27 August 2015

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BSNL Offers New 3G Data STV for this 2015 Rakshabandhan

On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, maintaining its tradition, Telecom Major BSNL have offered a very attractive Combo Voucher as a promotional offer for its pre-paid mobile customers along with Free 3G Data and Free Talktime, which is a good gift to sisters from brothers for this special occasion in August 2015.

This newly introduced BSNL 3G Data STV having worth of Rs.269/- provides 1 GB Free Data along with Rs.100/- free talk value with a validity of 18 days. With this new 3 STV, No other mobile operator in present telecom industry has offering such an attractive 3G Data STV.
BSNL Rakshabandhan with Free 3G Data + Free Talktime
In view of rationalization, BSNL has withdrawn the following prepaid data stv and introduced new 3G data stv by offering 300MB free data for 28 days, for its prepaid mobile customers of East Zone(Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East) only.

BSNL Rakshabandhan Offer
MRP of BSNL 3G Data STV 3G TariffValidity in days
Rs. 269 Free Data 1 GB and Talk Value of Rs.100 (Talk Value offered with this combo voucher will increase the main balance)18
Withdrawn STV and Newly Introduced 3G Data STV Plan for East Zone
Rs. 56 (Withdrawn) 250MB30
Rs.109 (New Introduction) 300 MB Free 3G Data28

Recently BSNL has also introduced some Unlimited 3G Mobile Internet Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs) for BSNL Prepaid Mobile customers starting from Rs.399/- which are cheapest in the present market as follows.
The new unique facility of Free National Roaming available only to BSNL mobile customers is getting overwhelming response and Rocking from all India, this is proved in increase of mobile connections during June and July of 2015.

This newly introduced Rakshabandhan 3G Data STV offer is applicable for only 7days with effect from 26th August 2015 to 1st September 2015 on PAN India basis, and new BSNL 3G data voucher Rs.109 will be available from 27.08.2015 only in BSNL East Zone as a regular BSNL 3G data STV.

26 August 2015

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BSNL 3G Unlimited Mobile Internet Prepaid Data Plans | New Launch

Exciting News from BSNL, PSU has introduced BSNL 3G Unlimited Internet Plans for data lovers. This time BSNL is trying to attract high 3G data usage consumers. Till date we are used to search broadband plans for unlimited internet in nature, and this wired unlimited broadband plans are used to have fair usage policy (FUP) limit after which the plan speed will be reduced, where this time the same concept we can see in newly launched BSNL 3G Unlimited Internet Data Plans ranging from 2GB to 16GB.

As of now, BSNL Unlimited 3G Data STVs of Prepaid will be offered as promotional offer for Haryana and Himachal Pradesh only, Now this Unlimited 3G concept is extended on introduction with new prepaid 3G STV plans for all BSNL Circles of North(Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir) and South (Andhra Pradesh (AP / Telangana), Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu) Zones as a regular tariff.
BSNL 3G Unlimited Mobile Internet Prepaid Data STV Plans
As BSNL, earlier mentioned that its line of business will more of a data and its allied services. BSNL wants to participate in a big way when it comes to Data Revolution in India. For the same BSNL participation in Digital India is like a catalyst for the project. BSNL is leading the Pride of Nation project National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN).

To make people on its 3G band feel very good, PSU is going to offer best BSNL 3G STVs and even BSNL Unlimited Data STV with best amount of 3G Plans (STV -399, 629, 2399) having FUP(Fair Usage Policy) Limit in each unlimited 3G tariff plan as follows.

BSNL 3G Data STV Price in Rs. Validity (in Days) Free Usage Additional 3G Tariff Details
399 30
Unlimited Mobile Internet
Speed 80Kbps after 2GB
629 30 Speed 80Kbps after 3GB
2399 60 Speed 80Kbps after 16GB
BSNL also allows this free unlimited 3G mobile internet data usage, while in roaming across India in all BSNL Roaming areas.

To make some room and to upgrade its quality of service for 3G users BSNL is encouraging its consumers to connect high speed and high quality BSNL WiFi hotspots too. With Which the customers who are connected to the network will be use the complete bandwidth, and these new BSNL WiFi Hotspots Tariff is also the best option for the users also, on to which they can browse data at high speeds with a best data plans available across all the service providers.

The only public sector in entire gamut of telecom industry of India is BSNL, who is going in strategic way, so that it is pushing remote areas to come under 3G Span, with this even remote area people are going to get the best high speed BSNL 3G Data Services and makes remote people to avail all their requirements online. So BSNL introducing best 3G Data Plans from time to time according with the users requirement. In this line only PSU has introduced the above BSNL 3G Unlimited Internet Plans with reliable tariff available from 27.08.2015.

