02 April 2015

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BSNL Mobile Missed Call Alert Services - New Tariff

Indian Telecom PSU, BSNL makes new tariff for Missed Call Alert (MCA) services in West Zone BSNL Circles i.e. Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra applicable for all BSNL Mobile customers, which is a best service for notifying about their missed calls at any time, when mobile user is in out of coverage area or when customer mobile phone is switched off even in Local/Roaming areas.

BSNL has already revised and implemented these charges for North Zone BSNL Circle (Haryana, Punjab, UP West, UP East, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir) Mobile Customers from 01.08.2014. Now in view of rationalization, BSNL introduced the charges for West Zone also with effect from 01.04.2015.
BSNL Mobile Missed Call Alert Charges
This new tariff which will charge at Rs.15 per month for MCA services shall be applicable for all new/existing of below mentioned Mobile customers including data customers as a regular tariff for MCA Services in all above mentioned areas.
After this revision, BSNL North and West Zone Mobile customers has to pay just at Rs.0.5 per day(Rs.15/-per month), a negligible charge for subscription of most required customer Value Added Services / SMS based Missed Call Alert(MCA) services, which records all missed calls and intimates via SMS, even after introduction of charges also, these are the lowest tariff rates among all major operators in North and West Zone for subscription of Missed Call Alert (MCA) services.

BSNL West / North Zone mobile users can Activate/Deactivate Missed Call Alert Service facility with any mode with simplified procedure by just sending an SMS / Dialing USSD code / Diverting Voice calls as manual activation, where these MCA services will be offered as free at present for East and South Zone BSNL mobile customers.

01 April 2015

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BSNL Joins CtrlS for Best Cloud Computing Services

What is Cloud Computing as on date? What to do with BSNL? What make sense of CtrlS collaboration with BSNL?. Had you ever noticed that when the results of any university had announced, or if you want to apply IIT JEE exam, the last day of applying for the exam, server by default will be slow and even some times it may crash.

With this degraded performance, Upgrading the server for the requirement of few hours in an year is utterly meaning less. These is an solution for this where for huge payloads timely you can increase or even decrease the server resources..ie., optimum utilization of resources. This can be done using Cloud Technologies.

The major apprehension is all about the data security of the organization over the network/internet. Here the major surge can be absorbed only by the Govt. organizations like BSNL, which can ensure the data security over the network. That is the reason why BSNL can play big in today’s cloud technology world. BSNL is having a large scope in this cloud technology interconnection and also with partnership with one of the India’s best cloud service provider CtrlS, which is a Hyderabad based company.

If you think of the above case, is that the web site is not properly sized. In general any server sizing will be done as an average of peak load hours over a period of time. Not for one or two hours peak requirement. But this is a genuine requirement. How to handle this. If the server is onto cloud, just a request to the service provider to increase the resources for a day or two which can be paid accordingly. This gives flexibility and better utilization of the assets and also can have a better ROA (Return on assets).
BSNL CtrlS Best Cloud Computing Services
Cloud services are as on date the on top carts of the latest technology. There are many benefits of Cloud, Cloud services like Infra Structure As Service (IAAS), Software As A Service (SAAS), Platform As A Service (PAAS) and finally (Everything As A Service). You can have entire bare server as a service from cloud services, or upto OS level as a service or even only a software as a service, where you can use as per your SLD /SLA(Service Level Definition/Agreement).

In SLD you can mention what is the uptime you are expecting, types of backups, With n how much time you can restore your system after a crash (RTO). There are many points which will make sense for going to cloud, that is the reason many organizations are going to have their DR on to Cloud, As a start most of the companies are going for private cloud or even hybrid cloud.

CtrlS is a Indian Company which is hosting Data Centres for many MNC’s across the globe. CtrlS is promising company with a huge Data Centre are located in Hyderabad, Mumbai and also going to have location at New Delhi also. CtrlS is also hosting some of the services for financial institutions. You can even have a lock and key in their data centre. Its really a better infrastructure provider in this space.

Collaboration of BSNL with CtrlS is very strategic option for many government companies where the security over the network is again handled by our own PSU BSNL. They are going to offer services like Co-Location services, Hi Security (ISO 27001 & SAS 70 Certified Data centres)with both physical and with bio-metric access.

Services hosted at this centre will have live remote hands support with advanced management and monitoring tools. This way BSNL is heading in right way for betterment of India and also opting a good partners for the Future Technologies to serve the best to all kind of categories in India.

31 March 2015

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BSNL 10Mbps Fiber Broadband Plans for Patna - Introduced

Patna Data users, are you bored with single digit data speed, now its the time to Switch to BSNL FTTH Broadband. Our BSNL who have largest Broadband subscriber base in India has now introduced 10Mbps mouth watering speed Unlimited Fiber Broadband Plan in FTTH Services for Patna Area users of Bihar BSNL circle.

BSNL bouncing back to hold its premier status by announcing attractive plans at affordable cost, according to the customer requirements, its now the time for Patna BSNL Internet Users to get unlimited high speed internet with fault free services to get connected to world continuously.

BSNL introduced these new Unlimited Fiber Broadband Plan ‘Fibro Combo ULD 1095 CS21’ on promotional basis for a period of 90 days in Patna area only of BSNL Bihar circle applicable for all Home and Business internet users by allowing unlimited downloads and uploads with Fair Usage Policy having 40GB limit along with special discounts on yearly advance payments.

