps Unlimited Broadband Plans Launched

BSNL high speed Unlimited Broadband Plans with 8Mbps download speed now launched as regular combo broadband internet plans for all India by offering many free calls and unlimited calling applicable for all Home and Business users.

Now a days, Indian’s can't imagine the life without Internet and with out more high speed plans having unlimited data transfer. So that our PSU launched these new 8Mbps Unlimited Internet BSNL Broadband Plans now as per user necessities from time to time at lowest tariff rates.

As of now, BSNL users in many are using a maximum of 4 Mbps ADSL Broadband Plans, but now it’s the time to subscribed for ultra speed ADSL BSNL Internet services at reasonable monthly charges with unlimited internet data transfer by continuing the Online Bill Payment and BSNL Online Plan Change for this new plans.
BSNL 8Mbps Unlimited Broadband Plans
The major advantage in this new unlimited combo Broadband Plans is, BSNL Offers Unlimited Free Night Calling to any Network in India between 9PM to 7AM, and also offers 1000 Free Calls per month to avail at any time, with out any telephone rental charges by allowing a special rental discount on subscription with 1 /2 / 3 year payment options to enjoy the wireless broadband internet at their premises through WiFi modems / routers.

These new launched broadband internet plans BBG Combo ULD 2091, BBG Speed Combo ULD 2295, BBG Speed Combo ULD 2841 is applicable for all Home and Business users with Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limit having a bandwidth from 4 Mbps to 8Mbps according to plan opted and 512Kbps after the FUP limit reached with mentioned below broadband tariff.
Plan Name BBG Combo
ULD 2091
BBG Speed Combo ULD 2295 BBG Speed Combo ULD 2841
Bandwidth (Download Speed) having FUP limit 4 Mbps upto 80GB 8 Mbps upto 80GB 8 Mbps upto 175GB
FUP Speed after limit 512 Kbps
Monthly Charges (Rs) 2091 2295 2841
One Year Payment Charges 23001 25245 31251
DL / UL Limit Unlimited Internet Downloads and Uploads per Month
Free E-mail IDs/Space 1 / 1 GB
Static IP Address
(On Request)
One @ Rs. 1800/- per year additional One Free
Free Calls (within BSNL) 1000 1000 1000
For subscription of these cheapest Unlimited Broadband Internet Plans which are in addition to the following BB Plans, Customers will have to pay One Month Rental Charges as Refundable Security Deposit for Broadband Services with minimum hire period of One Month, where the call charges after Free Calls( which are allowed only for BSNL network) will be charged at Rs.1, and at Rs.1.2 for all Other Network calls.

So, it’s time for high speed internet required users to book your BSNL Internet Connection with this new BSNL 4Mbps and 8Mbps Unlimited Speed Combo Broadband Plans from 17.11.2015 available as regular tariff plans applicable for all the new/existing customers across India by allowing the users to apply Online.
These new Broadband Plans will also be available on Fiber to Home (FTTH) services with the same fixed monthly charges and same Unlimited Internet Tariff, where it is feasible, and all the existing BSNL Internet Users can now facilitates to migrate to these plans by submitting a request to the concerned BSNL or through BSNL Online Plan Change Portal to avail high speed BSNL 8Mbps Unlimited Broadband Plans.