18 April 2015

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BSNL Landline Plans for Unlimited Free Calling to any Network

Telecom backbone announces the Unlimited Free Calling India from BSNL Landline which allows Free Talking(Unlimited Calling) to any network mobile and landline from all its existing BSNL Landline Plans during the prescribed timings to strengthen our relations with out any extra charges along with many free calls equal to BSNL Landline monthly rental charges.

BSNL has taken a dynamic decision at this competitive market, i.e. allowing free unlimited calling to any network from BSNL Landline, which is a major thing for all the Indians with out any increase in call charges for Landline and Wireless (Mobile) network.

Consider a family with their relations are located in various areas across the country, as of now all the calls between them are charging, but after this Unlimited calling announcement by BSNL, majority of the Indians are more happy to get their unlimited free calling from BSNL Landline to any network Landline and Mobile with out extra charges.

BSNL allows Unlimited calling facility to any network Mobile and Landline services with in India between 9PM to 7AM from all its Landline Plans i.e. General, One India, Economy Old, Special Old, Economy Plan, Special Plan, Special Plus, Super Plan, Premium Plan and also with Unlimited BSNL Calling Plans (UL 350, UL 500, UL 450, UL 600) by continuing the existing call charges to BSNL and other network and allowing many free calls equal to monthly rentals.

BSNL Landline Plans for Unlimited Calling to any Network
BSNL Unlimited Calling to any Network Tariff Plans
At this time BSNL Broadband Customers, who are in combo plan has not eligible for this unlimited calling, the customers who wants to avail this additional facility of unlimited calling to any network can migrate to Non Combo BSNL Broadband Plans via Plan Change Online or by submitting a request.

This Unlimited calling offer is a regular offer with effect from 1st May 2015 and applicable for all new/existing customers in all BSNL service areas across the country on PAN India basis. So existing customers enjoy with BSNL Landline Unlimited Calling facility to any landline / mobile on any network. Where the new customers it’s the time to Apply for Fixed line via BSNL Portal or by approaching concerned BSNL CSC with any above mentioned Unlimited Calling BSNL Landline Plans.

17 April 2015

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BSNL WiFi Prepaid Plans Unlimited Internet with free WiFi duration

PAN India PSU launched BSNL Wi-Fi Services for their customers to provide 4G Level high speed internet access at convenient public locations called as Wi-Fi Hot Spots with reliable Prepaid BSNL Wi-Fi Plans for show stopper data services having unlimited internet downloads by allowing Free Wi Fi duration for 3 times in a month.

BSNL recently joins with QuadGen Wireless to manage BSNL WiFi Hotspots for mega internet push at reliable cost having wireless mobile internet connectivity as 4G level, where these prepaid BSNL WiFi Plan (Wireless Broadband) charges for these public hotspots will be very much inline.
BSNL WiFi Prepaid Tariff Plans with Unlimited Internet
BSNL 4G Level Wi-Fi Hotspots allows Ultra Speed broadband internet connectivity with unlimited downloads has to be launched in various locations as categorized already with 2/ 4 / 10 Mbps bandwidth connectivity according to area.
BSNL WiFi Hotspot Locations
Telecom gaint has launched 5 types of unlimited internet BSNL WiFi Plans under prepaid category, i.e. BSNL WiFi Free, BSNL WiFi 30, BSNL WiFi 50, BSNL WiFi 90, BSNL WiFi 150. In this first plan, BSNL offers 20 minutes free internet in a day for maximum 3 occasions in a month and the other 4 Wi-Fi plans will be chargeable as per lowest prescribed rates for 30 minutes, 60 min, 120 min, and 1 day duration.

BSNL WiFi Prepaid Tariff Plans with Unlimited Internet Downloads
WiFi Plan Name Price in Rs with S.Tax BSNL WiFi Unlimited Downloads Duration
BSNL WiFi Free NIL First 20 minutes in a day for maximum 3 occasions in a month for the same mobile number
BSNL WiFi 30 30 30 Minutes
BSNL WiFi 50 5060 Minutes
BSNL WiFi 90 90 120 Minutes
BSNL WiFi 150 150 One Day
As on date and in coming future, wireless data consumption is being the major part of the telecom revenue generation, so our BSNL is going to offer many plans with reliable data services to customer end on top most priority with best quality data speed than expected as 4G Speeds.