This newly announced unbelievable BSNL Fiber Broadband Plans for PATNA area Broadband users, ranging 10 Mbps, with a monthly rental charges of Rs. 1095 only, with one free landline telephone with out any monthly charges by offering one mail id with high data space at 1GB per one account.
BSNL 10Mbps Unlimited Fiber Broadband Plan for Patna
All the call charges from telephone will be charged at Rs.1.2 per meter called unit. So its now the time came for a data hungry Patna area netizens to think of BSNL and Migration to BSNL to enjoy the Jet speeds of BSNL Fibe to Home Broadband Services, and finally its happy to say that BSNL is coming out to play a fair game to give a tough competition to existing private players with this new Fiber to Home Unlimited BSNL Broadband Plans as a promotional offer for 90 days from 1st April 2015 to 29th June 2015.

This new 10 Mbps BSNL Unlimited Fiber Broadband plan is the most suitable plan to above average data consuming user, where the customers who required internet facility can now Apply Online for Fiber Broadband with the above Jet Speed FTTH Broadband Internet Plans.

30 March 2015

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BSNL Rural Rental Charges Increased, Why? - Must Know

BSNL is taking strategic, timely and need of the hour decisions. Both Telecom minister and CMD are there, backing BSNL to show its strengths, to make our own BSNL again a flag ship PSU of Brand India. In this regard BSNL is taking decisions where it will provide best service in the class and also not going to make losses.

BSNL is having above 36000 telephone exchanges, where in 28000 are located in Rural areas areas only, which are providing Voice and Broadband Internet facilities. For rural areas the capital cost and maintenance overheads are more. Do you agree or not. For example a small village will have an average of 10 to 15 landline connections or even in single digit, and for a Panchayat it will be around 100 to 150, where the perimeter is very very big with many kilometeres.

To maintain the rural telephony with landline exchange, it needs huge maintenance cost every month, it is very big burden for any telecom operator, BSNL is the only company which provides landline, and Landline along Broadband for Rural India having many special discounts. BSNL works for the society benefit rather than profit, but it is one of the factor which is making BSNL to go to doll drums, for this BSNL is just increasing Rs.30 per month of rental charge for maintaining the same.

If you see the decisions what BSNL is taking, its really a common sense facto which might really yield, some crucial output. The leaders from Govt and within the company are driving towards a right point. For example in some circles BSNL had withdrawn Wi-Max Services, Do you know why, in those circles there is wide coverage with BSNL 3G Services and also there is last mile connectivity for wireless mobility. It makes sense to with draw WiMAX services as mobile services are already in place. These WiMax licenses were returned to DoT and got the amount back where the amount is being used for system upgrades.

In the same line, to keep life for the rural telephony BSNL has just hiked monthly rental charges in PAN India with respect to inflation from Rs.90 to Rs 120 by allowing many free calls from Landline which are equal to monthly rental charges from 01.04.2015, where this new charges shall be applicable for Rural Broadband Limited and Unlimited Plans also.

The new increased charges for BSNL Rural Landline are very marginal, if you see the prices rising pattern in present situations, BSNL has taken this decision very lately. To maintain a connection in rural places, BSNL has to spend around 4 to 5 times more amount than the collecting monthly rent, even with huge losses at many rural areas, BSNL wants rural areas to be connected with “Hello”,  so it is maintaining the connections with Service Motto.
BSNL Rural Rental Charges Increased from 01042015
BSNL is the only company to give telephone services to rural India. So, as BSNL is giving services, we should encourage BSNL in all the ways. At the same time we should expect the best service from BSNL, which you definitely going to get. In near future all the BSNL Exges are going to be migrated to Next Generation Network (NGN), At present, BSNL plans to convert more than 80% of  urban area customers and approximately 90% of Rural area customers across India with many BSNL Internet Plans at affordable rental plans, considering with these above said points, BSNL  has taken the right decision to hike a little bit charges on rental charges of Rural India without giving more burden for Rural Indian pockets.

28 March 2015

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BSNL 8 Mbps Unlimited Internet Plan for Punjab - New Launch

Now a days Internet is necessary, we can't imagine the life without Internet with out more high speed plans having unlimited data transfer. For all these requirements, BSNL announced the introduction of new high speed Broadband Plan with 8Mbps download speed for all users in Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Phagwara areas of  Punjab.

As of now, BSNL users are using a maximum of 4 Mbps ADSL Broadband Plans, but now it’s the time to subscribed for ultra speed ADSL BSNL Internet services at reasonable monthly charges with unlimited data transfer by continuing the Online Bill Payment and BSNL Online Plan Change for this new plan.

The major advantage in this new Broadband Plan is, BSNL also offers 500 Free Calls per month with out any telephone rental charges by allowing a special rental discount on subscription with 1 /2 /3 year payment options, and these new launched broadband internet plan BBG Combo ULD 1441 CS53 is applicable for all Home and Business users with Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limit with a bandwidth upto 8 Mbps till 15GB and 512Kbps after the limit.

BSNL Punjab 8 Mbps Speed Unlimited Broadband Plan Tariff
BSNL Punjab 8Mbps Unlimited Broadband Internet Plan
All the BSNL network calls after free usage will be charged at Rs.1 for each Meter Called Unit (MCU) and other network calls at Rs.1.2 per MCU, and this new BSNL Broadband Plan with the above tariff will be an additional internet plan to the existing below Broadband Plans
So, it’s the time for high speed internet required users to book your BSNL Internet Connection Online at any time with this new BSNL 8Mbps Unlimited Speed Combo Broadband Plan ‘BBG Combo ULD 1441 CS53’ which has been available for a period of 90 days as a promotional offer from 01st April 2015 to 29th June 2015, and applicable for all the new/existing customers only in Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Phagwara areas of  Punjab Telecom Circle.