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BSNL Unlimited 3G Plan without Speed Restriction | Launched

In a series of offering customer friendly schemes for the benefit of customers. PSU introduced BSNL Unlimited 3G Plan newly without any speed restriction under prepaid data services on the eve of Janmashtmi.

Monsoon season poses various challenges for telecom operators, but our BSNL overtakes it very simple by introducing unlimited 3G internet plans without speed throttling. This new lowest BSNL Unlimited 3G Plan tariff shall enhance customer experience towards BSNL 3G services.

As on date, mobile operator allows BSNL Unlimited 3G Plans with speed throttling. Now to strengthen itself in the market, BSNL deciding to battle to turnaround by offering best data services.
BSNL Unlimited 3G Plan data tariff
At this time, PSU introduced BSNL Unlimited 3G Plan at Rs.1099 per month. After that two high volume data packs Data156, Data549 having more data in each pack as detailed below. Where these three data packs are applicable for all prepaid recharge plans of BSNL across India.

With this new tariff, it is proved that, BSNL is about customer side only. Introducing the best on matching the tariffs for various 3G data services being offered by competitors to offer the best in market.

BSNL unlimited 3G plan without speed restriction

BSNL 3G STV Price 3G Free Bundled Data Validity in Days for Data Plan
156 2GB 10
549 10GB 30
1099 * Unlimited 3G Internet
without speed restriction
* Existing BSNL 3G STV 1099, which offers 9GB data has withdrawn, and introduced as Unlimited 3G Data Plan.

So PAN India mobile users, It's now time to fasten your seat belts, BSNL 3G is going to put you on the fast track. If you are not having BSNL SIM. Buy the best prepaid sim from BSNL and shop online for unlimited 3G internet anytime for high speed wireless data.

With this BSNL unlimited 3G plan and high data volume vouchers available from 25th August 2016 on PAN India basis. You will have high speed wireless broadband in your hands for your smartphone or USB data cards (dongle) where ever you go.
Last updated: 22 August 2016
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BSNL Nashik BB Plans FUP Limit increased upto 500%

Telecom major introduced promotional offer with new BSNL Nashik broadband plans applicable only for Nashik secondary switching area. These new tariff allows 2Mbps before FUP limit and 1Mbps after FUP limit in each plan.

BSNL introduced 5 special bb plans in this new announcement. As of now, existing plans BBG UL545 and BBG Combo UL675 allows 2Mbps post FUP limit upto 1GB only. After this new introduction, BSNL offers FUP limit as 5GB and 6GB in each plan as mentioned below.
BSNL Nashik Broadband Plans
To compete with other private ISP's strongly, BSNL offers these plans in Nashik area of Maharashtra. All the new plans introduced in addition to existing bb tariff structure without any hike in rental charges. After crossing of Fair usage policy limit also, customer will gets 1Mbps speed in every plan.

If customer requires to restore high speed as like before FUP limit. He must have to subscribe for the available best broadband topup plans only. These plans will continue the special discounts on subscription of yearly plans. Existing terms and conditions of security deposit and minimum  hire period of one month will continue.

BSNL Nashik Broadband Plans - Special Internet Tariff

Nasik Broadband Plans BBG ULD 545 CS131 BBG ULD 795 CS133 BBG Combo ULD 675 CS132 BBG Combo ULD 845 CS134 BBG Combo ULD 945 CS135
DL Speed is upto 2Mbps
with FUP Limit of
5GB 12GB 6GB 10GB 12GB
Speed after FUP limit 1Mbps
Applicability All users of Nasik SSA in Maharashtra Telecom only
Monthly Charges (Rs) 545 795 675 845 945
Annual Payment 5995 8745 7425 9295 10395
Two Years Payment 11445 16695 14175 17745 19845
Three Years Payment 16350 23850 20250 25350 28350
Free E-mail IDs/Space 1/1 GB
Landline Rent in Rs per month As per existing Landline plan Nil
Free Calls (within BSNL) 100 Nil 350
Additional facility Unlimited Free Calls between 9PM to 7AM to any network landline and mobile in India
DL = Download Speed
All the plans allows day and night free calling on all Sundays from 15th August 2016.

So all Nashik broadband customers. It's now have a chance to apply the new subscription for BSNL broadband through online. Enjoy high speed internet with the above latest BSNL Nashik broadband plans available as a promotional offer.

