27 April 2015

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BSNL 3G Unlimited Internet Prepaid STV Plans Announced

PAN India PSU, launched BSNL 3G Prepaid Unlimited Internet STV Plans for GSM Mobile users as a promotional offer. At present anywhere in the mobile field, you see the concept of unlimited data, for that here is the breather for Haryana and Himachal Pradesh mobile customers from BSNL.

BSNL had announced unlimited prepaid mobile internet with FUP for mobile Data. Yes FUP - Fair Usage Policy for Mobile Data, Yes you heard correctly. BSNL the only Public Sector Company in Telecom world, which is under major revamp and offering the telecom services according with the customer requirements at lowest charges.
BSNL 3G Unlimited Prepaid STV Plans
So Haryana and Himachal Pradesh BSNL Vasiyom enjoy this offer, This is really a great deal from BSNL by introducing these type of innovative prepaid plans. People at this juncture really wants these type plans as Mobile data consumption is going exponentially.

Proving the same service motto, BSNL has now announced two new unlimited data prepaid plans for Rs.241 with FUP limit, which you can have 1GB allowed 3G data, and Rs.351 having 2GB 3G data with 28 days validity. After the FUP limit, customer can still have unlimited mobile data @ 80kbps as Free without any extra charges. The details are given below.
BSNL 3G Unlimited STV Tariff
These unlimited Data STVs will work with APN bsnlnet only

As, this unlimited 3G data offer is already available for BSNL Postpaid customers across north and south zones in India. Now it is introduced for prepaid customers, and this is really an amazing offer from BSNL, but as of now this Unlimited 3G mobile data for BSNL Prepaid Mobile customers is going to be introduced in Haryana and Himachal Pradesh as a promotional offer from the date of launch announced by the circles, and this may soon be offered across India for all BSNL prepaid customers.

This type of BSNL 3G Prepaid Plans can be treated as need of the hour plan to customers. For this we should appreciate BSNL towards its commitment to offer best in class services by introducing this type of lowest tariff 3G Prepaid Unlimited Mobile Internet STV Plans like this.

25 April 2015

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BSNL 16Mbps Unlimited Broadband Plan with 1000 Free Calls - Launched

BSNL broadband users, r u bored with single digit data speed, now its the time to switch to high speed 16Mbps Unlimited Internet Broadband Plan under VDSL technology at lowest charges with 1000 free calls per month available as a promotional offer for Madhyapradesh Internet Users.

BSNL, the State-Owned Telecom Company, which may the synonymous to phone till late 90’s and now a days with the market opened for private and quality players. After globalisation everybody felt that Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited may fit in to a place somewhere in history. But BSNL bouncing back to hold its premier status by announcing attractive tariff plans for Broadband and Mobile services at affordable cost, according to the customer requirements

In addition to the existing BSNL VDSL Broadband Plans, BSNL has announced the best VDSL plans BBG Combo ULD 1245 VDSL CS55 & BBG Combo ULD 1845 VDSL CS56 at lowest charges, and this unbelievable BSNL Broadband Plans for Madhyapradesh Customers will available at a speed ranging 8 Mbps, with a monthly rental charges of Rs. 1245, and also high speed bandwidth of 16Mbps at just Rs. 1845 per month by allowing special discount on annual/2year/3year subscription.

BSNL has also included mesmeric type exclusive offer for this broadband plans, i.e. availability of 1000 free calls per month to be availed for all Local and STD calls of BSNL Network, along with one BSNL Mail ID having 1GB data space as mentioned below.

BSNL Madhyapradesh New VDSL Unlimited Broadband Plans
BSNL 16Mbps Broadband Plan Unlimited Internet on VDSL for MP
All the call charges will be charged at Rs.1 per meter called unit after free calls for BSNL and at Rs.1.2 for all calls of other network. The security deposit will be only one month rental charges for both the broadband plans.

Now the time came for a data hungry netizens of Madhyapradesh to think of BSNL and Migration to BSNL for enjoying the latest jet speeds of BSNL Broadband Services. Finally its happy to say that BSNL is coming out to play a fair game to give a tough competition with this new high speed VDSL Broadband Plans having 1000 Free calls as a promotional offer for 90 days from 20th April 2015 to 8th July 2015 in MP.