As on date, mobile customer will gets high speed data with limited mobile data plans, on introduction of this new above mentioned BSNL WiFi Prepaid plans for obtaining WiFi services by any retail customer, will gets Unlimited Broadband downloads on any mobile with free WiFi duration having wireless internet connectivity, and this will be available as a regular BSNL WiFi tariff plans with effect from 16th April 2015 in all service areas across India.

16 April 2015

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BSNL Unlimited Calling to any Network - New Launch | BSNL Landline again starts to RULE

BSNL is the brand, Indian PSU which is having a large share across PAN India in wired telephony now announced Unlimited Calling offers with out any single rupee extra charge. BSNL and its team are of something like our neighbours or even at any point of time any call you take, BSNL presence or even service you will use. That is the scope of BSNL in Indian Telephony.

Earlier days we eagerly waited for unlimited calling at nights which made our friends and relatives stick to the phone. BSNL made our relations stronger and kept us with a sense you are talking to your dear ones.

If you call from a mobile, you may be occupied with some other work along with the call, but landline means you are taking some time intentionally to make a call in the specific period of time defined by BSNL for Unlimited Calling to any network with out any charges. This means BSNL is in other way strengthening our personal relations with this new type of Unlimited Calling facility in addition to the existing Unlimited BSNL Calling Plans.
BSNL Unlimited Call Plans to any network in India
In late 90’s or early 2K, we are very much acquainted to BSNL Unlimited/Night calling facility. With this facility we really enjoyed a lot with our friends and relatives. This made us check the time for calling and taking a time slot to call our dear ones, made us to bind with love and affection among our own friends.

In this hi-tech world, we all have a feeling that, no body uses landline. Just keep your hand on your heart and tell the same, You can’t. Somewhere at some pocket of your mind you still believe, landline communications are still required. It gives reliable connectivity and dedicated link to your home from the exchange and will not depend on the weathers or any signal obstructions.

We all know these facts, but the Smartphone facilities you think they may not be available in landlines. But our own BSNL has also to be introduced smart landlines. Furthermore the hot topic as of now is BSNL had declared Unlimited Voice Calling Free for all Networks both for Wired and Wireless across all service providers.

Yes, Unlimited calling from BSNL landline to any network and any type of connection i.e. CDMA / GSM Mobile, WLL, Landline to call any where across India as Free without any charges. This is going to be the best option for opting BSNL landline. This unlimited calling option will be available for all normal BSNL Landline Plan users from 9:00PM to 7:00AM with effect from 01.05.2015.

BSNL is striving very hard to regain its glory and is opting many showstopper plans during recent past. This Unlimited Voice calling from BSNL landlines is really best and best option among those. Earlier BSNL used to restrict its freebies with in BSNL connections, this time it is coming a way ahead with its bold and dynamic decision benefiting the customers by allowing unlimited calls to any network, for whom their dear ones are in another network.

In this present competitive market, all the telecom operators are increasing Voice and Data charges, but BSNL the only one decreasing the rates, this will be proved again on introduction of this new Unlimited Calling to any network from BSNL Landline. Go ahead avail BSNL landline unlimited calling facility and enjoy, No restrictions only have unlimited enjoyment from the our brand BSNL.

14 April 2015

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BSNL Kerala offers Free SIM | Waives Postpaid Activation Charges

State Run Telecom Major, BSNL announced the exclusive offers for Kerala Telecom Circle Mobile customers for a period of 10 days by offering Free 32K/64K SIM card etc... via Melas/Exhibitions conducted by BSNL under Prepaid & Postpaid GSM Mobile Services.