25 August 2015

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BSNL Bangalore 60Mbps FiberNet Broadband Plans | Regularized

BSNL Bangalore the best ISP for Indian Electronic City, introduced 20Mbps, 40Mbps and 60Mbps FiberNet Unlimited Broadband Plans according with huge requirements for netizens to avoid slow internet problems of Garden City at cheapest monthly charges with best high FUP Internet Limit in each high speed fibernet broadband plan.

In a view to compete with private broadband players of Bangalore, and with huge customer response during promotional offer upto 14.08.2015, BSNL has now regularized the most successful fiber-net broadband plans of Bangalore to offer at anytime by allowing special discount for Government Employees and for regular customers on subscription with Annual Payment Option.
BSNL Bangalore 60Mbps Broadband Plans on FiberNet
On regularization with all these high speed Unlimited Internet Plans for Bangalore upto 60Mbps download speed on Fiber, at cheapest BSNL Broadband Tariff as per the customer requirements, BSNL seems that, it will surely bouncing back to hold its premier status in India by giving a tough competition to private broadband players.

With this below BSNL Fibernet Plans, Internet users can surf the internet and stream videos online, download movies, share games etc and many more at great speeds at cheapest monthly charges never offered, with latest BSNL Broadband Plans available only in Bangalore through fault free fibernet services.
BSNL FiberNet Unlimited Broadband Plans for Bangalore
BSNL Broadband Plan Particulars Fibro BBG ULD 1045 CS17 Fibro BBG ULD 1395 CS18 Fibro BBG ULD 1995 CS19
Bandwidth (Download Speed) Upto 20 Mbps till 50GB, after 512 Kbps Upto 40 Mbps till 75GB, after 512Kbps Upto 60 Mbps till 100GB, after 1Mbps
Applicability All Internet Users of Bangalore Telecom District Only
Monthly Charges (Rs) 1045 1395 1995
Annual Payment Option
(Rs.11 x FMC)
11495 15345 21945
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per ID) 1/5 MB
Security Deposit One Month Fixed Monthly Charges
Minimum Hire Period One Month
In this new Fiber Net Broadband Plans, Telephone monthly charges and Free Calls will be available/charged as per the Subscribed BSNL Landline Plan.

So Bangalore users, now it’s the time to check for BSNL Fibernet available in your area or not, just by Apply BSNL Fiber Broadband Plans Online, then BSNL contacts you with feasibility and provides your 20 - 60Mbps FiberNet Broadband Internet connection to your premises to enjoy the high speed internet with regular BSNL FiberNet Broadband Plans as above, applicable only for BSNL Bangalore Telecom District Users with effect from 18.08.2015 as Bullet Broadband Plans.

23 August 2015

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BSNL EVDO Plans Prepaid Tariff for Limited / Unlimited Internet

Do you actually know about the EVDO Data Card and it best high speed BSNL EVDO Plans at lowest tariff. We know 2G, 3G and more or less CDMA technology, these are technologies, which is the baseline for wireless telecommunications. Now-a-days telecommunication is not only how we are going to talk, its about providing different types of services provided by any typical service provider with its best wireless data services, now required for any data customer to avail high speed internet.

To offer the best wireless internet data services, BSNL allows the customers to use the high speed internet Services as BSNL EVDO Data Card, a wireless technology to connect you on the fly, when you are away from the physical or WiFi Hotspot.
BSNL EVDO Prepaid Limited Unlimited Internet Plans
BSNL EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized / Evolution-Data) offers high speed mobile broadband services under prepaid services ranges upto 3.1 Mbps with best prepaid BSNL EVDO Plans with common tariff in all BSNL Service areas across India as follows.

BSNL EVDO Data Card Sale Price and Free Usage Tariff
Sale Price of BSNL EVDO Card (from BSNL) Rs.1199
Free Bundled Usage offered to be used with in 30days (if purchase from BSNL) Rs. 399 * 
An amount of Rs.350 will be charged as activation charges for BSNL EVDO Card New Prepaid Connection with no free bundled usage, if the customer brings their own EVDO Data Card.

BSNL EVDO Plans / Tariff for Limited and Unlimited Internet
MRP of EVDO STV Free Usage * Validity in Days
Rs 150 1.5 GB 30
Rs 250 2.5 GB 30
Rs 500 6 GB 30
Rs 750 Unlimited Internet 30
*An amount of Rs 0.10/100 KB for Peak hours & Rs 0.05/100 KB for Off Peak Hours will be charged from main account balance from normal plan, or after free usage from limited/unlimited plans. The Timings for peak / off peak hours are Peak hour (7 AM - 11 PM) and off peak hours (11 PM - 7 AM).

