BSNL Offers 3.6Mbps Free 3G Card for New 3G Postpaid Data Plan Users

BSNL Launches Free 3.6Mbps 3G Data Card Offer, on Subscription with New Annual Rental 3G Postpaid Data Plan

PAN India 3G Telecom Operator & Indian Proven Telecom Leader, PSU BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has announced the launch of exciting and amazing offer of 3.6 Mbps 3G Data Card(Dongle) as FREE to customer on subscription of newly launched BSNL 3G Annual Data Plans under Postpaid Mobile Services.
BSNL Offers 3.6Mbps Free 3G Card for New 3G Postpaid Data Plan Users
By this new launch, BSNL Postpaid Customer who subscribed with new yearly data plans, will gets Free 3.6Mbps 3G Data Card (Dongle) on subscription with 2940 plan, and also at slashed rates by 81% as Rs.300/- from present 3G Data card price at Rs.1600 on subscription with Data Plan 2050, and 62.5% less for data card as Rs.600/- on subscription with 3G Data Plan 1110, which ever given by any other operator.

BSNL Free 3G Data Card (3.6Mbps) Offer with Annual Post-paid Data Plans

Annual Rental 3G Postpaid Data Plan Discounted Price of 3G Data Card 3.6 Mbps #
Rs. 2940 Free
Rs. 2050 Rs. 300
Rs. 1110 Rs. 600
# BSNL Free 3.6Mbps card shall be applicable for only new customers who subscribed with newly introduced 3G Postpaid Advance Rental Annual data Plans.

These newly introduced Free 3.6Mbps BSNL 3G Card offer on subscription with Advance Rental Postpaid Plans is the best offer in the market, and newly introduced Advance Rental Annual data Plans are the most affordable Postpaid 3G Data Plans for Smartphones and Tablet users in the present market conditions for heavy data usage, where these newly introduced Free 3.6Mbps Data Card offer shall be available for customers in all the BSNL circles with effect from 1st November 2014.

BSNL AP Circle Offers Full / Extra (10% & 20%) TalkValue on GSM Mobile Top-Up Cards

BSNL Andhrapradesh & Telangana Mobile Customers will Get 20% Extra Talktime on Recharge

PAN India 3G Mobile Service operator, BSNL has again announced the new Promotional offer of Full Usage and Extra Talk Value on GSM Mobile TOP UP/C-TOPUP/Flexi TOP-UP Vouchers for Andhrapradesh (AP) Circle BSNL Mobile Customers under GSM Services.
BSNL AP & Telangana States Full/Extra Talk Value Offer
In view to offer more valuable mobile services for Andhrapradesh & Telangana State GSM customers, BSNL AP circle announced the Full Talktime & 10% / 20% Extra Usage Talk Value as a promotional offer for a limited period under 2G/3G GSM Prepaid Mobile Services as follows.

BSNL AP Circle Full / Extra Talk Value offer for GSM Mobile Customers

MRP of Top-Up /
 Flexi Top-Up Voucher
Usage Value offered
with Top-Up Voucher
Offer Available
Rs.100, 150, 250, 350 Full Usage TalkValue equal to the MRP of Voucher 23-9-14 to 11-11-14
Rs.550 & 750 Talk Value Rs.575 & 790 23-9-14 to 11-11-14
Rs.100 to 990
(Multiples of Rs.10)
Full Usage TalkValue equal to the MRP of Voucher 25-10-14 to 22-01-15
Rs.1000 & 4990
(Multiples of Rs.100)
10% - Extra Talkvalue of MRP of Top-Up Card 25-10-14 to 22-01-15
Rs.5000 & 10000
(Multiples of Rs.100)
20% - Extra Talkvalue of MRP of Top-Up Card 25-10-14 to 22-01-15

This new scheme on TOP-UP/C-TOPUP/Flexi TOP-UP Vouchers shall be applicable for all mobile subscribers of AP Circle BSNL Prepaid Plans & Corporate Plans under GSM Services, after getting the extra talktime with this offer, BSNL users can activate the required Special Tariff Vouchers(STVs) from available extra talktime balance only.

