05 September 2015

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BSNL Broadband to offer minimum Internet Speed as '2Mbps'

BSNL Broadband user in almost everywhere are eagerly waiting about the upgradation of Internet Speed, the time now happened, BSNL announced the exclusive news to offer the minimum Unlimited Broadband Internet Speed as 2Mbps in each plan with FUP Limit applicable for all ADSL Broadband customers across India by continuing BSNL Unlimited Free Night Calling.

Now its going to be DATA revolution, gone are the days voice communication ruled the world, where now all the telecom companies are much concerned on DATA communications and their high speed. BSNL CMD he himself told that now BSNL want to participate in Indian Data revolution.

That’s the reason, BSNL exchanges are going to be renovated with NGN switches. With this NGN exchanges every BSNL Landline might act as IP telephone. On the same word, BSNL is going to increase its 512Kbps unlimited broadband connections with 2Mbps speed till FUP as per respective plan.
BSNL minimum Broadband Internet Speed increased to 2Mbps
Now a days there is heavy competition among the internet service providers. Even in the B class towns also, local service providers are offering high speeds at lowest prices and also corporate service providers are really offering comparable plans.

Now a days market is going towards higher speeds, customers are expecting like “Dil Mange More” speeds, So BSNL reviews the market and all internet activities with its minimum speeds and came out with a solution to increase its minimum broadband internet speeds to 2Mbps for data communication and with unlimited free voice calling to any network during night hours.

This is really a great step towards Data revolution. BSNL is moving as per the current trends of the market. In general BSNL plans are very consumer friendly. There will be a good balance between Data and Voice usage, that only makes BSNL to have a separate status, after this new upgradation of BSNL Internet Speed, the trust in broadband users is to be increase more. Have a look about the speed increase in BSNL Broadband Plans and their FUP Limit.

Broadband Plan Name Existing Bandwidth Revised BSNL Download Speed
BBG UL 545

512 Kbps Flat

upto 2 Mbps till 1GB, after 512Kbps
BBG Combo UL 675
BBG Rural Combo UL 650
BB Home UL 645 CS35
BB Home Combo UL 775 CS36
BBG Combo UL 5500 CS73
BBG Combo ULD 845 1 Mbps till 6 GB, 512 Kbps beyond upto 2 Mbps till 6 GB, after 512Kbps
BB Home Combo ULD 899 CS37

Upgradation of bandwidth in Tirupati, Kurnool, Anantpur, Warangal and Nellore Areas of AP circle
BBG ULD 545 upto 1 Mbps till 10 GB, 512 Kbps beyond upto 2 Mbps till 10 GB, after 512Kbps

Upgradation of bandwidth in Khammam, Ongole, Karimnagar, Cuddappah, Mahboobnagar, Nizamabad, Nalagonda, Adilabad, Srikakulam and Vizianagaram Areas of AP circle
BBG Combo ULD 675 upto 1 Mbps till 10 GB, 512Kbps beyond upto 2 Mbps till 10 GB, after 512Kbps
BBG Combo ULD 845 upto 1 Mbps till 12 GB, 512 Kbps beyond upto 2 Mbps till 12 GB, after 512Kbps

In near future, BSNL should also think more on these offers of 1GB, which is the FUP of basic plans, and increase the FUP Limit for all BSNL Broadband Plans, which in turn gives more and more broadband connections. This new increased download speed along with continuation of unlimited free night calling to any network landline  / mobile network will be the amazing offer for all BSNL Broadband Internet Users in this 2015.

This latest news from BSNL of its increased minimum broadband speeds from 512Kbps to 2Mbps is going to come into active from October 1st of 2015, which will be a given as BSNL Formation Day Gift to their customers.

In earlier, we have already discussed about the news of Governments decision to launch minimum internet speed as 2Mbps, for that Indian Internet users are eagerly waiting about the, before that only, BSNL announced minimum of 2Mbps Internet download speed, but this is with some FUP Limit. In near future, soon we all expect, this may also changed to get more speed at great extent from our best broadband internet service provider BSNL.

04 September 2015

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BSNL New Way | Right Person at Right Place for best BSNL Services

BSNL follows new way, Right Person at Right Place for best BSNL Services, is there any favor for customers? let us discuss in detail. In general many of us have a doubt, regarding BSNL Revival. As a customer, if BSNL revives with existing tempo what it means to you. BSNL enjoyed monopoly before the era of globalisation. This made BSNL to demand customer to walk to its place. After globalization, the scene is reversed, there was huge competition with in domestic market and forced BSNL to pull its socks, still it called for major restructuring of the company to feel customer happy with front office.

Some of the BSNL customers felt embarrassed sometime back for the given response by the people who are sitting at “May I Help You” counters, about an enquiry of new products like FTTH / Leased line etc..” The hardening fact is that, we don't know what it is, this is the answer, and also they can’t try to enquire with their higher authorities or didn’t guide the customer for exact approach to whom.

