10 February 2016

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BSNL Broadband Speed Doubled, FUP Limit increased upto 140%

BSNL Broadband Speed Doubled and FUP Limit increased upto 140% from now, with introduction of new broadband plans, what ever we are listening about this up gradation in BSNL broadband speed is real, but at present, this increase will be offered for only Nellore Service area under AP Telecom circle.

BSNL is trying to get back and is very aggressive in marketing that too being a PSU, by offering most competitive broadband plans. yes competitive plans, BSNL team which independently can operate different plans for different locations depending upon their business requirements.
BSNL Broadband Speed Plans Nellore
 This time the stage was set at Nellore Service area, which comes under AP Circle. BSNL has increased four times of broad band speed from existing speeds. This is a classic example of BSNL market watch, and BSNL is giving tough competition to private broadband operators, who are trying to peek in to BSNL base.

In Nellore service Area, as of now Unlimited BSNL Broadband Plans ULD545 offers 2Mbps speed upto 10GB, Combo ULD 675 allows 2Mbps upto 15GB, Combo 845 allows 4Mbps upto 20GB, Combo ULD 945 allows 6Mbps upto 20GB, ULD Combo 999 allows 8Mbps upto 25GB.

After the introduction of new five types of new broadband plans (BBG ULD 545 CS109, BBG Combo ULD 675 CS110, BBG Combo ULD 845 CS111, BBG Combo ULD 945 CS112, BBG Combo ULD 999 CS113), PSU upgraded the BSNL Broadband Speed as double, with increased fair usage policy (FUP) limit from minimum of 50% and to a maximum upto 140% by continuing all existing facilites (BSNL broadband usage check, broadband topup etc..) as per the below mentioned internet tariff.
BSNL Broadband Nellore New Plans Tariff
This new broadband plans for Nellore Service area, has also allowed the most required BSNL Unlimited Calling to any network Mobile and Landline in India during 9PM to 7AM, by offering one amazing safe email account with upgraded features having 1GB storage on BSNL Web Space. This new BB plans shall also be applicable for recently introduced BSNL Free Modem Offer on subscription with Advance Payment.

These new BSNL broadband plans are designed to meet the expectations and requirements of all sections of people in this business area, and these plans will be offered as a promotional offer from 10th February 2016 to 9th May 2015 only in Nellore Service Area of AP Telecom, where there is a matching competition from private broadband service providers in particular locations/colonies.

This new BSNL Broadband Plans are going to be the game changers in class B towns of Andhrapradesh, which may be followed by many other towns waiting for internet speed upgrade in part of Digital India. So internet users of Nellore area can now have a chance to enjoy the blazing broadband speed of BSNL which is doubled with increased FUP Limit.

08 February 2016

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New Deposit, Installation Charges Waived for BSNL Customers

BSNL Customers has to be paid New Deposit, Installation Charges and Monthly ONT for FTTH Modem (who taken on rent) as of now, but now our BSNL introduced special exclusive offer by waiving all these charges for New Internet required users of Hyderabad Telecom District who subscribes with high speed ADSL / VDSL / FiberNet Broadband Plans as a new subscription for Landline Broadband Services.

BSNL introduced many offers from time to time, but now in view to give tough competition to private broadband service operators of Hyderabad Telecom, BSNL introduced this new special offer applicable for three types of special regular broadband plans on ADSL / VDSL / Fiber to Home Network.
BSNL Hyderabad Broadband Customers Special Offers
This new special offer will be applicable only for the new customers of Hyderabad Broadband, who opted Annual or higher payment option, and pays the necessary rental charges in advance as new subscription charges.
  1. Waived BSNL Installation Charges for Landline and Broadband.
  2. Waive Off Security Deposit for Landline [for (Local + STD)] and Broadband Plan.
  3. Waived monthly rental charges of Rs. 150 for FTTH ONT (when taken on rent from BSNL)
BSNL has waived these charges as above for Landline / Broadband and Fibernet New customers on subscription with high speed Broadband Plans as mentioned below, and to encourage the customers to avail Free BSNL Landline connection with out any extra charges and with some free calls available in each ADSL Plan with high speed internet services.
At first this new promotional offer has launched in July 2015 and extended upto 02.02.16 from time to time. In view of huge response from the new broadband customers of above mentioned plans in three types of BSNL broadband services in Hyderabad, BSNL relaunched this new promotional offer from 3rd February 2016 and will be available upto 2nd May 2016 on all new subscriptions.