Everybody are very much attracted towards deals.. the same attitude is being carried for everything we are going to spend, so this is the reason in general BSNL has also follows by introducing the offers applicable for all Prepaid / Postpaid Mobile Customers.
BSNL Kerala Free 32K/64K Prepaid SIM & Waives Activation Charges for Postpaid
In addition to the existing offers, BSNL Kerala, the highest revenue based circle for telecom major announced the following offers to be given during Melas/Road shows/Exhibitions, which may conducts only by BSNL Kerala circle in their territory.
  • Free Prepaid BSNL SIM cards(32K/64K) to the customers for new connections provided through Roadshows/Melas/Exhibitions.
  • Waiver of activation charges of Rs.100/- for new Postpaid connection of any plan purchased from Melas/Exhibitions.
New BSNL Customers cannot be provided 128K/256K SIM at free of cost, if required - customers has to purchase the SIM at market rates. BSNL customers can activate their new connections with Latest Kerala BSNL Mobile Plans having lowest tariff including data services.

These new promotional offers(Free 32K/64K SIM & Waives Activation Charges for Postpaid) shall be offered to the customers for a limited period of 15 days from 11.04.2015 to 20.04.2015, through Roadshows/Melas/Exhibitions conducted by BSNL only in Kerala Telecom Circle.

so Go on with this new discounted SIM offers in kerala and select the appropriate plan including longer valdity BSNL Data Plan Vouchers from BSNL which is well suited to you.

13 April 2015

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BSNL Employees Strike to bring back BSNL into Profits

From the day one, many of us are confused a little bit about, what an union is for, What are all the activities an Union will do. At last what is the benefit for us in regard of the unions? There are hell lot of questions in our mind to juggle with. Finally here you found some of the answer for your questions and why BSNL employees going to strike in this April 2015 and what all the reasons.

Unions are the group of employees which stands for employee, sometimes guides the management by raising concerns of the polices, further more unions holds moral responsibility for taking a stand for the company, its employees and the society where it is living.
BSNL Employees Strike to bring back BSNL into Profits
With the same spirit BSNL Forum (All Unions and Associations of both Executive and Non-Executive) had given a call with demands to make BSNL a profit making company. BSNL Forum of all unions and Associations came to a common platform to suggest or even demand Indian Government to re-think on its initiatives taken against BSNL.

BSNL Forum agenda of the strike is quite striking. The agenda is speaking lot about BSNL Revival. BSNL Forum is keen on BSNL’s lacunas and weakness and agenda also speaks about how to correct them and also how to change the loss making business models and concern of the merger strategies and finally entire forum wants BSNL to be a profit making company.

These are some of the few points in agenda of BSNL Employees Strike (Demands)
  • Upgrade of the equipment to offer the best services to users and also for adopting new technologies like 4G.
  • As BSNL is providing rural telephone services at loss. This has to be compensated.
  • Financial assistance should be given to BSNL for its expansion.
  • BSNL New Recruitment in various cadres has to be carried out.
  • Being of a PSU , BSNL should not be charged for spectrum allocation charges. As BSNL is serving for the society with a concern rather for profits.
  • All central and state PSU’s should use BSNL service only. Spectrum charges Rs.6700 Crore should be refunded immediately.
  • Merging of Sick companies with BSNL has to be refrained. As BSNL is logging losses for the past five years, if BSNL is merged with loss making companies, BSNL may also be listed as Sick PSU. If any PSU is declared as sick PSU, there will be no wage revision, There may be disinvestment also.
  • TRAI recommendation for surrendering of 1.2MHz spectrum, should be rejected.
  • Assets has to be transferred to BSNL. Director’s posts has to be filled up.
  • Reject of Deloitte committees anti-worker and anti-BSNL recommendations.
  • Grant of 78.2%, Pension revision for BSNL Retirees. 30% superannuation benefit for BSNL direct recruitees.
If you see these points BSNL forum rather expressing their grievances, here they are trying to align the BSNL management ideas towards bringing BSNL to profits. This the what all forms of unions and associations has to do.

This really appreciating effort by BSNL forum. To make these points propagate to Dot, Ministry of Communications and IT, BSNL is going for strike for two days i.e. 21st and 22nd of April 2015. For the same a huge number of BSNL employees marched to parliament and even staged a dharna for three days, to make their point clear to even PMO.

This strike is more or less Do or Die type of situation. So, if you love BSNL, support for this initiative(BSNL Employees Strike) to make our BSNL a profit making company and also do expect a better quality of Service from BSNL.