This offer is available upto 19th October 2016. So hurry up, subscribe or migrate to new BSNL Nashik broadband plans to get high speed and save your budget.
Last updated: 19 August 2016
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BSNL Kerala Fiber Plans at 20Mbps Speed | New Launch

BSNL Kerala Fiber Plans at 20Mbps Speed is the latest news heard from our ISP. In this new tariff order, BSNL introduced three new broadband plans for Keralaities. These plans are offered on DSL and Fiber to the Home technologies.

Upto now, we all enjoying the BSNL broadband services under DSL technology. This DSL allows the speed upto 8Mbps and on VDSL upto more extent. To offer more with Next Generation Network (NGN) Services, BSNL extending fiber network to everywhere.

This new introduction of BSNL Kerala Fiber Plans at 20Mbps Speed is a clear example for the next coming services. In this new launch BSNL offers one DSL broadband plan (BBG Combo ULD 1091 CS169) allows 8Mbps speed. After that two fiber plans (Fibro ULD 1045 CS48 and Fibro ULD 1395 CS49) with mesmeric internet speeds ranging 20Mbps speed.
BSNL Kerala Fiber Plans at 20Mbps Internet Speed
All these BSNL Kerala fiber plans are also allowed 1Mbps bandwidth after crossing FUP limit as mentioned in each plan. These plans are in addition to existing high speed internet tariff. At this time, these plans are offered only in Trivandrum, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Palakkad and Calicut with the following tariff.

BSNL Kerala Fiber Plans Tariff

Particulars BBG Combo ULD 1091 CS169 Fibro ULD 1045 CS48 Fibro ULD 1395 CS49
Bandwidth with FUP limit Upto 8Mbps till 40 GB Upto 20 Mbps till 50GB Upto 20 Mbps till 75GB
Speed after Fup Limit Upto 1Mbps
Applicability All users of Trivandrum, Ernakulam, Thrissur and Kozhikode Service Areas of Kerala All users of Trivandrum, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Palakkad and Calicut Service Areas of Kerala
Monthly Rent in Rs 1091 1045 1395
Annual Payment in Rs 12001 11495 15345
2Years Rent in Rs 22911 21945 29295
Three Years Payment in Rs 32730 31350 41850
Free E-mail IDs / Space 1/1 GB
Static IP (On Request) One at Rs.2000 per year additional
Telephone Rent / Free Calls NIL As per Landline plan
Additional facility Unlimited Free Calls from 9PM to 7AM to any Network in India

BSNL has also allowed cash back offer to get free WiFi modem for these plans. These plans will continue to offer data usage checking, broadband plan change and more. Along with these also allowed to rejoice with your friends having an unlimited voice talk at night time during weekdays and even day time on Sundays.

So Keralities, Apply fiber plans and DSL tariff online. It's now the time to avail BSNL Kerala Fiber Plans at 20Mbps bandwith available from 10.08.2016 to 8th November 2016.  Enjoy high speed data in all your wireless devices at any time with 20Mbps data speed available in your Kerala.
Last updated: 18 August 2016
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Faridabad BSNL Fiber Broadband Plans at 20Mbps Speed Launched

As on date, Faridabad BSNL broadband users are availing Fiber Optical connection with 16 MBPS download speed. Feels very happy with great service. To enhance the user experience, ISP now introduces New Faridabad BSNL Fiber Broadband Plans at 20Mbps Speed at affordable tariff.

Customers who would like to have an unlimited internet at 20Mbps speed around Rs.1500 per month is now have best choice. To keep up with the market and compete with multinational providers like ACT, Cloud Net and other ISP’s. BSNL introduced this high speed internet connection at 20Mbps speed.

These New Faridabad BSNL Fiber Broadband Plans BBG Combo ULD 749 CS167, BBG Combo ULD 799 CS168, Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS38, Fibro Combo ULD 1249 CS39, Fibro Combo ULD 1599 CS40 and Fibro Combo ULD 2100 CS41 are available on promotional basis only in Faridabad SSA of Haryana Telecom. 
Faridabad BSNL Fiber Broadband Plans 20Mbps Speed Tariff
The only operator introduced this type of affordable ultra speed internet for Faridabad users. These are the additional plans to already available high speed DSL / Fiber broadband tariff. Friends and family members of your home who uses internet in your home at these speeds can surely opt for BSNL immediately. Take a look about the best tariff as below.