So, New BSNL Customers, it now the time to subscribe for BSNL Broadband or Landline on any type of technology i.e. ADSL / VDSL or Fiber to Home (FTTH) through BSNL Online Portal or by approaching directly to any BSNL Customer Service Center and save the total expenses with announced Waival Offer for New Deposit, Installation Charges and FTTH Modem Rent applicable only for Hyderabad BSNL Customers.

05 February 2016

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BSNL Kick Start 2016 with 2Million New Mobile Customers

We all are seeing the BSNL rejuvenating plans which are becoming the success stories. Yes, BSNL did it. BSNL has declared a new achievement which is, it has got 2 million gross new subscribers for BSNL Mobile in the month of Jan 2016, a new millstone for the efforts they have put in. BSNL is going like a bullet train and very aggressively with its new plans and decisions to make itself one of the best in class service provider for its sector.

Being a Public Sector enterprise, any change is a great deal. BSNL the only PSU in the telecom segment is able to push new boost among its own employees and its stake holders. BSNL strategies and adoptions of market expectations are quite dynamic. On the prima face, we thought that BSNL is trying to stand after a great surge. After a couple months it started running with its new BSNL Mobile Plans and Broadband Plans catalyzing the change in BSNL plans which were quickly accepted by large consumer base making BSNL to drive like a bullet train.
BSNL Mobile Customers 2Million January 2016
The financial year 2015 16 have given a bight scope of agility among BSNL stake holders. BSNL agenda, to make the company customer centric rather than a monotonous PSU company. To make this realized by its subscribers BSNL had implemented many plans and approach routes and bridged the gap between the subscriber and BSNL.

In this new record, BSNL Employees, Unions, Associations supports with their hard work to achieve this new mile stone, and in this new record Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan records top most growth and Assam, UP East, UP West, HP, Madhyapradesh, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu followed the record of acquiring highest volume of new mobile customers.

BSNL Online Complaint Portal, Mobile Selfcare Portal, BSNL Customer Portal for Landline and Broadband Services, Broad band usage calculation tool for best BSNL broadband plan selection, Online Bill Payment and Online Recharge options, and also new BSNL opened centers for those who want to pay bills after office hours, and a separate team for monitoring the follow up of online complaints and the best BSNL Broadband Plans and lowest 3G Data Plans in the market, suits many of our requirements gives a special attention to stay with BSNL and to enjoy the lowest tariffs at every point.

Likewise free roaming facility across India and free night calling facility had penetrated to much deeper elements of the consumers base. With all these activities BSNL is coming very nearer to the consumers and binding us with and qualitative emotional bondage. That’s our BSNL and BSNL agenda is on carts with Quality Of Service. We can expect BSNL is going to change the face of telecommunications in India.

BSNL new pocket of service area which is also the best plan entire industry is watching is establishment of 4G based BSNL WiFi Hotspots at every area, and also going to cater for the enterprise’s needs. These are going to add BSNL’s strategy. With all these we all are bit feels very good when we see our BSNL is rising back with a great Josh by recording 2Million New BSNL Mobile Customers as a Kick Start for 2016.

01 February 2016

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BSNL Enterprise Business Online Portal Launched

BSNL Enterprise Business is one of the most targetting factor for our Telecom, and we all know that our BSNL Online Customer Portal Services are extending day by day, we are hearing this and also witnessing the same. There are many catalyst ingredients for making BSNL to stand up for the time it is expected to do, and the same team is also concentrating on the Enterprise Business segment to extent the BSNL Services broadly to every nook and corner.

Till date most of the news are related for individual consumers and BSNL showcased how speed it is updating the BSNL Business style. In the same line BSNL is also keen on making Enterprise Business (Corporate) consumers happy by providing a dedicated Online Customer Portal and also going to build high responsive system to serve these BSNL Enterprise class customers through Web Care Services.
BSNL Enterprise Business Online Portal
Enterprise class customers are going to be the next strategically option for increasing the consumption of Data. For this being the only public sector telecom company and also having Pan India presence, security, availability and accessibility only BSNL can assure these vertical needs of any enterprise.