This newly announced BSNL Full/Extra Usage Talktime offers on GSM Mobile TOP-UP cards as above has been available for a period of 90days only, so its the time for every BSNL prepaid user to grab this offer and enjoy with extra talktime.

BSNL Relaunches 7 Days Validity, National Roaming STV for Prepaid Mobile Users

BSNL Offers One Week All India Roaming Free Rate Cutter for Prepaid Mobile Users at Lowest Rates

PAN India 3G Telecom Operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited announced the relaunch of new national roaming special tariff voucher for prepaid mobile users having 7 days validity period in addition to the existing BSNL Roaming STVs to make Unlimited Free Incoming calls while roaming.
BSNL Prepaid Mobile National Roaming Free STV for 7 Days
At first, BSNL has launched this new STV for west zone prepaid customers in 2013, based on huge customer response in west zone, BSNL has decided and launch this new national roaming special tariff voucher which priced just Rs.33 only to offer more better services to all the BSNL GSM prepaid mobile customers of all BSNL zones across India 

BSNL GSM Prepaid users who are in travelling may not be get benefited about the Single day Roaming free pack, by this newly launch of Roaming STV for a week,  Customers are getting more benefited by getting all Incoming calls as Free in Roaming across India and all Outgoing calls @ 1.5ps/sec.
BSNL New National Roaming STV Tariff for Prepaid Users
BSNL All India National Roaming Free STV-33 Tariff for 7 Days
This newly relaunched National Roaming STV(Special Tariff Voucher) shall be applicable for all Prepaid users of BSNL GSM Mobile Services, and this new STV will be available for a period of 90days with effect from 1st November 2014 to 29 January 2015 as a promotional offer.

BSNL Karnataka Relaunched "New Cauvery" Prepaid Plan for 2G/3G Mobile Customers

BSNL Karnataka Relaunched "New Cauvery" Prepaid Plan with applicability of Full Talk Time at any time for 2G/3G Mobile Customers

BSNL Karnataka Telecom Circle has relaunched most successful circle Prepaid plan "NEW CAUVERY" under GSM mobile services as a promotional offer for 60 days with amazing offer, having applicability of always Full Talk Value for the customers with TOP-UP of Rs.200/- and multiples of Rs.200/- with reduced call charges for 4 Friends and Family Numbers of any network.
BSNL Karnataka New CAUVERY Prepaid Plan for 2G/3G Customers
BSNL Karnataka New Prepaid Plan "Cauvery" has also allowed 50 no's of Free Local / National SMS to any network by allowing all 2G/3G Special Tariff Vouchers, and this plan shall be available to all the customers in addition to the existing Prepaid Mobile Plans with the following tariff.

BSNL Karnataka "New Cauvery" Prepaid Plan & Tariff
1 Basic SIM Rs.20-2G SIM, Rs.59-USIM,
Rs.200-256K SIM
2 MRP of Plan Voucher/Extension/Migration Rs.72/-
Initial Free Talk Value Rs 20/-(Added to Main Balance)
Free Local / National SMS 50 SMS/Month to any Network for 6 Months
3 Validity 180 Days
4 Call Charges
Local On-net/STD On-net
Local Off-net/STD Off-net
1.2 ps/sec
1.5 ps/sec
Roaming Local On-net/STD On-net
Roaming Local Off-net/STD Off-net
Incoming call
75 ps/Min
Re 1/Min
75 ps/Min
ISD Charges As per Prepaid General Plan
5 SMS Charges
Local/National 35 ps
Roaming Local / National SMS
Roaming Incoming SMS
Rs 1.5/SMS
International SMS Rs.5/-
6 Video Calls Charges
Local/STD Any Network Rs 2/min
Roaming Local/STD Any Network
Roaming Incoming Video
Rs 2/min
Rs 1/min
7 Friends and Family Charges
F&F Numbers Any 4 nos of any Network within Karnataka
F&F Charges (Own & Other Network) 48 paise/Min.
Change of F&F numbers Rs.5 /- per change per number
8 All other charges/Conditions As per Prepaid General plan
9 STV-Applicability All 2G/3G Special Tariff Vouchers 
10 Full Talk Value Always Full talk value with TOP-UP of Rs.200/- and Multiples of Rs.200/-
  • A customer in this plan will always get full talk whenever recharges with TOP-UP of Rs.200/- or multiples of Rs.200/-. 
  • Customers can choose 4 Friends and Family numbers by sending SMS  FFE<space>1st number  <space> 2nd number <space> 3rd number <space> 4th number to 53733.  
  • Subscribers can also be allowed to change Friends and Family numbers at any time by sending SMS FFM<space>1st number<space>2 number<space>3rd number <space>4th number to 53733.
This relaunched "NEW CAUVERY" Prepaid Plan shall be available as a promotional offer from 14th October 2014 to 12th December 2014, and all the BSNL Mobile Customers of any Prepaid Plans shall be allowed to enjoy the benefits of this new plan with migration to this New Cauvery Prepaid plan by recharging with this above Plan Voucher.