Faridabad BSNL Fiber Broadband Plans Exclusive Tariff

Particulars BBG Combo ULD 749 CS167 BBG Combo ULD 799 CS168 Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS38 Fibro Combo ULD 1249 CS39 Fibro Combo ULD 1599 CS40 Fibro Combo ULD 2100 CS41
Download Speed Upto 4Mbps till 20 GB Upto 4Mbps till 30 GB Upto 10Mbps till 50 GB Upto 10Mbps till 100 GB Upto 20 Mbps till 50 GB Upto 10 Mbps till 200 GB
Speed after FUP Limit 1Mbps
Applicability All users of Faridabad SSA of Haryana Telecom Circle only
Monthly Charges (Rs) 749 799 999 1249 1599 2100
Yearly Payment 8239 8789 10989 13739 17589 23100
2 Yrs Advance Payment 15729 16779 20979 26229 33579 44100
Three Years Payment 22470 23970 29970 37470 47970 63000
Free E-mail IDs/Space 1/1 GB
Additional Static IP Charges (On Request) Not Applicable One at Rs.2000 One at Rs.1800
Landline Rent / Free Calls NIL
Additional facility Unlimited Free Calls between 9PM to 7AM to any network in India

BSNL already offers 16Mbps speed internet connection on VDSL technology in Faridabad. Now these plans are the additional plans for that, to offer the best again. With this new plans, customers of other areas in India are also expecting these type of plans to enhance the internet connectivity with the world at great speeds.

All the above mentioned DSL broadband plans are also available on Fiber to Home (FTTH) network according with feasibility. Where these plans are available upto 19th October 2016 for new subscriptions. Customers who prefer these above Faridabad BSNL Fiber Broadband Plans at 20Mbps Speed can feel great about their right choice.
Last updated: 16 August 2016
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Get New BSNL Landline at Rs 49 Per Month with Unlimited Calling

Now our PSU is going to offer BSNL Landline at Rs 49 Per Month with Unlimited Free Calling facility to any network with One BSNL Free SIM Card of prepaid services. This is really going a hot offer on the BSNL shelf.

BSNL is releasing most irresistible offers, right from last year April. We are bombarded with lot many offers which really had a huge impact in landline business of BSNL. Free night calling facility is really the best offer till date. It’s like a cherry on the cream.

In General, we will find some time to call our dear ones only on Sundays. As of now BSNL only the operator offering free calls on night only. This puts some restriction and may limit us to our family members. To make a full stop for this, BSNL introduced unlimited free calling during day and night on all Sundays on PAN India.
BSNL Landline Plan Experience LL 49 New Tariff
This is going to gear up our relations with our friends. Apart from this, now for new customers, BSNL introduced New Landline services with new plan (Experience LL 49) at Rupees 49 per month as rental charges.

This new plan allows free calling facility during night hours from Monday to Saturday of the week, and 24 hours free calling on Sundays. To have a wider customer acceptance BSNL is going to extend this free calling facility to this plan also. This lowest monthly rental plan of BSNL Landline (Experience LL 49) shall also be applicable for non combo broadband plan customers.

Most of the customers are disconnecting their landlines due to increase in monthly rental charges, but now with this special offer. BSNL new customers can enjoy landline services at Rs.49 per month without installation charges for new connection. Customers can have a look at the following detailed new tariff BSNL Landline.

BSNL Landline Plan (Experience LL 49) Tariff

Name of BSNL Landline Plan Experience LL 49
Monthly Charges Rs.49(First 6Months), after Six months, Number converts to General Plan*
Free Calls from landline Nil
Local / STD Call Charges BSNL Network:Rs.1.00/MCU Other Network:Rs.1.20/MCU
Installation Charges Completely Waived Off
CLIP Charges Rs 600 for both Rural and Urban areas
Additional Facility Free Night Calling to any Local and STD calls of any Landline and Mobile Network between 9PM to 7AM
All the other BSNL terms and conditions shall be same as per General plan of BSNL Landline Services.
* At the time of Customer Application Form, filling customer’s consent should be taken by BSNL authorities for conversion to Landline General plan after six months.

BSNL has said that, PSU is going to set top priority on data business. As said BSNL new landline connection plays a vital role. To push land line connection business BSNL's offers was really a great click last year. This new landline plan will be offered as Independence Day Gift offer available for 90days from 15th August 2016.

It’s the time for new customer to book landline broadband services through online and get your BSNL free prepaid sim card. Enjoy unlimited night calling on all working days and 24 hours free calling. Rejoice the best on weekends with all friends relatives on subscription with lowest rental BSNL Landline Plan 49.