22 April 2015

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BSNL Broadband Users now gets Unlimited Calls to all Networks

In our earlier post, we came to know that BSNL is again going to offer Unlimited Free Calling facility across all networks from BSNL Landline Plans, but now BSNL announced this same facility available with Landline Plans is also extended to broadband service customers who subscribed with BSNL Broadband Combo Plans.

This is like old is gold type offer from our telecom operator, and BSNL is taking a risky option for offering this free unlimited calling during 9PM to 7AM to any service across all telecom service providers across India. With this new introduction of Unlimited Calls to all Networks, we can surely expect that this new plan will appears to boost BSNL Landline Connection Spree.
BSNL Broadband Unlimited Free Calling to any network
In BSNL Broadband Combo Plan, there is no monthly rental charges for landline, BSNL already offers rent free landline telephone along with many free calls for own network. That means if this new offer is available to your combo plan, your existing free calls to be utilized for own network in day time and have unlimited calling facility at night time at only BSNL Broadband Internet cost never given by any other operators in Indian history.

BSNL Combo Broadband Plans allows Unlimited Free Calling to any Network
BBG CNT Combo 630 BBG Combo ULD 2799
BBG Speed Combo 2949 BBG Combo ULD 2845 VDSL
BBG Super Speed Combo 3899 VDSL BBG Combo ULD 3445
BBG Super Speed Combo 5249 BBG Combo ULD 3500
BBG Super Speed Combo 7349 BBG Combo ULD 6300
BBG Combo UL 675 BBG Rural Combo 350
BBG Combo ULD 845 BBG Rural Combo UL 650
BBG Combo ULD 945 BBG Rural Combo 999
BBG Combo ULD 999 Flexi General Combo Plan 500
BBG Combo ULD 1445 Flexi General Combo Plan 750
BBG Combo ULD 1495 Flexi General Combo Plan 1000
BBG Combo ULD 1745 VDSL Flexi General Combo Plan 1250
BBG Combo ULD 1800 Flexi General Combo Plan 1500
BBG Combo ULD 2250
If you check this offer closely, you can understand what BSNL is aiming for. BSNL is aiming to regain its momentum and wants to do volume based business rather than specific connection based business. This is really worth decision what BSNL had taken, In general landline usage increases means, it gives immense quality of voice and also talking in landline is something different than cell phone talk.

There will be no radiation effect and no heating of phones and finally no battery discharges, and with this BSNL unlimited calling facility, we bet you that again you will start calling your dear ones / old friends, and really this option will allow all BSNL Broadband subscribers can stay connected with all their friends and relatives across India with BSNL Unlimited Free Calling Facility.

BSNL who haves well established network across the nation with lowest tariff with no hidden charges has now taken a step for revolutionary change in Indian telecom history by introducing Unlimited Calls to any network from BSNL Broadband and Landline Services with effect from 1st May 2015.

20 April 2015

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BSNL becomes Part and Parcel of Indians, proved with New MileStone reached in Mobile Data

Why Internet Data consumption is a big thing for the company like our own BSNL and in turn what it matters to us and how BSNL becomes Part and Parcel of Indians. Internet is like next to roti, kapada and makaan.. Do you agree or not.. If not now in near future it will be like that with BSNL Mobile Data and Broadband Services.

You may be connecting to internet for online shopping, e-payment of your bills, e-Transaction, Money transfers, e recharges and many more to your friends and family at any time you want. This is all because of Internet and Internet that too in India Internet is reaching to remote places only by one service provider that is none other than BSNL and its with lowest BSNL Mobile Data Plans.

BSNL clocked a major mile stone in its Mobile Data Service,i.e. BSNL customers have consumed 200TB of BSNL Mobile data in a single day on 12.04.2015 with BSNL's best high speed data services. This is really a great milestone for future business scope for BSNL. Coming to the BSNL Mobile data consumption as a consumer, Just walk with your daily routine, where actually we are using internet, Our Day starts with a good cup of coffee in front of a News Channel or with a news paper in our hand or even on to your mobile phones.
BSNL 1TB Mobile Data Usage in a Day, New Milestone reached
Where these are coming from, Entire news network is directly using internet services to broadcast news from across the globe within minutes to your BSNL mobile from the actual scene. Then going to catch a local train/Bus, just check your BSNL mobile and know the status of these services on to your mobile, and plan for your movement from home.