BSNL Launches 3G Postpaid Annual Rental DATA Plans for GSM Mobile Users

BSNL Offers 1GB 3G Mobile Internet Data @ Rs.98 per Month with New Annual Postpaid Data Plan 2940

India Telecom gaint BSNL, announces the launch of three types of new cheapest Annual Rental Postpaid Data Plans(Annual Data Plan 1110, 2050, 2940) for 3G Mobile Internet users under GSM Services in addition to the existing Add-On Postpaid Data Plans.
BSNL Launches 3G Postpaid Annual Rental DATA Plans for GSM Mobile Users
As of now, BSNL introduced many attractive offers and new plans for Prepaid mobile customers, now in view to offer 3G services at affordable rates to Postpaid users, Telecom gaint launches new 3G DATA Plans with Annual subscription (Longer Period) of Rs.2940, 2050 and 1110 respectively having one year valdity.

BSNL Annual Data Plan(ADP)-2940 allows free data usage of 2.5 GB per month for 12 months with a monthly subscription of just Rs.98 per GB, and ADP 2050 offers 1.5 GB per month for 12 months with almost Rs.171 per month and ADP-1110 offers 0.75 GB per month @ just Rs.92.5 per month.

BSNL 3G Postpaid Annual Rental DATA (Mobile Internet) Plans

Annual Data Plan 1110
Annual Data Plan 2050 Annual Data Plan 2940
Advance Rental Payment Charges (Excl. of S. Tax) Rs. 1,110 Rs. 2,050 Rs. 2,940
Free Data Usage
for 12 Months
0.75GB per Month 1.5GB per Month 2.5GB per Month
Base Voice Tariff & Other Terms/Conditions As per BSNL Postpaid Plan-225
BSNL confirms that Pre-closure for this above mentioned Postpaid Annual DATA Plans is not allowed and will not give any adjustment in case of Pre-Closure of the Postpaid connection. BSNL Customers of any Postpaid Plan who are using other DATA Plans shall also be allowed to migrate to this new Yearly Advance Rental DATA Plans by submitting a requisition for plan change to concerned BSNL CSC

So, now the time came for a Postpaid GSM customer to grab 3G Annual Data Plan connection by avoiding the bill payment upto 12 months and enjoying the available Free Data Usage along with base Voice tariff  as per Postpaid Plan 225 which is per second billing plan. This newly launched 3G Postpaid Annual Rental DATA Plans for GSM Mobile Users shall be applicable for all New/Existing GSM customers in all BSNL circles with effect from 1st November 2014.