The above mentioned example is a smaller one, not for all employees are like that. They are the one who made communication system establishment within hours after many disastrous cyclones and Floods, but customer point is, BSNL Management has to understand to place Executives / Employees / People in the front office or train people to understand new technologies, new tariffs and they should encourage new customers to be part of BSNL.
BSNL Right Person at Right Place for best BSNL Services
For example if you visit any ICICI bank, the cashier starts discussing with you regarding opening an account or with respect to any insurance policies. Being a cashier she is doing marketing. For them there will perks. In the same line BSNL can use train front office people for technology upgrades and also they can drive people to BSNL.
If BSNL is changed and doing good business, offering best Quality of Service and best innovative plans what it mean to a customer? and what it means to BSNL and what it means to a BSNL employee? These three are interrelated. If BSNL offers good innovative plans and better QoS, as customer many more an more prefer BSNL, because of many reasons like, BSNL coverage area is Superb / Best and is available any pocket of India.

There is no reason for customers to think of other networks as BSNL is our own company and if BSNL is in profits, those profits will be used again for all of us only, through the government as profits goes to government. Why we have to go to private player, as he only pays the taxes and is not going to share its profits with us.

If customer is happy, BSNL Company will do well, and in turn BSNL employees will get perks and may expect better pay revision. Today world is, employees is not giving his best means today or tomorrow it is going to be directly effected on their pay revision. Like private companies Ministries are setting business targets of PSU companies.

BSNL has realized these facts a little bit late or it may be forced to realize lately by earlier Governments. This time, the new government is patting, BSNL new CMD and team for their innovative come backs and is closely watching the development’s within the company.

BSNL CMD told that the team BSNL is doing good and best, now a days with the introduction of many innovate plans in some as below
and many more best deals for new customers of MNP too, launched in almost every BSNL circle to offer the best tariffs with lowest charges. The newly launched BSNL 4G based WiFi Hotspots which are already launched in many cities and expanding fastly to all areas across India with best tariff is the most attractive thing for wireless data hungry users.

Recently, BSNL CMD also told that after implementing Free night calling facility, there is an increase in landline day calling minutes and also arrested trend of downfall of BSNL landline connections, rather there is increase in the graph of new connections. For this Maharashtra, Kerala and Karnataka circles are doing well after the introduction of this scheme. For minute’s usage Chennai TD, Rajasthan and Haryana circles are the toppers.

Furthermore our honorable prime minister is also closely watching the development’s in BSNL and is on the positive towards the company future. After all these BSNL CMD had given a call to their team i.e. every employee in BSNL should work hard to bring back the company to profits / revival and should ensure to have good pay revision in the coming years.

Whoever the employee of BSNL are top cream of the country, as they have been selected in to the company against stringent recruitment procedure. Its now the time foe every employee to tighten their belts to make BSNL a world class company. With new CMD motivation, BSNL Management now trying to push good environment for them to excel by placing RIGHT PERSON at RIGHT PLACE on close observation of each corner by knowing the competencies of the BSNL Employees to make BSNL a profit making company in the near future.

03 September 2015

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BSNL Outgoing Calls in Roaming gets Cheaper with New STVs

BSNL is set to bring out a revolution in mobile roaming by announcing the launch of nation vide Free Roaming facility, and now again we all thank BSNL again, this is because BSNL is going to reduce outgoing call voice tariff of your roaming connection too on introduction with new prepaid Roaming special tariff vouchers.

It’s time to be proud as a BSNL customer, in particular to subscribers who roam more. Had you just started enjoying BSNL unlimited free roaming facility(free incoming calls while Roaming) and you are thanking again BSNL for reducing the outgoing call charges too.. Really impressed na.

BSNL is trying to offer more and more benefits for its customers while realizing its strengths. This very nice to see, there is two way benefit for BSNL and as well as to the customer. Customer is benefited to get better tariffs against which BSNL is winning the loyal user base.
BSNL Roaming STVs for Lowest Outgoing Calling Charges
This reduction of outgoing roaming charges will comes to you with a new launch of Prepaid Roaming Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs) starting from Rs. 9 for, One day to Rs.79 for 28 days having a change in price tag according with zone wise mentioned below.

BSNL mobile customer who already enjoying the  Free Mobile Roaming (Free Incoming Calls) can now have a new chance, i.e. After recharging with this new BSNL Roaming STVs, Prepaid Mobile customer outgoing call charges will comes down to 70 paisa per minute against Rs 1.15 paisa per minute, while in roaming across India.