In office you are connected with your official activities through internet, after office your are connected to your dear ones using social networks using internet in your mobile using lowest price tag Longer Validity BSNL 3G Plans or with monthly plans. Other than that some times for travel booking, many of our internet based educational services, General searching on Google for your specific requirements for doc tor appointment, for finding a better service for your washing machine, to find route to a functional hall to attend your colleagues marriage.

These are very much normal requirements you will be using internet for, for all these to use first and the most important thing is that you should be connected to internet, That too all this can be done in your mobile itself at lowest charges, by just consuming BSNL mobile data. For this last mile connectivity and offering 3G/2G data within the same connection depending on the availability of the service, BSNL is the only Mobile service provider in India, which is offering its Mobile data services to the widest perimeter network coverage in India.

In this internet revolution, Data consumption is going to be the revenue factor for all internet service providers. Average revenue across all service providers on data is around 14.5% of total revenue. For BSNL being a PSU realized this fact a little bit late. But the efforts put by the management for the past couple of years, paid for the day as, BSNL Mobile Consumers had consumed 200TB of Mobile data in a single day. This is great day for all BSNL stake holders.

At present BSNL only 9% of revenue is from Data and its related Services. Targeting to the average revenue across all service providers for 2020 i.e. 35-40%, BSNL is also preparing its infrastructure by upgrading them ,to meet the coming demand and also to provide best Quality Of Service.

In this new Mile stone BSNL South Zone is leading, which registered 100% rise in Mobile Data Consumption. Followed by North, West and East Zones. BSNL top level management congratulated their employees and even urged its employees to be energized to meet these type of goals every now and then. Lets all appreciate BSNL for how it becomes a Part and Parcel of Indians with this new evident efforts to make this mile stone possible, to achieve 200TB of BSNL Mobile Data Consumption in a single day, which is a big thing.

18 April 2015

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BSNL Landline Plans for Unlimited Free Calling to any Network

Telecom backbone announces the Unlimited Free Calling India from BSNL Landline which allows Free Talking(Unlimited Calling) to any network mobile and landline from all its existing BSNL Landline Plans during the prescribed timings to strengthen our relations with out any extra charges along with many free calls equal to BSNL Landline monthly rental charges.

BSNL has taken a dynamic decision at this competitive market, i.e. allowing free unlimited calling to any network from BSNL Landline, which is a major thing for all the Indians with out any increase in call charges for Landline and Wireless (Mobile) network.

Consider a family with their relations are located in various areas across the country, as of now all the calls between them are charging, but after this Unlimited calling announcement by BSNL, majority of the Indians are more happy to get their unlimited free calling from BSNL Landline to any network Landline and Mobile with out extra charges.

BSNL allows Unlimited calling facility to any network Mobile and Landline services with in India between 9PM to 7AM from all its Landline Plans i.e. General, One India, Economy Old, Special Old, Economy Plan, Special Plan, Special Plus, Super Plan, Premium Plan and also with Unlimited BSNL Calling Plans (UL 350, UL 500, UL 450, UL 600) by continuing the existing call charges to BSNL and other network and allowing many free calls equal to monthly rentals.

BSNL Landline Plans for Unlimited Calling to any Network
BSNL Unlimited Calling to any Network Tariff Plans
At this time BSNL Broadband Customers, who are in combo plan has not eligible for this unlimited calling, the customers who wants to avail this additional facility of unlimited calling to any network can migrate to Non Combo BSNL Broadband Plans via Plan Change Online or by submitting a request.

This Unlimited calling offer is a regular offer with effect from 1st May 2015 and applicable for all new/existing customers in all BSNL service areas across the country on PAN India basis. So existing customers enjoy with BSNL Landline Unlimited Calling facility to any landline / mobile on any network. Where the new customers it’s the time to Apply for Fixed line via BSNL Portal or by approaching concerned BSNL CSC with any above mentioned Unlimited Calling BSNL Landline Plans.