BSNL Maharashtra Broadband Monthly Rental Charges Increased for Selected Areas

BSNL Revised Maharashtra Broadband FM Charges for Limited & some Unlimited Internet Plans

In view of rationalization, Telecom Major BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) announced the revision of monthly rental charges of Broadband Services for some Limited and Unlimited Internet Plans in selected areas of Maharashtra Telecom Circle.
BSNL Broadband Maharashtra Limited & Unlimited Internet Plans
BSNL enhanced the Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC) @ Rs.50 to 100 accordingly with the plans opted for Limited & Unlimited Broadband, which are applicable for Broadband customers of Gadchiroli, Solapur, Dhule, Parbhani, Yeotmal, Jalna, Sindhudurg and Wardha areas of Maharashtra Circle only.

After this new revision of enhancement in FMC for Broadband with New Plan Names, BSNL continued the Special Discount of 1/3/6 months rental rebate on payment of advance rental charges for 1/2/3 year subscription, and also 10% employee discount for Govt Employees on Broadband Services.

BSNL Maharashtra Limited & Unlimited Broadband - Revised Monthly Charges

Existing Tariff
Revised  Broadband Tariff in selected Areas of Maharashtra
Plan Name FMC (Rs.) Plan Name FMC (Rs.) Annual Payment option (Rs.11*FMC) 2 Years Payment option (Rs.21*FMC) 3 Years Payment option (Rs.30*FMC)
BBG 275 275 BBG 325 CS34 325 3,575 6,825 9,750
BB Home UL 545 545 BB Home
UL 645 CS35
645 7,095 13,545 19,350
BB Home Combo UL 675 675 BB HomeCombo UL 775 CS36 775 8,525 16,275 23,250
BB Home Combo ULD 800 800 BB HomeCombo ULD 899 CS37 899 9,889 18,879 26,970
BBG Combo ULD 900 900 BBG ComboULD 1000 CS38 1,000 11,000 21,000 30,000
BB Home Combo ULD 999 999 BB HomeCombo ULD 1099 CS39 1,099 12,089 23,079 32,970

BSNL confirms that the existing customers of above Limited & Unlimited Broadband Plans, who are already under Annual/Two year/three year payment option before revision in tariff, they may not be charged with the revised tariff till the expiry of their current longer period subscription.

These newly revised/increased Broadband Monthly Charges shall be applicable for New & Existing customers of above mentioned selected areas of Maharashtra Circle only, with effect from 1st November 2014.

BSNL Maharashtra Specific Landline Plans Rental Charges Revised with New Tariff

BSNL Closed 2 Landline Plans and Revised 4 Fixed Line Plans of Maharastra with new Tariff 

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(BSNL), India's largest Landline subscriber base telecom operator revised specific Landline Plans tariff of Maharastra telecom circle, which are in addition to the regular Landline Tariff Plans.
BSNL Maharashtra Specific Landline Plans Revised Tariff
In view of rationalization, BSNL announced the closure of 2 circle landline (fixed line) plans i.e. Business Mine Corp, Business Rent Free RLYS and revised the Fixed Monthly Charges(FMC) of Basic-100-LL, Yakin Nahi Aata (YNA) (ADD ON), MH-GOA Unlimited (MGU) ADD ON, MGU & YNA (ADD-ON) with new rental charges of Rs.140, 149, 199, & 298.

BSNL Maharashtra Specific Landline Plans Revised Tariff

Name of the Plan
Existing Rent
Monthly Charges
Free Calls
Existing Charges after Free Usage Revised Charges after Free Usage
Basic-100-LL 100 140 0 Rs. 1 / MCU Rs. 1.2 / MCU
Yakin Nahi Aata
99 149 Unlimited Local Calls within SDCA & to Mobile Level-94 As Per Plan Opted As Per Plan Opted
MH-GOA Unlimited
149 199 Unlimited Local Calls within SDCA & to Mobile Level-94
248 298 Unlimited Local to BSNL Landline & BSNL Mobile within Maharastra & GOA
Business Mine Corp Plan to be Closed
Business Rent
Plan to be Closed
Apart from this above revision, BSNL confirmed that, all other existing terms & conditions with the above plans shall remain as unchanged.

This new charges shall be applicable for all the customers of Landline including BSNL Broadband Services, and these new revised tariff and closure instructions for Maharashtra Circle Specific Landline Plans has been implemented with effect 1st November 2014.