25 May 2015

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BSNL Fancy Number auctioned at 2.25 Lakhs, BSNL Rocks

BSNL has started sale of Fancy Mobile Numbers through eAuction from 2012 with a base value starts from Rs.1000 to 25000 to offer best fancy numbers according with the customers choice available in their hands. From starting date, BSNL eAuction becomes a grand success and creates records day by day, and its once again proved recently in this new eauction schedule.

It’s the number game.. after all.. Anyone who owns a mobile, is by default in favor of fancy number.. While selecting a mobile number, we generally check the number to have any sequence combination, for easy remembrance of the number and also for easy sharing.

The next level of number selection is opting for a fancy number. Numbers having a sequence or any personal lucky number plays a vital role in number selection. BSNL is the only telecom company in India which had given an option to participate in auction to bid for the lucky number. In this line Gujarat people stands for the fancy number. An Ahmedabad based business man bid a BSNL Fancy number for 2.25 Lakh rupees.
BSNL Fancy Mobile Number at Rs.2.25 Lakhs in eAuction
In general the concept of fancy numbers is there across all telecom operators, number ending with 786 or number having 786 is the one number , all the service providers and distributors, by default considers that number as a hotcake in the market. Beyond this number, number ending with 555, 000, 111, 999 and even numbers ending with 12345, are also considered as fancy numbers.

Generally these numbers will sold Rs. 900 - Rs. 5000. Maintaining a fancy number is being considered as a status symbol or even hype across all. Generally how do you share, your number ends with 12345. Your service provider number followed by your fancy number gives you a better feel. This why people wants to have fancy number , the same is being carried across all sections of the society.

One management firm from Ahmedabad have procured couple of fancy number for a price tag of Rs 3000 which ends four zeros for their top management, with this selection , they want to make their customers easy to remember.

Don’t be confused for BSNL mobile number selection, just log on to eAuction site and follow the simple BSNL eAuction Procedure to grab Fancy/Premium Mobile number and participate in e-auction and select your BSNL number, in the way as you like.

Apart from auction numbers, BSNL has also offered the customers with normal numbers at free of cost and Fancy numbers at Rs.843 from choose your mobile number portal. The customers who requires most fancy can now have a chance to grab that on participating in e-Auction of BSNL Fancy Numbers which is really a boon for a mobile customer with best premium numbers available in BSNL Portal.

With this new open web auction process started by BSNL, customers are more happy to grab best BSNL Fancy Number at their own rates according with their choice, so that only BSNL Rocks again with more trust and sold BSNL Fancy Number at 2.25 Lakhs via e-Auction.

21 May 2015

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BSNL eClass Online Education Tariff for State Board Schools

BSNL announced eClass Online Education Tariff Packs applicable for any type of State Board Schools by covering all subjects of all the students upto 10th class available on any BSNL Broadband (on Wireline and FTTH) connection.

As we all know, BSNL has recently introduced BSNL Online Education Services with a new concept (easy to learn and tough to forget) to offer quality education services from Preprimary to 10th class with good audio Video educational content with direct access to the students, in association with Eclass Education System Limited, who have upto 15 years of experience in the field of online education.

In order to give more support to any type of state board school, BSNL has now introduced eClass Online Education Tariff applicable for all across India, which covers all subjects (Algebra, Geometry, Civics, Maths, History, Geography, Science, Economics, English Grammar, Balbharati, My English, Rhymes & Stories) by allowing the options to get the package of particular class for a year with good support in online at any time to learn from anywhere on just a login.

Here is the latest tariff for academic year subscription of eclass online education services applicable for any type of State Board school from Preprimary to 10th class which starts at Rs.5000 for preprimary class and to a maximum of Rs. 12000 for 10th class as follows.
BSNL eClass Packages Tariff for State Board Schools
For subscription of this BSNL eClass online education services, users must subscribe with any BSNL Broadband connection available on Wireline / Fiber to the Home Services, where the data download while accessing the content under this BSNL eClass Online Education Service shall be counted in the monthly broadband download limit of the customer.

So, it’s the time for any State Board Schools of any state across India, to offer quality education to their students from preprimary to 10th class with out any assistance in their schools on subscription with BSNL eClass Online Education at affordable tariff packages as per the students requirement.

