28 May 2016

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BSNL Medak Broadband Plans | Zero Deposit and Installation

Special BSNL Medak Broadband Plans launched for wired internet users at greater download speeds under DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) and FTTH(Fiber to Home) networks by offering BSNL free Call facility with applicability of Zero deposit and Zero Installation charges in every newly launched BSNL broadband plans in medak district.

As of now, these type of ultra speed bsnl broadband connnections will be available in Hyderabad Telecom District area, even the adjacent area but with different secondary service area, BSNL hasn’t offered these type of best internet plans for Medak broadband customers.

Now, ISP to offer high speed to customers at very affordable prices and to give strong competition for private internet service providers and inline with Hyderabad telecom, ISP introduced special BSNL medak broadband plans under DSL services as BBG Combo ULD 611 CS54 and two Fibernet broadband plans Fibro Combo ULD 645 CS34 and Fibro Combo ULD 1045 CS35 only for Medak service area of AP Telecom circle in Telangana State.
BSNL Medak Fibernet Plans
As a special offer, ISP introduces these BSNL Medak broadband plans with Zero deposit and Zero installation charges by waiving all the mandatory charges for all the new customers, who opted for quarterly, halfyearly, yearly, two year payment options (as available in respective plan) and pays the necessary charges in advance as follows
  1. Complete waival of Installation charges for Landline and Broadband.
  2. Waive off total Security Deposit for Landline [For (Local + STD)] and Broadband plan.
  3. Waived monthly rental charges of Rs. 150 for FTTH ONT (when taken on rent from BSNL).
Special BSNL Medak broadband plans BBG Combo ULD 611 CS54 offers 4Mbps speed having 40GB FUP limit, there by continuing at 1Mbps speed, where special Fibernet plans Fibro Combo ULD 645 CS34 with 10Mbps till 50GB after 1Mbps and Fibro Combo ULD 1045 CS35 with 40Mbps upto 100GB by continuing high speed internet at 4Mbps after FUP limit too along with most required BSNL Free Calling plans for Landline during night hours and having the other options as mentioned in the below chart.

BSNL Broadband Plans in Medak - Special Internet Tariff

BSNL Medak Broadband Plans
These special regular BSNL medak broadband plans are the additional tariff plans which are already available in the market of BSNL Medak. So, internet subscribers its now time to hurry up and Apply BSNL broadband connection online with newly launched BSNL Medak broadband plans to enjoy the best internet at valued price from trusted brand.
    ISP has also confirmed that, these BSNL Medak broadband plans will be offered to the customers as a regular tariff plans from 23rd May 2016 by offering the landline and broadband connections with Zero deposit and Zero installation charges as above.

    25 May 2016

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    BSNL 3G Night Packs Launched with best 3G Data Tariff

    BSNL 3G Night Packs are launched, much waiting task now released to avail the best prepaid 3G data tariff in various denominations on PAN India basis. With this new plans, mobile customer has a great value with separate data.

    At this time mobile service brand introduces four types of BSNL 3G Night Packs starting from Rupees 3 to Rs. 63 with volume based data charging at 5 paise and 9 paise per mega byte according with subscribed packs having prescribed validity in each 3G night pack.

    With the new launch of BSNL 3G Night Packs, one who subscribes with these Special Tariff Voucher, he could be using the mobile data services more than payment for a recharge, means if a 3g data user subscribes for 1GB pack having a validity of 28 days for downloads during night between 2 to 6 hours can pay Rs.198, but if subscribed with BSNL 3G Night Packs, he can pay Rs.63 as STV price and for 1GB data (1024*9ps =Rs. 92.1) means you have Rs.155 only for 1GB data to be used at night hours as follows.
    BSNL 3G Night Packs
    Apart from BSNL 3G Net Packs, telecom gaint has also introduced two types of combo special tariff voucher packs i.e. STV 1402 and STV201 applicable for BSNL mobile plan customers of prepaid services, Where STV1402 allows full talktime equal to voucher amount of Rs.1402 along with 250MB free 3G data and 250 sms along with reduced call charges at 0.9 paise / second tariff, and STV201 allows 24000 Local / STD free seconds to any network calls.