BSNL East BSNL West BSNL North BSNL South Validity in Days
Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir AP / Telangana Pradesh, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu
Special Tariff Voucher Price in Rs
11(+2) 9 9 9 1
32 33 36 33 6
79 79 77 79 28
All Outgoing Calls while in Roaming will be charged at Rs.0.7/Minute Only

There are many plans by BSNL offering for the past four months. Plans like Unlimited phone calling from BSNL land lines, which was introduced in the month of May, is still driving many new and previous customers in to its flag, and also below mentioned new STV allows Free Calls from Roaming.
This newly introduced BSNL Roaming Special Tariff Vouchers for Outgoing Calls is bound to help roaming customers who are frequently travelling, as they will be able to use their home circle number for receiving unlimited incoming calls and lowest outgoing call charges while in roaming anywhere in India at nominal charges according with their journey to rejoice to stay connected with their beloved once at any time.

Where these Roaming STVs are available from 7th September 2015 as a regular tariff, and is really a good option for BSNL Mobile Users to avail best and cheapest outgoing call mobile tariff with New STVs, which you can try when you are in Roaming.

02 September 2015

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BSNL Launches 128K 3G Nano SIM | Revised Postpaid Mobile Tariff

From time to time, according to mobile user requirements and as per smartphone market, BSNL is planning to move with new launches like new 128K 3G SIM applicable for all 2G customer also, with lowest charges never offered by any other, and also revised the existing postpaid mobile voice tariff under rationalization without any revision in BSNL 3G mobile data plan tariff.

As on date BSNL 64K NANO SIMs are available in market, Now to offer best services to BSNL Mobile Users, PSU has launched new 128K Nano SIM and fixed the selling price as Rs. 100/- (inclusive of service tax) for all New / Replacement mobile connections.

In view of rationalization, PAN India 3G Mobile Service Operator BSNL revised the existing postpaid plans mobile tariff by reducing some freebies according the plans applicable for all existing / new customers of 2G/3G BSNL Postpaid Mobile Plans of GSM Services.

At this time, BSNL has revised free call usage Rs in Plan 99, Plan225, Plan 325, Plan 525 from Rs.60, 200, 270, 450 to Rs.50, 180, 270, 450 and revised the pulse rate from 15seconds to 30sec in plan 325 / 525. The Free STD Calls offered in Plan 725 revised to 1200 Minutes per month.

On Revision, the call charges of STD in Lowest Monthly Rental GSM Postpaid Plan-99 is going to be costlier with increased call rates and reduced freebies as is currently available. Where all the local call charges in plan 99 will be as Rs.0.7 per/min, and all STD calls revised to Rs.1/Minute. In Plan 225 the existing uniform call charges of local/std revised to Rs.0.011 for Local On-net and 0.013 for other Off-net and all STD calls as follows.
BSNL Mobile New Postpaid Tariff September 2015
In many areas, many telecom operators has revised the data tariff upto 30%, but our BSNL hasn't revised the postpaid mobile data tariff even a single paisa, and in reverse introducing more data plans frequently at lowest prices like mentioned below.
In this new revision, BSNL has not given more burden to postpaid mobile users with slight difference, which may not effect postpaid customer pockets, and this new postpaid voice tariff implemented from 01.10.2015, and the Selling Price / Replacement SIM Charges of new 128K BSNL Nano SIM also in effective from 27.08.15 on PAN India basis.

31 August 2015

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BSNL IDA Rates of October 2015 going to Record a New Increase

BSNL Employees 01.10.15 (October 2015) IDA Rates is going to be increased more again, a happy news for employees, where the Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) Rates calculates with All India Consumer Price Index (IW) which is based on weighted average of prices for consumer goods and services calculates with an average for specified months of June, July and August 2015 issued by the Department of Labour Bureau of India by taking price changes for each item in the predetermined basket of goods.

Now, as per All India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers - CPI(IW) issued by Department of Labour Bureau, CPI has been increased by 3 points for June and 2 points for July 2015, and stands at 263, records an increase of 5 points as on July 2015.
BSNL IDA Rates from 01.10.2015 October 2015 Expecting
If the price index numbers remained as static at 263, the index nos raised by 5 points from previous numbers, which is to be taken for October 2015(01.10.2015) Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) rates.

Based on this average of Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers-CPI(IW), BSNL IDA rates of Employees may be increased by 5%, even if there is no change in August 2015 CPI Index Numbers. If the index numbers increase by another two points, then BSNL IDA will increase upto 5.5% from present IDA rates.

If CPI numbers decreased by 2 points from present, BSNL IDA rates of employees may surely gets increased upto 4.5% from present rates of 102.6%, where you can see the expecting IDA rates of BSNL employees as below.
After getting August index Numbers on 31.08.2015, Department of Public Enterprises will issue the orders for increased IDA rates from 01.10.2015, then after BSNL will issue the orders for the increased IDA rates to be paid, which is going to record a new increase of IDA Rates of BSNL Employees from October 2015.