BSNL is fully equipped with latest technologies to meet the Telecom and IT requirements of our Corporate / Enterprise customers including Government Departments, PSUs, Universities, Colleges, Companies, Hotels etc... through single window arrangement to offer any kind of Telecom Services i.e. BSNL Broadband, Bulk Push SMS, DID, CDMA, Data Card, Dark Fibre, EPABX, FTTH Broadband, FTTH Voice, Hot Line, IPTV, ISDN, Postpaid Mobile, Prepaid Mobile, Ring Back Tunes (Caller Tunes), Tele Caller, Toll Free, VSAT, WiFi Hot Spot, Mobile Group (CUG) and many more.

Recently BSNL launched best Group Calling Mobile Plan for only Corporate / Enterprise customers with lowest mobile tariff and Free usage offered for Voice Calls and 3G Data in Postpaid Services and lowest tariff mobile plans in prepaid services as follows.
With this new launch of BSNL Enterprise Business Online Customer Portal, new customer can just submit the required details, i.e. Description of BSNL Services required, Company Name, Contact Name, Mobile Number and Address with valid eMail id in the BSNL Portal Link http://www.ebportal.bsnl.co.in/WebUserSpace.jsp.
BSNL Business Application
After submitting the required service and contact details, with in a short time, concerned unit area BSNL Enterprise Business Team shall approach the corporate customer with all BSNL Plans of required telecom services to provide the best valuable BSNL Services in a speedy manner.

So all New Corporate / Enterprise customers of Metro Cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Calcutta and Rest of India can book your required telecom service through above mentioned BSNL Enterprise Business Online Customer Portal and enjoy the lowest tariff with best dedicated BSNL Services.

27 January 2016

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BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans FUP Limit increased upto 250%

BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans new Unlimited Internet Tariff structure released for the most profitable circle, applicable for the selected service areas in Kerala with high FUP Limit increased upto 250% for some plans of new subscription for a limited period with Free Landline and Free Calling having high speed internet connectivity allowed in BSNL Kerala New Broadband Plans.

The world is developing at every second and internet plays a major part with new roles at every second of it. To cater all requirements in each and every area linked with Online facility, BSNL the only service provider offers best internet services with special broadband plans for some major areas in Kerala Telecom circle i.e. Trivandrum, Ernakulum, Calicut and Kannur BSNL Service areas.
BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans New Tariff
Our BSNL is going to make Digital India possible by providing the stable high speed internet at affordable monthly prices with free BSNL Landline and Free Calling to any network across India by offering a special discount also for internet broadband facility on Annual Payments for new subscriptions of BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans under this special promotional offer.

At this time, BSNL Introduced new Broadband Plans BBG ULD 545 CS89, BBG Combo ULD 675 CS91, BBG Combo ULD 845 CS92, BBG Combo ULD 999 CS93 for Urban area and Rural Broadband Plan BBG Rural Combo ULD 650 CS90 in place of existing BB plans by increasing the FUP Limit to a large extent upto 250% in some plans, applicable only for the new customers of Trivandrum, Ernakulam, Calicut and Kannur Service Areas of BSNL Kerala circle.

In existing BSNL Broadband Plans BBG ULD 545 offers 2Mbps speed upto 1GB only, but now it increases upto 150% by offering 3GB FUP Limit, and as of now BBG Combo ULD 675 plan offers 2Mbps upto 1GB only, but in this new tariff, BSNL allows upto 5GB with an increment of 250% from now, and also BBG Combo ULD 999 now offers 50% extra FUP limit as 12GB from existing 8GB, with the following tariff.
Kerala BSNL Broadband New Tariff
BSNL Kerala Telecom allows the new customers to Apply BSNL Broadband Online through BSNL Portal or just by sending an SMS, then after within a short time BSNL Kerala will attend the new customer at their door step for subscription to provide the new broadband services.

This above mentioned newly launched Kerala BSNL Broadband Plans will be available as a promotional offer only from 6th January 2016 and upto 4th April 2016, means, its the time only for new subscriptions with best BB Plans. If a customer subscribes in this period, this new plans will be allowed with huge increased FUP Limit up to the time of change or closure of the BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans / Services.