    BSNL 3G Night Data Packs Special Tariff

    Data STVs
    BSNL 3G Night Data STV Price Free 3G Data Usage Validity
    (in Days)
    Rs.3 (WZ, EZ, SZ),
    Rs.5 (NZ)
    9paisa/MB from 0200 hours to 0600 hours 1
    Rs.26 (WZ,SZ,NZ)
    Rs.25 (EZ)
    500MB Free 3G Data, after Volume based data charging 5paisa/MB from 02:00 to 06:00 hours 2
    Rs.46 1GB free data, after Volume based data charging 5paisa/MB from 02:00 to 06:00 hours 2
    Rs.63 9paisa/MB from 02:00 to 06:00 hours 28
    New Combo STVs
    STV Price Free Usage
    Rs.1402 Rs.1402 Usage value in main Account + (all local/national voice calls @ 0.9 paisa/sec tariff, 250 MB Data, 250SMS any net for 30 calendar days) 30
    Rs. 201 24000 Seconds Local / STD calls Any Network 28
    South Zone (SZ) - AP / Telangana, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu.
    North Zone (NZ) - Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Himachal Pradesh,  Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir.
    West Zone (WZ) - Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat.
    East Zone  - Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East.

    The validity of the all the BSNL 3G night packs including all common 3G net packs will be available in Calendar days only, where BSNL 3G night packs subscribed customer, who requires to look at wide range of BSNL 3G prepaid data plans to avail the cheapest mobile data tariff, can surely preferred BSNL as their data service provider with latest plans.

    The above mentioned BSNL combo packs, STV201 will be available as regular pack from 11.05.2016 and STV1402 as a promotional offer for 90 days from the said date, but the above said BSNL 3G night packs will be available as regular 3G net packs from 21st May 2016 on PAN India basis.

    24 May 2016

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    Activate BSNL Caller Tune 'Transforming India' | Special Launch

    Guess how BSNL is Transforming India. Most of us think that it was monopoly that time BSNL ruled telecom world. Yes your version is right, but after globalisation BSNL has to fight for its bread. Still being a monopoly PSU, BSNL came out as a competitor to other service providers and stood first and transformed wireless voice communication to affordable price and also now released free BSNL Caller Tune Transforming India.

    BSNL is not restricted to offer services for telecom and its allied services. BSNL being an integral part of the country is transforming India by participating and implementing Digital India and National Optical Fibre Network (BharatNet) by reaching gram panchayats and targeting Rural Education, Rural Health and e-Governance.

    If you just roll back to late 90’s or early 2k’s only BSNL offered free incoming which made cell phone affordable to many of us. After being affordable, it comes to availability of signal. BSNL is the only telecom company till date to have the widest network perimeter across any circle or even Pan India.
    Transforming India BSNL Caller Tune
    In this new financial year only, BSNL crosses the much exclusive figure of 300TB of mobile data consumption in a single day on 14th May 16. In support Digital India, ‎BSNL‬ is proud to be a part of ‪‎Transforming India‬ and allowed all BSNL Mobile customers to activate special mobile caller tune of Transforming India “मेरा देश बदल रहा है, आगे बढ रहा है" launched by our dynamic PM Shri Narendra Modi.

    So mobile users, its time to download the free BSNL Caller Tune Transforming India today itself and let us be a part of this incredible journey in Transforming India. The short messaging service code for download and to activate the caller tunes is as follows for all India.

    How to Activate BSNL Caller Tune Transforming India

    1. At First Activate BSNL Caller Tune Service.
    2. If already activated /after activation of service, send an SMS BSNL Caller Tune Transforming India
      • BT 7903280 and send to 56700 (Applicable for Andhra Pradesh / Telangana, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, and North East I, II)
      • FBT 6062899 and send to 56700 (Applicable for Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu Kashmir, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat)
    BSNL being a peoples owned company rather works for the people rather targeting only revenues. Offering telephone service to the area where density of users are more will generally yield huge revenues, but targeting remote areas where there is no bus service itself, that makes BSNL an asset for the county and also for us as citizens of India and to be a part in Digital India.
    So BSNL mobile plan subscribers of prepaid and postpaid services, it’s the time to join together and be a part in this, just download and activate BSNL Caller Tune Transforming India. Be a BSNL Mobile Customer and Be a Part in National Growth.

    22 May 2016

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    BSNL Special Offer Launched for Omaxe City Rohtak

    BSNL Special Offers introduced everywhere, it is proved once again with this new launch of special BSNL Landline Plan applicable for the Omaxe City happy homes integrated township property in Rohtak of Haryana Telecom.