20 May 2015

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BSNL New Courses on Cyber Security, ASP.Net, Cloud Computing, Advanced Java

BSNL started new Courses on Cyber Security, ASP.Net, Cloud Computing, Advanced Java at Regional Telecom Training Centre (RTTC) Ahmedabad, one of the pioneer Telecom Training Centre of BSNL by being responsive and participant-centred institution dedicated to academic excellence which is located on SG Highway near Nirma University in Ahmedabad.

These new courses(Cyber Security, ASP.Net, Cloud Computing, Advanced Java) schedule is designed according to the students, who has passion for learning with new telecom technologies, and this BSNL Institute is constantly making endeavors to provide customized quality training with new courses to the students on new telecom technologies.

In addition to the regular courses, BSNL RTTC Ahmedabad has now offers new courses (Cyber Security, ASP.Net, Cloud Computing, Advanced Java) for this summer 2015 at affordable course Fees for students for the respective course as per the schedule given below.

Who are Eligible to Join for this BSNL Courses
Courses open for All the Students
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Networking
Specially for EC / CE/ IT Degree & Diploma Engineering Students
  • Basic Telecom Technology
  • Advance Java
  • Mobile Communication
  • Optical Fiber Communication
  • Summer Training for Computer-IT student
  • Advance Telecom Technology with Specialization in Data Communication and Mobile Communication
  • Summer Training on Advanced Telecom Technology
BSNl RTTC Ahmedabad Offered Courses Schedule with Fees
BSNL New Courses on Cyber Security, ASP.Net, Cloud Computing, Advanced Java
How to Apply for BSNL Course
Eligible Students who want to apply for the course shall register online and sent the course fees to SDE (Mktg), Regional Telecom Training Centre , On Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway Near Gota Cross Road, Jagatpur Ahmedabad - 382481, through a Demand Draft drawn in favour of AO (CASH),O/o CGMT BSNL Ahmedabad.

BSNL Institute (RTTC Ahmedabad), shall allot the seats for students on first come first basis and after successful completion of each course, every student will be awarded with Course Completion Certificate.

For any queries on these courses, students may feel free to Contact at
Sub Divisional Engineer(Business Development) BSNL : 02717-241425 / 9426630100,
Sub Divisional Engineer (Marketing) : 02717-241292 / 9426685050,
Divisional Engineer (Training. Mgmt.) : 02717-241179 / 9426662080.

So Students, hurry up, complete this summer with BSNL new courses (Cyber Security, ASP.Net, Cloud Computing, Advanced Java and many more), which are more efficient and cost-competitive energy technologies to improve your knowledge with a course completion certificate from trusted Indian telecom brand BSNL.

18 May 2015

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BSNL is Coming Back to Profits by 2018 with New Strategies

BSNL is Coming Back to Profits by 2018, Yes, whatever you have read is correct. BSNL is targeted to taste the profits again with new strategies. BSNL is going to be one of the most prestigious and profit making company among other PSU’s and other telecom service providers.

After taking over as CMD by Shri Anupam Srivastava, he is clear what he has to do, what are all the strengths and weakness of the company. How to manage the Weakness and turn them in to success stories and how to make best usage of the strengths to gain the and make BSNL a model, rather than BSNL following other profit making models.

BSNL is coming with the business models which are really a head turner for any legacy mind set and retro type Business models. Good to see, with all these BSNL is going to make profits in the near future…as told by the latest and present CMD Shri Anupam Srivastava.

In general what we think about BSNL legacy mind set is like that, everything BSNL has to do, and no body with in BSNL is likely to change towards the market trends or even to customer requirements. Customer has to come to them and then we as customer may get the service from BSNL.
BSNL Coming Back to Profits with New Ideas
This was then BSNL operated or even enjoyed the monopoly in the sector. After the change of early 90’s financial policies , Monopolies gone and market was open to many operators where technology adoption and customer service had took a game changer role. Still BSNL had clocked no 1 position till 2006.

With the policy paralysis or Govt is not interested to see BSNL as a profit making company, there was no technology up gradation till 2012. The critical era of Voice communication was missed out of BSNL scope and BSNL stood at 4th place among the other players in Mobile communication.

This is merely a lack of timely release of tenders and delay in equipment procurement. It was like that employees they themselves gone on strike to procure or even install the equipment, then only things had happened. But BSNL new CMD is not going in to post-mortem of the past years. Done is done, Now he is having the bright plans for BSNL again to achieve its earlier glory with all their own Landline, Mobile and BSNL Broadband Services.