When the customer subscribed with any of the above plan, necessary monthly charges will be
automatically deducted from the main account balance in the account by allowing all the free usage while in national roaming also.

BSNL EVDO Data Card Prepaid Plan customers can also use the below mentioned Special Tariff Voucher Recharge Packs to reduce the tariff rates in great extent at reduced charges for high speed EVDO Internet.
These BSNL EVDO Prepaid Data Card Services will makes you to feel like connecting to the broadband internet without a DSL or ADSL connection with best prepaid EVDO Plans. It offers a great services if you are having connection with in a perimeter of 3 Kms or Range.

The bundled EVDO Free Data usage, if any unutilized, will not be carry forward to the next recharge like BSNL 3G Plans, which is to be exhausted within the validity period. With this above Prepaid BSNL EVDO Plans, every prepaid EVDO Data customer can use the above tariff recharge plans / STVs to avail high speed EVDO Limited / Unlimited Speed Internet.

20 August 2015

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BSNL sets 'GO' as SIM Card Sales Shoots Up, Result Yields 'Revival'

BSNL is coming in to stats with its count of mobile users going on and on with new SIM Card Sales which Shoots Up. Do you imagine what are all the numbers you are going to hear about, the BSNL new SIM cards sale. BSNL had witnessed around 100% raise in the sale from May to July. This is really a good sign for BSNL. BSNL for which we are hearing about revival of BSNL, had taken a right pace to catch up the present mobile market.

BSNL is on to charts right from April this year. Change in the government strategy along with change in BSNL management, I think it’s really working. Before that BSNL is struggling for its expansion where for the past 6 to 7 years there was no single tender converted to order for the upgradation of the network or even facilities. This is the period BSNL has lost most of its customer base. Even BSNl Employee Unions and Associations even participated in strike to procure hardware to stand in the market and make BSNL Campaigns in part of Revamp.

Nowadays it seems the scenario was just running in favour of BSNL. Its great thing with BSNL, that it has accepted that, BSNL has crossed the era of voice revolution and want to take big part in data revolution. This is a big realization from BSNL and its really making good count with this decision.

Furthermore BSNL is playing its cards wisely. The expansion matrix if you see, for rural areas BSNL is pushing wireless services, to minimize maintenance expenditure. In urban areas BSNL is upgrading its exchanges with next generation switches with which smart landlines may come in to existence. And also cater much more services along with voice and data. This up gradation is going to change the face of BSNL.

BSNL is also betting big on enterprise business and also driving digital India project by taking lead in National Optical Fiber Network. Which is going to change the face of Indian villages. Governance is going to come to your Smartphone.

BSNL is not going to leave any pocket of it service. BSNL has recently introduced the following smashing offers for all Landline, Broadband, and Mobile Service customers.
The free night calling facility is still one of the bet offer BSNL is providing. This offer is making to sit at landline and connecting your dear ones in this wireless era, and Free Roaming is a next big thing from BSNL which is a driving factor to catalyzing new users driving towards BSNL. After Mobile Number Portability, the special offers released by almost in every circle by BSNL is really making people to consider BSNL as a reliable service provider.

The PSU is the only telecom service provider in the market which is offering the lowest prices for BSNL 3G Data Plans. This is one of the key factor for increase of user base in mobile segment. Just check the details of the BSNL SIM card sales, Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh(W), Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan are really leading and Andaman & Nicobar , Jharkhand, West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (E), Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh in second position, where Orissa, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat are also following in increment of BSNL SIM Sales.
With the above mentioned figures in the table, BSNL increasing the SIM sales with sustained efforts of BSNL Teams. The gross SIM sales of BSNL has increased from 8.6 lakhs in the month of May' 15 to 16.l Lakhs in the month of July' 15. New best example for BSNL SIM Sales growth is BSNL Express Activation of mobile number which was newly introduced.

With this, after long time, BSNL has became no.1 mobile operator by providing large number of mobile numbers in July 2015 by pushing Airtel, Vodafone to 2 and 3 positions. The total of added BSNL Numbers in July is 16.1 Lakhs.

BSNL to keep the pace, along with the increase of merchant base, should also offer the world class best customer service. With this motto only, BSNL is trying to get strong their retailer channel by offering various schemes also to their BSNL retailers to boost up the sales and also trying to gear up every sales channels/teams to ensure that SIM sales record in every month to compete with others strongly and to capture the market, with this new record (BSNL SIM Card Sales Shoots Up) only, we can surely assume that BSNL should yields good results for Revival to get past Glory and every customer think that, this is our BSNL and we will be with BSNL Only.