    BSNL offers various special plans for all across India, and even for bulk customers in where they required also. In this proposal only, to offer the best telecom service for all happy homes in integrated township of Omaxe City Sector15, Bahadurgarh, Rohtak Secondary Service Area of Haryana.

    Indian largest telecom introduced these BSNL Special Offer applicable for all BSNL bulk connections of Landline services only in Omaxe city as additional plans to the existing landline tariff which is common for all mentioned below.
    BSNL Special Offer Omaxe City Landline Plan
    Where in this new tariff BSNL hasn't introduced any special broadband tariff for Omaxe city customers, if any customer requires internet plans can avail the below broadband tariff on subscription with this new landline facility.
    At any time, in every where, any operator launches the special offer tariff structure with some conditions, so for introducing the special discounts to Omaxe city BSNL bulk connections, PSU has also followed that and launched New BSNL Special offer with the following tariff.
    • Complete Waiver of BSNL installation charges of Rs.600/- for 501 Landline connections.
    • Complete Waiver of security deposit of Indian Rupee 500/- for 501 BSNL Landlines.
    • 15% rebate in the gross monthly bill (under Sulabh category FMC Rs.120/- revised w.e.f.1st May 2016) will be given only when billed connection are equal to or more than 501, where If at any point of time billed connections are < 501 then 15% rebate will not be applicable for BSNL connections.
    • Free Centrex facility between all these BSNL Landline connections
    With this new BSNL Special Offer Landline Plan for Omaxe City Rohtak. it is proved that any corporate customer can approach BSNL on just login to BSNL business portal to avail one time telecom services at every door step in a location with BSNL bulk connections. This newly launched BSNL Special Offer for Omaxe City Rohtak will be available from 10.May.2016 as a regular scheme to avail special BSNL landline tariff.

    16 May 2016

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    BSNL Super Speed Combo BB Plans at 16Mbps - Launched

    BSNL Super Speed Combo Broadband Plans at 16Mbps, the sentence to hear is the most enjoyable for data hungry users who gets bored with single digit data speed as of now. Yes, this is real, PSU has launched 16Mbps high speed BSNL unlimited internet broadband plans under VDSL technology at lowest charges.

    State Owned Telecom Company, which may the synonymous to phone till late 90’s and now a days with the market opened for private and quality players. After globalization everybody felt that BSNL may fit in to a place somewhere in history, but BSNL bouncing back to hold its premier status by announcing attractive best high speed tariff plans for Broadband and Mobile services at affordable cost, according to the customer requirements.
    BSNL Super Speed Broadband Plans
    At this time, PSU launched five types of BSNL Super Speed Combo Broadband Plans through VDSL technology i.e. BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1190 VDSL CS143, 1390 VDSL CS144, 1690 VDSL CS145, 1990 VDSL CS146 and BBG Super speed Combo ULD 2290 VDSL CS147 in Faridabad, Gurgaon service areas of Haryana and Ghaziabad, Noida Service areas of UP West telecom circle to cater the high speed internet services in NCR area.

    So, its happy to say that BSNL is coming out to play a fair game by giving a tough competition with this new BSNL Super Speed Combo Broadband Plans having high bandwidth available only in NCR areas with availability of advance payment option for longer subscription by offering more discounts on each of this special plans, and this new tariff is available as additional plans to the existing high speed BSNL VDSL Broadband Plans.

    BSNL Broadband Super Speed Plans Unlimited Tariff

    BSNL Super Speed Combo Broadband Plans Tariff
    Telecom leader has also included the following mesmeric type exclusive offers for this BSNL Super Speed Combo Broadband Plans along with applicability of static ip address on payment of necessary charges.
    All the call charges will be charged at Rs.1 per meter called unit after free calls for BSNL and at Rs.1.2 for all calls of other network at daytime. The security deposit will be only one month rental charges and minimum hire period also one month for all the above BSNL super speed combo broadband plans.

    Where these all VDSL Broadband plans are also available on Fiber to Home network with same tariff as regular plans for new / migration from 11th May 2016. Now the time came for all netizens of NCR (Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Noida) area to subscribe for BSNL / Migration to BSNL for enjoying the latest jet speeds of BSNL super speed combo broadband plans.