They Key aspects which Mr Srivastava , BSNL CMD is stressing is about.. Converting of the weakness into strengths. Like BSNL customer service, is very tough and not upto the expectations of present day expectations.

To handle this level of change management with in a PSU company like BSNL is very tough. For this BSNL has outsourced Service Network, in the same line face of the BSNL is becoming close to the customers with Franchise network and also Dealer Network and also BSNL again rejuvenate landline business by introducing BSNL Unlimited Free calling with quality services at happy hours for all BSNL Users (BSNL Landline and Broadband Services including Fiber to the Home Network) across India.

BSNL CMD conveyed the strengths of BSNL is its infrastructure, He want to monetize on that also. Fibre Network, Copper cable Network, Fixed Land Line Network and tower infra is going to be revenue generators, Not like typical PSU mind set, Sharing of the infra to peers and generation of revenue from that sharing is going to be the business model.

Earlier data service provider (OTT) who generally operates with the customer used to get the huge portion of the revenue that the infra guy (TSP’s) who supports with his infra. Now this is going to be changed as per the coming regulatory changes, and will be beneficial for both of them.

Shri Srivastava told that Voice data revolution has reached at saturation point, coming is only the data revolution, without the 4G license BSNL is planning to address data customers requirements in a big way, with establishment of WiFi Hotspots. Establishment of WiFi hotspots is not challenge, it’s already is about to install 2500 HotSpots.

The one important thing is that, transfer of data session from 3G to Wifi. With this majority of data consumers in the open areas may use BSNL wifi hotspots, giving the 3G band a room for GSM customers to access high speed data. On BSNL 3G you may get upto 42Mbps of data speed and at BSNL Wifi Hotspots you may be getting a speed of 300Mbps at affordable tariff.

Our Telecom already offers the lowest priced BSNL 3G Data Plans in market and now after this new stratagies, This is going to be a game changer for BSNL to get profits by 2018, Soon BSNL may be the best wireless data service provider in India. BSNL wants to break the revenue beyond the breakeven point to make BSNL a profit making company within three years from now.

He is working on stats rather than words. This should really going to make a new era in BSNL to get good profits by 2018 with new strategies applied. To make this happen, our new government will allow BSNL to go with this strategy and make BSNL a Jewel among all PSU’s to offer the best quality telecom services(Landline, Mobile, Broadband, Enterprise) for Indians.

16 May 2015

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BSNL Centrex - Landline Free Calling at any Time | New Tariff

BSNL Centrex is a communication service which is available at centrally in an organization, integrates many landline telephone numbers into a single functional group with many features having free calling at any time in that landline group with out any extra equipment with new tariff at lowest rates.

As we all know, BSNL is upgrading its technology to Next Generation Network(NGN), just in few days, BSNL NGN is going to be commissioned in major locations. After commissioning of NGN, BSNL subscribers will avail new released tariff for Intra and Inter circle Centrex facility in BSNL Landline / Broadband Services.
BSNL Centrex Unlimited Free Calling Landline
BSNL Centrex - Landline Group Plan, connects all the telephone numbers of old and new into one group, connecting each number with free calling at any time with out any extra registration amount, initial deposit, and installation charges.

For BSNL Centrex facility, there is no limit for members to join into the same centrex group. The customers who avail this BSNL Centrex facility will be allowed to get free calls as usually according with normal plan along with free calling between Centrex numbers.

According with technical feasibility, BSNL offers consolidated billing, payment and discount, under the "Corporate Account Holders Scheme" where applicable, may be provided to the groups or organizations covered under the Centrex.

For availing BSNL Centrex facility, some of the monthly plan charges in addition to the normal plan rental charges has to paid by the subscriber as per the new tariff as follows.
BSNL Landline Centrex - Group Calling Plan
PSU has already offers Rent free incoming connections for BSNL Centrex Group on Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services to Corporate customers/Multistory complex/Housing Societies etc.. which may be provided for the use of incoming calls and making calls within Centrex numbers only.

All these BSNL centrex numbers will be allowed to get all the promotional facilities like new introduced unlimited calling to any network landline and mobile from BSNl Landline etc.. and many more, and these newly introduced tariff for BSNL Centrex (Landline Group Plan for Free Calling at any Time) facility will be implemented with effect from 01.06.2015.